One-Percenter In A Past Life

We touch on past lives and astrology quite frequently here.

It’s come up again for me now because a person at the dog park told me that their kinesiologist said to them that in a past life they more or less ran Mesopotamia. These days, the person is taking more of a back seat, working as a telecommunications executive.

I still adhere to the theory that only the person in question can glimpse their previous incarnations, perhaps through dreams or via a particularly esoteric acupuncture session. Do certain types of advisors tell everyone that they were Empresses or Copernicus because it gives them more material to work with?

Logically, it is impossible that everyone ruled. It’s like how everyone who worked at a brothel could not plausibly be ‘the receptionist.’

Also, if you were someone who reigned over nations in a past life, would you be happy as a telecommunications executive? Or would you be drawn to power like a heat-seeking missile? If someone like the corrupt Ancient Roman emperor Caligula reincarnated, he would try to become wealthy and then President, right?

The “in a past life I was a one-percenter” scene has become the spiritual equivalent of “my other car is a Porsche” bumper stickers.

So to repeat previous axioms, particularly as we zoom into Venus Retrograde:

# You are the expert on you and your past, this life or any. Anyone claiming otherwise or acting like the Karma Police is either trying to intimidate you or get into your pants.

# I do think Cinematic Karmic Aversion Syndrome is a thing.

# Just because a relationship is ‘karmic’ does not mean it is functional, high-vibing, real or compulsory. “It’s karmic” has become as bad as “It’s complicated.” And with the latter, we all know that “It’s complicated” situations are rarely that complex:  One or both of you are married/partnered with somebody else.

# Most of human history was full of human rights abuses, feudalism, non-existent sanitation, and religious persecution. For many of us, 21st Century living has multiple advantages.

# The South Node is your first stop for assessing Past Lives and Astrology. Look at the sign and house of the South Node. Add in the aspects made to it and riff accordingly.

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  1. It’s Karmic’ Is As Bad As ‘It’s Complicated’
    Couldn’t agree more. Hope I never meet a lover I have a “karmic connection” with again.
    There honestly imo is nothing worse.
    Been having a regular relationship, in the here & now, with an unabashedly normal guy. Our arguments are petty and over mundane minutia and blow over like tumbleweed in a south london suburb. Wouldn’t trade it for the sturm & drang or the existential uncertainty and doubting physical reality because “we Should be together, we Will be one day but oooh we Can’t because…”

    pass the barf bag

    There’s a lot to be said for routine and cuddles. The other day I was in a foul mood because I had promised to take care of the dogs which meant I “couldn’t” do other things I wanted and felt emotionally claustrophobic and was grumpy for an hour. Sulking on the bus listening to hip hop while some part of me was smug because it remembered how thoroughly gut wrenching that zap zone south node traffic accident at love zombie intersection was.

    Talk about a lucky escape.

  2. Hi Mystic
    I have the moon and Jupiter conjunct SN andthe cusp o 3rd house in Taurus. They are the apex of Yod where Pluto in 8th House in Libra sextiles Neptune and MC in Saggo. Seems like I was happy rich loving the nature or the garden was sth favourite. And later came history, war , deaths, dark inheritance and I took up a job as a fortune teller prophet or captain of the ship travelling far awaywhat do you think?

  3. I do not believe in past lives but I do believe that when we have those insights that what it is, is access to events from other timelines that are of a similar frequency to what we are experiencing in the present. Not necessarily our own stuff. Just remnant stuff. Like we are picking up on a like- or harmonious vibration to that which is aligned with our present. A universal one, not one that ‘belongs’ to us per se, we are just tuned to that station in that moment.

    My thought is that they are us accessing an imprint that we may or may not be able to use to assist us in making choice. But then I get torn between that and maybe it’s just an imprint but we feel as though we should do something with it because our belief in some kind of higher or external power means we think it’s been ‘given’ to us by a benevolent force. I am more likely to use dreams as life coach than ‘past life’ imprints, the Brian Weiss past life meditation on You Tube is a great tool for visualising. I can never decide on the past life stuff but if we believe that we attract what we put out energy-wise why should it be limited to things in the ‘now’?

    I’ve had many profoundly accurate consults with psychics and mediums, usually old-school ones who have honed their craft over decades. Consults that have clearly described in accurate detail events that didn’t happen until years later. Down to what I was wearing, the music that was playing or the decor of the room. Rooms I had not been in before that day and lyrics to music that was not yet composed at the time of consult, nor of a genre that they would realistically have knowledge of, let alone future knowledge. They weren’t past life speak but I do feel an obligation to those people to say this. Not that they would probably care that their work was being dissed. Although there are plenty of charlatans, not all psychics are hocum, it’s a shame not everyone gets to meet the good ones.

