The Tropic Of Scorpio

“This is some renegade ’70s era feminist shit going on – I’ve never lived through anything like it.”

Rebecca Traister – Via The Cut

Seriously I know that Jupiter is now in Scorpio and thus accentuating muck-raking and socio-cultural subliminal depths but this is nuts. It feels like the media is now a constant flow of sleazy revelations.  What is going on?  Jupiter in Scorpio or more?

It is in synergy with Neptune and could almost mount a case for this scuzzy slimy shit being exposed and denounced as being an enhancement of true Neptune values – art, beauty, cinema, creativity, artists, photography and magic.

Neptune is show-biz – the seduction, fame, bringing to life of stories and crazy money as well as all the Hollywood Babylon, Mulholland Drive, Day of the Locust style of narratives.

Lower Neptune can also be substance addiction and Soul Vacation Syndrome – where your soul goes off to god-knows-where while you still show up, present as “hot” or “normal” and seduce/consume.

Hollywood is widely considered to have been “born” in October 1911 – when the first movie studio was established. This WAS a trine between Jupiter in Scorpio and Neptune in Cancer.  It was also Pluto in late Gemini –  Hollywood’s Pluto is now being opposed by Saturn in Sagittarius.

But still, it’s not enough – this feels like a shift in consciousness – a collective rise-up of women (and some men) saying enough.

Enough with the casual acceptance and “well, he’s very powerful…” style of “explanations” for the inexcusable.  And along with all the grotty memory triggers, a healing. Hearing and reading so many peoples stories along with the widespread condemnation is remedial.


Image: The Day Of The Locust 

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  1. On pain, from one of my favourite books that I return to:

    Astrid visits the art museum with her friend Niki when they are high on acid…They are looking at a Kandinsky painting.
    “Loss. That’s what was in there. Grief, sorrow, wordless and unfathomable. Not what I felt this morning, septic and panicked. This was distilled. Niki put her arm around my waist, I put mine around hers. We stood and mourned. I could imagine how Jesus felt, his pity for all of humanity, how impossible it was, how admirable. The painting was Casals, a requiem. My mother and me, Niki and Yvonne, Paul and Davey and Claire, all of them. How vast was a human being’s capacity for suffering. The only thing you could do was stand in awe of it. It wasn’t a question of survival at all. It was the fullness of it, how much could you hold, how much could you care.

    We walked out into the sunshine, gravely, like people after a funeral.”

    White Oleander — Janet Fitch

  2. Also, Lilith in Sag anyone? She’s lounging on the Galactic centre presently (dark.moon), black moons in early sag and aster kid is in Gemini, opposing Saturn.

    Lilith wants the truth out before the more saturnian reformation? And her type of healing is not exactly a salt bath with some lovely scents

  3. Soul Vacation Syndrome…

    Damn. Makes my Moon Neptune ache.

    So many thoughts and questions raised by all these shifts. And it just so happens I found a copy of The Goddess Versus the Alphabet that Pegs has mentioned several times in the past. Seems to be a connection there.

  4. “Hollywood’s Pluto is now being opposed by Saturn in Sagittarius.”

    I feel this is a big part of it. Cleaning house – everything is being brought into the light.

    As someone who doesn’t put up with merde – Sag rising with Lilith conjunct Pluto – I’ve found it interesting. I wonder if a lot of the shock from young people in particular is because Hollywood and being famous is seen as the be all and end all for some. This kind of thing is going on everywhere but the PR machine/illusion of the business has been working overtime for years to hide it even though a lot of us knew about Weinstein.

    What I’m liking about it though are the conversations that are deepening. A guy I know had 2 incidents happen when he was younger and this has triggered it all for him again. But it’s making people like him feel braver in discussing it which is wonderful.

