The Galactic Astro Report Explained

I just realized that I should probably explain the Galactic Astro Reports a bit better. So voila an example using Oprah Winfrey’s birth chart. So the screen grabs below aren’t brilliant but if you compare the classic chart style to the galactic one, you’ll see there are a lot more constellations.

It’s done on an astronomical program so shows all the constellations, the nebulae, galaxies and so on. Oprah’s classic chart is a good fit with what we know about her – she does seem kind of Saggo Rising, the Aquarius trio in the $$ sector suits someone who became a billionaire via inventing a new genre and the Libra Midheaven reflects her perennial popularity with the public.

Her galactic chart is different in some facets as it shows not the Tropical or even the Sidereal zodiac positions but the actual positions. It’s also seems eerily apt in some regards.

The main difference is the Moon – it’s Out of Bounds, conjunct the red star Antares (Alpha Scorpii) and in not only Scorpio but the so-called ‘heart of the Scorpion.’ This is a profound, driven, deeply passionate and competitive Moon placement.

She has Ophiuchus – the Snake-Bearer – and Corvus (the Raven constellation) with an array of dense star clusters and the Lagoon Nebulae – a star nursery. So do you if your Ascendant is in late Sagittarius btw.

There are a whole host of phenoms and traits that would come with something this momentous and I’m not going to go into it here. But suffice to say that you cannot do anything small-scale or keep your consciousness safely in check when you have something of this magnitude rising.

These days she talks about ‘maxing out your humanity’ but in her early years she must have wondered how on earth she was having such a potent effect on the people she encountered.

In this galactic chart, her Sun, Venus and Mercury are all in Capricorn, her Jupiter is in Auriga – the Charioteer – and she ends up with Spica in Virgo on her Midheaven – this is the classic virginal maiden with the sheaf of wheat.

It does actually reflect her public brand quite well: she is ultra-protective of her personal life, despite routinely and skilfully probing others to share more of theirs. Her forays into candor are often about her diet struggles – digestion is a very Virgoan theme – and feelings around food, eating etc.

There is more, of course, but hopefully this info is illuminating!

2 thoughts on “The Galactic Astro Report Explained”

  1. Wooooooooow! I’m not sure how I missed that you have ventured into Galactic center astro, which I’m VERY interested in. This year I’ve moved more into content that speaks to galactic origins, outer space / Kuiper Belt activity etc …. so if I run this report and it says I am an ancient alien in this human suit, I wouldn’t be surprised lol 👽 🧜‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️

  2. Love this as it’s so galactically (yes it’s a word) encompassing…so we are more than a natal chart, very much more.

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