    1. Absolutely i agree. And it was not my intention to dismiss the good ones! Some people just pick up information with incredible alacrity.

    2. This is how I feel to large degree also and I have logged many hours deep sea diving this paradigm.

      I feel that we are part of energy fields according to our vibration that we “sync” with. Or these larger energy fields might be what we call a higher self? So we can access large portions of that energy field according to need. I suppose you may get a bunch of people identifying with Jesus energy field, Merlin energy field etc. because they are expressions (or avatars) of that energy field. Which I suppose to be a conscious field.

      Then I think some might carry smaller portions or larger portions of that field. So the abilities and energy of the individual ‘Merlin’s’ or whatever may vary extensively. Like you I feel like some ‘visions’ are interpretations like a dream that as you say, help us understand or decide a situation here and now.

      Time is definitely a slippery customer too.
      Have also had future readings from gifted clairvoyants that included actions, quotes and clothing that were accurate to extreme detail.

      As to how we use this information, for me it has instilled a profound sense of structure to the chaos of our journey through life. Much healing of irritated and painful energetic entanglements and comprehension that serves me years after doing the ‘work’ so I can operate more smoothly day to day.

      But like everything, not everyone ‘needs’ to do this kind of visionary work, but I really feel it has surpassed my expectations of what I could hope for and expect.
      I would add my synathesia is probably a bonus in terms of visionary access, so it’s more successful for me perhaps as a modality and I know other ADHD types also do well with visionary experience. It’s not necessarily less successful for those are not able to envision but it’s less cognitively interesting perhaps!

  4. SN conjunction Mars in Cancer. Have had a few people tell me I was a soldier in a former life.
    I seem to able to walk for kms at a cracking pace without tiring – I have always joked that I was a Roman Centurion or something.

    I’ve also been told I was either Cleopatra, or someone like her, so I love the image for this post – it must be true! lol

    I was also told I was a ballerina – somehow managed to get up en pointes when I was ten, without ever having studied ballet… in this life…

    I like the idea of being able to draw upon those past lives for knowledge or info, like a secret super power maybe

  5. I have mars Venus conjunct in Leo on the s node–weirdly conjunct asteroid Geisha–2nd house

    Haven’t had anything super clear tbr

    1. You would surely have been Chief Geisha and secretly, you advised the junior Geishas and weaker souls on how to invest their $ into blue lotus futures. You also ran secret encryption services on the side. To this day, however, you do not trust the aristocracy or enjoy anything with even a hint of ceremony.

  6. Past lives intrigue me…..and I’ll be upfront, I don’t know where I stand exactly on this BUT lets make some grand assumptions here and lets have some brain teasers:
    1. If you follow that we are all connected on a cosmic level, and are really one collective entity but are different iterations of said entity- aren’t we all in a way a 1%er?
    2. Does everyone have to have a past life? can’t a soul be truly a new soul because it decided to come and experience life on its own?

    1. these are both interesting possibilities – or what if all these lives are happening at once as time is not really linear?

    2. 1) 😉 well spotted at least I agree with No.1 – like cellular division in process we all start from the same source but what a variety has come from that. We are all 1%ers. But the devil is in the details, it’s about what strands of what quality you brought with you “this time” perhaps.
      2) I think you have all kinds of age souls. What I find funny is that “old = good”. There are pearlescent young souls and decrepit aged souls and vice versa plus all the colours in between.

  7. Years ago… before my life is as it now… (with two sons), I had an realization while pruning Hydrangeas at my then job… I still have the journal entry.

    I realized that I had in a past life wanted to experience what it would be like to experience to make my own life.

    I never thought I was a Queen… or really a woman of stature. But I knew I was not a woman who had the opportunity to create her own life, her own reality. (Ancestral Karma plays a huge part here.) I had been a woman who had what she needed provided for her.

    And this is the reason I live the life I do now. Still, 17 years into being a solo parent, I wonder what it’s like to live a life with a partner. I have my moments of feeling alone, and reach out to the beyond. I have my lovers, and ridiculous scenarios. I am a Scorpio Rising after all. 😉
    In the end (or present)… I am thankful for my ability to create my own life. To build my own business, buy my own house, and have no one to answer to. I KNOW that I chose this life for a reason… And even if I do wonder… I am still satisfied on my own. I always have my will and determination. And if this is what my past life gave me… I am beyond thankful.

  8. I don’t feel like I was ever a one-percenter. I have my SN in my 1st house in Capricorn. Something keeps drawing me to Italy and every time I’m there its familiar and fun. I can’t pick an era but maybe I entertained the one-percenters from time to time as part of a theatre group travelling around trying to bring laughter and light into peoples lives.