    For all those being triggered *sending virtual hugs your way*

  5. Soul Vacation Syndrome is something I know all too well, I used it as a survival technique as a kid

    Triggered asf the week with the additional relevations, my husband turned to me yesterday and said, “Is this what it’s like to be a woman?” Honestly I think it may have been the first time that all the stuff I told him I’ve experienced actually clicked.

    1. Not until you equated with that did i realise the meaning. Yes, did it so early on that much much later, was asked by a psychic to identify where i actually am in the room, and had the revelation that i’m often up in a corner checking life from an angle (where i can see what’s on the sides and behind, which your eyes cannot track to.)

      1. Also the sides and behind of another person in front of you, because i could see the creeping energies. Not sure how to explain that, but i’ve seen and felt it consistently, so i must have learned to watch for it. Master eggshell walker. (Though i defiantly refuse to be.)

  6. I think Pluto is also a definite player.
    Lower Neptune can also be substance addiction and Soul Vacation Syndrome – where your soul goes off to god-knows-where while you still show up, present as “hot” or “normal” and seduce/consume.”

    Recently I was reading something about the difference or fine line between seduction and kidnapping. How one person could fully believe they’re seducing but is it to share in and with another or is it to take them away from whatever they were doing prior to the seducer showing up and consuming them? So to speak.
    That and the desire to be seduced..double edged sword on both sides?

  7. Yup, this has certainly been my experience. Triggered by the tabloid news, then comforted and healed by the knowing that I am in such great company. I’m really not giving any fucks right now about appearing “nice” to men spouting stupid nonsense that I would have tolerated before and rationalized as “harmless.” And surrounding myself with ladies who know the value of supporting each other. Also – new Earth vibe?!?!? – the realization that I had been gradually numbing out my physical body for years, feeling safest in my head. So this is what I am working on now, feeling centered and grounded in my body.

    1. Yes to your last line. I realize now I disassociated from my body pretty much when all this stuff started happening (age 7) and never really reconnected. Booze, even WORK, became ways to stay safely in my head or numbed out.

  8. It isn’t just Jupiter in Scorp prompting the outpouring of sex assault stories (tho’ that surely is another reason for it) isn’t it also Pluto in Capricorn? In fact since Pluto entered Cap, a flood has occurred of the powerful/influential being exposed as abusers. Pluto, planet of the underworld in the sign of leadership/government/powerful. Seems to me that Jupiter in Scorp is making a bigger show of the whole sordid truth of the everyday reality women face.

    1. Yes, i’m inclined to agree with you re it being a Pluto in Cap thing (blown up by Jupe). I’m basing this on the outbreak of the news. When the 2 articles that busted this scene open (about Harvey Weinstein) were published – first in The New York Times & then The New Yorker (5th & 10th October) the Sun & Mercury were conjunct in Libra (heralding justice) and were square *exact* Pluto/Cap.

      Jupiter during this time was at the critical degree in Libra (opp Uranus) Justice or Bust. And bust it did the second it entered Scorpio revealing the theme of depraved sexual power games in the patriarchal establishment (Saturn).
      Also rebel Lilith was in Sagg loudly squaring Chiron in the Neptunian world of showbiz.

      Trawling through my own early Weinstein moments with my partner, i actually sobbed out loud as i realised that 2 of my dreams were severely set back because of power-sleazebags. And though i refuse to have regrets, I can’t help but wonder now what other things i might have accomplished in life had not so much energy or lost opportunities been used up in dodging/fighting and losing battles with these lowlives. How liberating it must feel if what you set out to achieve as a young woman is only hindered by your own self imposed limitations and not merely by your gender.

  9. A friend asked me if this me too stuff was not re-traumatising. I said no, I’m not going into details, it feels very freeing and defiant.
    The worst thing is finding out all the male actors I had previously admired are digusting rapists/harassers.
    But I’m just so, so happy for all the sexual assault survivors finally getting the chance to take up space and be heard and speak their truths free from shame.
    Personally, I don’t feel this “women are doing all the emotional labour to get men to look at their behaviour AGAIN” stuff.
    These incidents happened to me at a young age and shaped the woman I became. I have never stopped carrying the weight of them. I have wittled them down with therapy and writing but I will always have them. Showing them to others isn’t work for me: it’s a relief.
    It feels like a massive public cleansing is going on right now. A blood-letting. It feels amazing.

    1. Yes, the weight that is always carried.

      When i first worked through stuff, it was such a mammoth effort and once i came through i thought i was done! I was young…

      …now i see i move through layers of it at different times.

  10. I was mentioning not too long ago on here about how it’s easy to get caught up in the one-dimensional view of Jupiter as some kind of Cosmic Santa Claus. But like any other astro-energy, there are many facets to it another thing it does (and very well, too) is magnify things. To wit, one of the common astro-teaching tools for observing how a natal planet is functions is to wait for Jupiter to conjunct it because it tends to blow things up in a big way. So it makes sense that in Scorpio Jupiter would have a tendency to magnify fuqed-up things, especially. Prior to the Scorpio ingress some in the astro-community thought this placement would keep truths hidden, but I disagree as Jupiter has always been terrible at keeping secrets – just ask a Sagittarius! If the Truth is sleazy, corrupt, or just plain fuqed up, you can bet Jupiter’s going to do what he does best and make it larger-than-life for all to see.

    As to additional factors other than Neptune, Jupiter’s been square Varuna in showbiz Leo – a Protector of the People who is often shown carrying a hangman’s noose – and a trine to Nessus in Pisces. The key phrase for Nessus is supposed to be “The buck stops here”, so we see a theme of Saturn-like accountability coupled with its themes of sexual impropriety/abuse (Nessus tried to rape Deianira, the wife of Hercules) and comeuppance (Hercules killed Nessus, while Nessus with his dying breath supplied a means for Deianira to unknowingly kill Hercules as vengeance). Both of these celestial bodies are slow movers, so pretty impactful.

    1. I agree about the lop sided guru Santa Claus. Jupiter is that, but his means of doing so can (and mythologically) do include some martian tactics

    2. “Jupiter has always been terrible at keeping secrets – just ask a Sagittarius! If the Truth is sleazy, corrupt, or just plain fuqed up, you can bet Jupiter’s going to do what he does best and make it larger-than-life for all to see”

      lol I’m good at keeping other’s secrets though – Sag rising
      But I can’t stand bs and I’d sooner not have anything to do with someone than lie or pretend.

      I’m loving the mix of Greek mythology and Vedic. Going to have to check out Varuna in my own chart now 🙂

      1. Yeah, but what’s your Pluto situation like?

        Unmitigated Jupiter/Sadge energy will cheerfully and candidly spill all your beans completely unintentionally because the thought never even crossed its mind that someone might not want it all “out there”. Jupiter is king of “let it all hang out”, after all – how many Sagittarian nudists or closet nudists have you known in your life, LOL?

        Between the Sagittarius placements, 9th H planets, and Jupiter aspects in my chart I have just about enough Jupiter action to nearly fell a Clydesdale. But I’m *crazy* hush when it comes to others’ secrets and general privacy, which I consider sacrosanct – Pluto Rising, aspecting my Sun & chart ruler. I am a safe confidante whether you’re a random stranger, a client, a friend, a family member, or an employer – in a previous life, one of my jobs involved having my nose in highly sensitive financial documents daily. I consider myself quite trustworthy and even when pissed off at someone won’t resort to blowing their cover.

        If I don’t like someone, though, and there’s been no implied or actual agreement of confidentiality, I have zero qualms about exposing them as a dirtbag if that’s what they are. There’s a clear division in my mind between respecting privacy vs. covering up someone’s lying, cheating, scummy, or disingenuous conduct; in which case, bombs away. Being complicit in your silence is wrong when you know damn well what’s going down is fuqed up. Pluto’s essence is so concentrated that even a modest dab can override other planetary energies, especially if wired to key points of the nativity.