  9. I think the returning Caligula and Caesars’s could be here to balance out their atrocious and destructive history of abusing power. However the memory of that power is the draw and temptation to go galavanting into power roles, (like President), but inevitably fuq it up cos the idea was to correct one’s imbalance and enjoy the other areas of the human spectrum experience that got quashed under their need to squash others. OR at least NOT abuse the power in the such an obviously similar way.

    Same as perhaps the past lives lived as humble one, but sacrificing/martyring too much and not truly enjoying ones life. slaving for others vs serving others. in a current life, one has to shed these habits (co dependency, immaturity, escapism, lack of self development blah blah) and truly discover what their essence is about and how it can manifest in their current fleshy chapter.
    (This is partly me, considering I have South Node Virgo in the 9th house – exactly trining my Cap moon, squaring chiron (gemini 6th) and mars (sag 12th). I’ve found that if I don’t ‘ruthlessly’ (ruthless for empaths is simply putting up our hands and saying ‘that’s not mine’.) set boundaries and assert myself (in a yin, not yang way so much) then I basically fall asleep and start finding shady people to fall in love with and either become their ‘saviour’ or their mother, BAARRRRRRRF.
    The flip side of this is moving into ways of exploring my creativity (which when I do it in healthy ways it is both slow and terrifying – guilt, shame, sticky sludge from the past – so through this I also learn proper self care and gentleness with myself.)

    Mebbe I should just start to do it, but I’d love to hear someone casually talking about their past lives as a quiet, inconspicuous slave living in ancient Las Vegas (see Rome), taking in all the drama, shitty intrigue, petty squabbles of people who thought they were the only real humans. i’ve often imagined what kind of magic and moments have happened that are never written down (likely these sorts of things also make up that 98% dark matter business…)

    ALSO – yes to another round of past lives!!!

  10. South Node in Cap in the 8th. Maybe I was a 1 percenter? Or, at the least, super intense about business. I feel drawn to the Victorian era, which was super Cap, and I write Gothic stories, which is super 8th house. I could’ve been Poe, lol. A goth Capricorn writer. He had Gemini in the 8th.

  11. I grew up in Massachusetts, not so far from Salem, Mass of the witch trials fame. I went to high school in the town next door to Salem. There was a sad girl who may have been beautiful if she hadn’t had such a rough home life. I remember talking to her in the cafeteria. I remember that she got pregnant. I remember her showing me bruises. And I remember her telling me some (asshole) “magician” or “warlock” or whatever had told her that she had been Rasputin in a past life.

  12. It is so good to see some sense prevailing. It is difficult enough to keep our own egos in check, without so called psychics taking it for a ride. I once saw a highly trained and thankfully mostly ethical hypnotherapist do a “reading” in a workshop. The attendees were astounded. He was impressive to say the least. It was as if he could see into the person’s soul. I took him aside later and asked if he really did “see” all that he had said to the student. He lifted an eyebrow and said it was a cold reading based on body language and asking the right questions to elicit the so called answers required to make the person think you are all knowing. Thankfully, he left the student in a happy space but he could have done so much damage if he wanted to.

    The signs in the every day give us enough guidance and what people say in passing out of left field, is more likely to be an accurate piece of guidance than any paid psychic who will massage one’s ego.

  13. My south node which is NNE on my chart, so must be in 11th house, is in Scorpio.My frequent dreams from aged 7 years, of entering a pyramid down a ramp in a procession of others like me to be sealed in with the Pharoah, haven’t arisen for very long time now.
    It kick started my interest in anything Egyptian from an early age but also gave me a dose of claustrophobia. Don’t like roofs over my head. Did activate my interest in sound healing and art though.

  14. Aries SN in the 6th with a Gemini Mars in the 8th, which I’ve read is an indication of misusing power in a past life. So mine was decidedly unglamorous.

  15. I mean… One Percenter sounds rare but South Node Leo in 10th house might provide some likelihood that I was somewhat famous, eh? LOL

    A really insightful post, thank you, MM.

  16. Only once have I successfully seen anything when trying to access past lives and it was myself as a samurai in the midst of a sword fight (absolutely terrifying, felt 100% real, more so than even my most intensely vivid dreams) but I don’t see a connection there to South Node in Taurus/3rd house (square Sun & Ascendant).