    3. Wowing out at the last paragraph. I tell you, that image of Varuna you describe gives me chills.

      Are these asteroids? And where do you find the images?

      1. Varuna is a Kuiper Belt Object & Nessus is a Centaur. Varuna is a Hindu deity, so you can just do a Google image search. Nessus is from the Greco-Roman myths of Hercules/Heracles – the perhaps best-known image of his mythos comes c/o Guido Reni, who painted him in “The Abduction of Deianira”.

          1. Oh Mystic that is such a Piscean moment. You’re usu always across your myths and deities! Thanks for this one. You make me feel better about feeling a bit sort of just this evening 🙂

          2. FWIW, I totally think there *should* be objects named after characters from the Tolkien Universe – that would be awesome!! Mebbe we start some kind of movement/petition???

            We already have asteroid Merlin (2598 if anyone wants to play Asteroid Bingo), so why not Gandalf? “Gandall” doesn’t count, BTW. Might any of the Hobbit asteroids on the ASC indicate one having really fugly feet??? (Incidentally I did just realize there is, in fact, an asteroid “Bilbo”! )

    1. Making a Fire Trine with Uranus and NN, sextile Venus, too. Jupiter/Sun/Mercury in Scorpio is augmenting the vibe. Will be interesting to see the shift of Mercury into Sagg and Venus into Scorpio. Also the incoming Earth Vibe!

  11. I just felt so uplifted by that description of the muck coming off Neptunian energies.

    The idea of blurriness around Neptune has been deeply stressing me, like i have this strong energy that must be at every turn deluding me and drowning my real sense. Yet i live through Neptune.

    This year more than usual has seen me working through a very different part of the prism, sinking down into subterranean core (that Pluto in Virgo and i guess Chironic aspects in the general astro of Pisces.)

    My feeling of my own sunny Sun and naturally enthusiastic persona, has been dulled, held to ransom by Saturnian doubts and hypersensitivity to criticism. But i have yet again kept an eye on how past attempts to both lock down my natural warrior and trade nasty deals on my compassionate self have impacted my neurological pathways, habitual electric senses of how i’m perceived (Uranus in Libran 11th) against valuing my uniqueness (trined Venus in Aqua 4th conjunct IC and NN). This time i have not badged the “abused” tag for my lapel, even while noting the bodily muscular-skeletal collateral still hardwired. I note it but try to think past it, after all these years of healing work on it. I don’t want to get stuck on it at my stage in life.

    But i always felt so Excluded, Outer, Weird because of the abuse and its effects on my small girl self and teen self. So witnessing others’ testimony has been tremendously important, and fills me with heart and sensory/emotional empathy. To read strong iconic women join their voices to it, showing why they were silent in the face of the command they bear now, has rocked me.

    1. Beautifully put. The experience oozes through every word and resonates so well with me, the woman carrying around the little girl, the teen, the young 20s.

      The OUTSIDER shadow and tough armor plagued me my whole life as well, dealing with Saturn in Sag the last 2+ years finally invited me to feel all the pain and feels and start to move through it at least. Better late than never. The truth is, armor is ALWAYS easier in the moment but damn heavy in the long run and a real pain in the ass on the beach.

      1. the Armour! Yes. It took years to learn to soften. And any time you feel stressed or vulnerable, that muscle memory takes over. I can be walking around for weeks before noticing the armour is dragging me, as i’ve got used to pain.

        By the way, i really get your capital letters.

      2. Be crumbled
        So wild flowers come up where you are
        You have been stony for so many years
        Try something different
        — rumi

        1. You wow me with this, Gemyogi.

          Just had a Taurus undo my knots. *sigh*

          Now i feel how being in public makes me knot up. The walk back. Incredible. She told me not to undo her work (oh if you say it aloud there’s a damn pun in there! Sorry! ii hate making puns).