    1. If religious teachings are any indication, we’ve all had thousands of lives. Maybe your Taurua aspects come from a more recent one 😉

  17. My south node is conjunct neptune in the 12th house and conjunct my ascedent, square mars, sextile saturn and my midheaven. I think a monk or something very isolated for sure, but the SN in Cap is supposed to mean I was a selfish leader type and this time need to serve others (NN in 6th in Cancer). If I was a mean ruler type I have no inkling of it, I am positively averse to people who are power hungry (I’m a Pisces).

  18. People are always stunned when I tell them I don’t believe in past lives. I just… don’t. And I feel totally at peace with it. I figure, we have this life for sure, so let’s make the most of it.

  19. Unicorn Sparkles

    I was told about three past lives at a psychic fair many years ago.
    I was a servant or lower tier shipmate in all of them. I met an untimely end in two.

    walked out of there annoyed. I mean, come on… just one instance of being a ruler of somewhere or a filthy rich aristo would have been nice.


  20. Never been told I was a 1%er. There’s only one woman I trust to veer into this territory with me (a Scorpio stellium) and there’s absolutely no guarantee this is what will happen during a session with her; it could be anything from a healing, to a psychic reading, past life regression, etc. so if it comes up it’s something germane to the current incarnation. I know she is accurate because she described to me a scene from a past life that mirrored an experience I had in *this* lifetime in an uncanny way. No one knew about it and the experience itself was, let’s just say, “not something that happens every day”. But I agree that it’s an excellent practice to be extremely discerning regarding whom you permit to “imprint” their perceptions of your past lives upon you, because wrongly applied it has the capacity to be damaging or very self-limiting. I have extreme distaste for readers who make everyone out to be someone like Cleopatra, Julius Caesar, or some other important historical figure; if a reader tells you this, it’s an ego trap and most likely false because statistically it’s highly unlikely that of all the millions of ordinary people who have existed in the world that one could incarnate as, *you* just happened to be a “special” one. *eyeroll* Readers that do this want to inflate your sense of self-importance so you feel like it’s a wondrous experience and you keep coming back/send all your friends to them. See past the bullshit.

    Also, I just want to say from my own experience: The words “Akashic Records” should not = an automatic Red Flag, but it’s 100% true that not everyone who claims to be able to access them actually can. The key like everything else is discernment – there are really good readers out there and ones that are total shit/frauds; choose wisely.

    This entire sentence is a vital PSA that needs to be boldface and in 20 point font – “Just because a relationship is ‘karmic’ does not mean it is functional, high-vibing, real or compulsory.” I say this all the time; people will use all sorts of pseudo-spiritual rationale like this to justify/validate all kinds of screwy stuff instead of working on their shadow material. I want to smack any reader who greenlights a toxic or abusive relationship like this instead of telling the individual what the life lesson behind that connection is. “We knew each other in a past life“ = automatic Love Zombie validation that can cause someone to hold onto a harmful relationship and strengthen the attachment instead of cutting the cord and releasing the karma. Also READINGS ARE NOT A SUBSTITUTE FOR THERAPY – take some of that money you’re spending on getting “read” and invest it instead in the therapeutic process because the ROI is much higher and it pays longer lasting dividends.

  21. My current life is so intense, I haven’t got time to worry about what I may or may not have done in the past. I figure if it was worth remembering, I would remember it – but I don’t. SN 1 Virgo conj. Lilith with Neptune square (in Scorp, in the 12th), the nodes, NN is in Pisces in the 3rd conj Pallas Athene, Pholus, and fixed star Fomalhaut. Big Pisces thing going on there. Maybe I was an intellectual whore, like a spy (Mata Hari! j/k) or a bohemian writer, lost in an absinthe abyss in a brothel? Not sure I want to know, anyway. Whatever was done, is done, and my aim now is to move forward and beyond whatever pain came before. I can take the low road and continue Neptune’s slippery slope into hedonism and decay, or I can take the haute road and do some deep healing of the psyche and transcend the shit outta this muthafuqa. Ommmmmmm

  22. I had a clear vision of another time while delirious with a fever as a child. I could see the whole scene: my sister dying in childbirth in a wooden cabin, I was hysterical, pleading with my mother, (who I saw as an elderly male doctor) to DO something. My poor mother was trying to convince me that there was no one on the bed that I was looking at. She took me downstairs to where my current sister was and tried to show me that my sister was ok. Except that wasn’t the sister I was talking about. I’ll never forget the horrendous moment that the prior time / scene that was superimposed over the present suddenly became juxtaposed and the feeling of abject confusion trying to process that I wasn’t there, I was HERE.
    Talk about cinematic aversion syndrome. I still get twitchy about any “going back in time, let’s stay here, it’s so fun” type sci fi. I’ve been known to burst into tears and plead with the screen “don’t do it! They don’t have antibiotics.”