          Christ when i typed my name in, i found another one 🙁 😀 Full Moon must be triggering my Sagittarius clumsiness, and the vague weirdness of Sag Neptune Jupiter Moon trine Mercury in 5th

          1. My armour — it’s still so difficult to take it off. This is a good lesson for me, and I love this poem. It makes me take a deep breath and let my shoulders go down a few inches. I also need to book a massage!! I’m always full of tight sore muscles, grind my teeth at night (i’ve got a mouth guard) and sometimes wake up in the night feeling anxious with knots in my stomach, no idea why really. I’ve been working on letting go for years now xx

            1. Gem, can you use the Scorpio Organisational Inspo post idea to block out mission to find good bodywork healer, maybe?

              It was, like my yoga practice, a series of back and forth, ups and downs, while i visited practitioners. I didn’t multi-book, though a Gemini might want to. I had good healers by just being present at appointments and sometimes having a random substitute. My Taurean healer would be bemused by being considered random, but i think also appreciative of how organic growth is. She replaced a very good Arien, whom i will visit again, just her times didn’t fit mine. Weirdly, her old connections with my work peeps gave a sense of understanding exactly the hard blocks, and i feel like she was expecting my promotion when it happened, or was unsurprised, knowing my new superior.

              Taurus asked me if i wanted facial massage, first time, and also first time, to check the pecs, which had screamed at me the week before.

              In my case, i spend the money at a certain place above any others that can fit me in at a moment’s notice, so i have to book well in advance or i miss out. In the past, in other cities, i have been to different types of place and jagged eventually a fabulous person whose healing went beyond, just because the energies resonated.

              It’s not always an appointment i feel like keeping, but i do because it’s taken such work to match my time and the healer’s times available. And so i think of it like medical practitioner visits to my best GPs, rather than a luxury to myself that i can give up.

              Sounds like your body stuff means it is not a luxury, even if you later luxuriate in it, but a medical/health necessity, regardless of why. You’ve been working on it, so you can gather best help to finish the hard yards properly xxx

              1. Thanks for your input. I love getting deep tissue massage and have a local guy who’s great but he put his price up to $85 an hour which I baulk at paying. I’m getting my own spa bath installed in November… a good soak using epsom salts and essential oils always helps a lot. But still looking for a good masseur that doesn’t charge a bomb. I will get on it!

              2. Mind you, I don’t pay for health insurance, I prefer to pay for yoga classes. And I rarely go to the doctor. Maybe expensive massages *are* my health care necessity

  12. There is a healing coming, at least that is that is my approach to this painful release. It’s a collective biting off of the pain that has been attached and haunting those of us that have been silenced.

    It’s the presumption of guilt thrown at those who have spoken up. The silence can be deafening when you try to re-claim your voice and have no support only condemnation. In some instances too much time has past and the burden of proof can no longer be established. That has been my greatest hurdle to overcome, realising that I won’t see justice and not hating an entire sex for these crimes.

    I see this as a mirroring opportunity to close my pain and heal my wounds, a victim impact statement that has a common understanding. It stands to reason that my physical health is feeling this at the moment and I’ve embraced my new found sobriety and the returned faith of creativity. Living in the magic of the moment.

    1. To deny the existence means it never happened, by that reasoning it provides a safe space for them. Empathy is then stored for themselves.

      It’s much easier to accept that this is how it is. I live with the truth and know how it is.

      No apologies needed for No Women No Cry. If anything you have musical chops not to Dylan me, bless your soul for not going there. Brekky Beatnik would be most unsavoury and without B group vitamin smeared upon my toast, it could get all kinds of ugly. <3

  13. I have finally released from my psyche the pain of being molested as a child by a family member, at my brother’s urging, the gender discrimination that began as a child and continued long into adulthood and the terrible treatment of me and my children by their father. I am free and strong to now live well. Triple Libra. Second Saturn return in three years and it’s on, as of now

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