  23. I once saw a shopping centre ‘psychic’ on a whim and after brief introductions and a few cards tossed on the table, she told me that I “may have killed people” in a past life. Something to do with religious conversions. Not bad value considering I only went in for a box of Nag Champa. To quote Joni: “I went in to see her as a kind of joke/And she lit a candle for my love luck/And eighteen bucks went up in smoke.”

    1. Too funny! I saw a psychic when I was young, and he told me to watch over my shoulder because a man with a pointy beard was going to poison me with a sandwich.

    2. Oh these are funny! I imagine you get pretty bored as shopping centre psychic. Also…potential band name?

    3. A food market palm reader said, as a negative, that i had an ‘over active imagination’. Something i saw as an absolute asset.
      Joni is a Word Queen isn’t she.
      Carolyn Myss mentions in her talks of a sign in an obscure motel in the USofA, reading ‘Archangel Michael channelling $30’.

      1. That is so funny. I reckon it could be a whole post of its own – bad psychic, like bad guru!
        Not so funny about the ‘over active imagination’ comment. Women are so often getting told to make themselves small!

      2. Imagine telling someone they had an under active imagination?
        Imagination shaming now. Oi vey. I got that a lot too as kid.
        (I like it just fine thanks grownups.)

  24. Fwiw I think I might have been a greedy murderous warlord in an Aztec or Incan situation, no witchypoo here, just gimme

  25. Mystic said in consult that my Uranus trine sn is perfect for dream memories of past lives. Tried recording but usually my dreams are recycled daily imagery.
    Did have eccentric woowoo healer tell me I was a fiery archangel in a past life. Is that same as 1% lol? More entertaining than like someone’s cat or medieval peasant? I did love the Madeline lengle teen book about nephilim

  26. Scorpio South Node in 10th H 4 deg off Neptune Rx. Jupiter is been swinging back n forth here lately. Opposite a stellium in 4th Taurus = Sun NN Mars Mercury Ceres and Juno. I cant even begin to imagine what this might signify but I read a book about a native American Indian woman (her totem animal was an Eagle) which stuck with me for too long to be “just” a good book. I also had a very vivid image, of a lake with a nice villa (maybe not mine exactly) in mountainous Italy, in a dream that is easily recalled even now years later. I think its just exciting to imagine the possibility of all the joy and love and rich sights.
    Any ideas SN conj Neptune in 10th Scorp??????

    1. I spent a couple of weeks cruising around Greece and Italy this year and had a real attraction to anything from Palace of Knossos, Athena and owls. Oracle just said “It was in the circles of the famous Athenian courtesan Thais, lover to Alexander the Great and renowned for her wit/beauty.”

  27. my s node is first hse, toro.
    so i did have a life of luxury? or i worked the earth?
    i do love luxury in this life…although i cant afford it, so i wait for it.
    as i mentioned before, i feel deeply affiliated with the jews, i cant watch anything abt the holocaust

    1. My Oma was Jewish and grew up in Hamburg, I have a photo of her at 12 standing in front of a plane with a swastika on the tail. The text says “my first flight 1933”. Her father was a radio mechanic and was “useful” so he was not sent to the camps. I can’t go into the children’s room at the Jewish Museum in Sydney either.

    2. The Holocaust is excruciating. I recently went to Vietnam and the War Remnants Museum… couldn’t look at all the photos… too painful

  28. Just got Stephen Forest’s “Yesterday’s Sky” and I highly recommend it to anyone exploring this concept. As usual, he makes things incredibly simple and profound.

  29. Thank you! I had past life memories of being in the military in Egypt. I wasn’t a great person.
    There have been others, but… I cringe when someone feels the need to add relevancy to their work by announcing they are the last living descendant of Mary Magdalene or Isis.
    Be here now. For this life.

  30. South node in Pisces
    9th house
    Trine my Sun

    No idea what that means.
    Oracle has mentioned priesthood a number of times

  31. Lololol

    Yes, let’s do the comp again!! So many good ones in the first but also so many new people here now, I mean in this life…

  32. Lol. My hazy memories (or dreams?) or intuitions are: definitely at least one life as a pagan witch and herbalist, also being a soldier in the roman legion (a weird memory of eating mouldy rations sparked this vision), and being either a priestess or a monk but not sure where. I’ve always been particularly drawn to the relics from the ancient civilisations of Egypt and Mesopotamia. But who really knows? I definitely wasn’t a queen or Cleopatra.

    1. Also, despite being a pagan, I’ve always been drawn to churches of any denomination, goddess and god statues and temples, buddhism and daoism.

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