Pluto in Aquarius & The UFOs

Does Pluto in Aquarius = Aliens? Well, why not? I said it would a while ago although apparently the more appropriate term is now “non-human intelligence.” Anyway, UFO “whistle-blower” David Grusch popped up on cue, shortly after the last Full Moon, with Mercury conjunct Uranus.

On June 5 the former American Air Force officer went public with his fantastic – in the true meaning of the word – accounts of various clandestine fuqery involving extra-terrestial craft, encounters with the beings flying them and thriller-esque allegations of the Vatican, Mussolini and “a private corporation” having or having had actual UFOs parked someplace presumably hush-hush.

And naturally the whole deal has been waved away as nonsense by the usual suspects. It’s difficult to dismiss Grush so airily though as he has legitimate form in this space – apart from being a decorated combat veteran, he worked for the National Geospatial Intelligence Agency and others.

He’s obviously fascinating and I would love to know his birthdate but the only publicly available info is “born in 1987” – I assume that the Mercury-Uranus conjunction really resonated with him* and that he must have some potent Uranian placements buzzing away there.

Skeptics, of course, can simply say that for a whistle-blower, the guy hasn’t actually produced any evidence. However, for the record, I’ve written on here before about the UFO I saw – along with my whole primary school class – when I was about six. It was a classic ‘flying saucer,’ a totally silent silvery-platinum sphere and remarkable for its exit – it simply shot straight upward and disappeared.

I sporadically encounter people who’ve also had UFO sightings and we’re all similarly awed, yet disbelieved. It also seems logical that with the trillions of galaxies et al, why wouldn’t there be other life-forms? To me, the most interesting things Grusch said were about non-human intelligence and alternative dimensions.

If you leave aside spacecraft, Roswell and interstellar speculation, practically every human culture has accounts of another – usually semi-magical – genre of beings. Invisible to most people, their paths nonetheless intersect with ours and tales of such phenomena are woven through myths from the beginning of recorded time.

Hollywood has been the most flamboyant myth-maker for the last century and interestingly, the style of “alien” depicted in movies seems to vary along with the Uranus sign – aka trend zeitgeist – of the era:

Uranus in Cancer: The Day The Earth Stood Still – 1951 – A friendly, Jesus-like but paternalistic alien arrives as an emissary to tell Earth citizens to get their s**t together and make peace or risk being obliterated by interplanetary police robots. 1956: Invasion of the Body Snatchers –

Uranus in Leo: Invasion of the Body Snatchers – 1956 – A small-town doctor discovers that aliens are replacing people with “pod people” – bland versions of their former selves with no individual nature. In the end, the aliens give up because our humanity/individualism is so potent.

Uranus in Virgo: Day of the Triffids – 1962 – Carnivorous extra-terrestial plants that may or may not have been catalyzed by human greed (they’re used to make a commercially valuable industrial seed oil!) nearly bring about societal collapse but are foiled by a clever scientist.

Uranus in Libra: Escape To Witch Mountain – 1975 – Magically gifted children – telepathy etc – gradually realize that they’re of extra-terrestrial origin. With the aid of some kindly humans/cute animals, they make it to the spacecraft pick-up point and reunite with their kind.

Uranus in Scorpio: Close Encounters of the Third Kind – 1977 – Torpedo bombers last seen in the Bermuda Triangle reappear in the desert and after encountering a UFO, an electrician becomes obsessed. He ends up infiltrating the government’s secret UFO rendezvous base.

Uranus in Sagittarius: E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial – 1982 – Aliens visit Earth to pick some flower specimens but in the chaos of a police raid, one is left behind. Rescued by a ten-year-old boy, the two form a strong bond and foil government agents to get “E.T.” back to his family.

Uranus in Capricorn: They Live – 1988 – A homeless man finds ‘hacker sunglasses’ that reveal the world’s elite to be extra-terrestrial beings controlling the masses via subliminal messages and bribing human collaborators vast wealth. He destroys the transmitter and the world awakes.

Uranus in Aquarius: Independence Day – 1996 – Aliens invade spectacularly and the situation prompts every nation on Earth to set aside their political differences to defeat the common enemy. The President personally goes up in a fighter jet to help fend off the invaders.

Uranus in Aquarius also saw the release of Contact, Men in Black, Communion, Signs and Star Trek First Contact. It was a peak period for non-human intelligence dramas, clearly. Signs was actually launched with Uranus and Neptune in Aquarius.

Uranus in Pisces: District 9 – 2009 – Extra-terrestrial beings have landed on Earth and been treated hideously. A weapons manufacturer inadvertently becomes half-alien and decides to help them escape. The ending is ambivalent but there are tractor beams and political corruption.

You can see the projections, right? I’m sure you have better examples or astro-corrolations than this.

As for Mr Grusch, I’m interested in the apparently impending official response to his allegations and presumably when Pluto returns to Aquarius (this is a relatively brief bingle back into Capricorn), there will be more!


*You may recall that this alignment is renowned for out-there announcements and still has the power to surprise, even in our jaded and accelerated culture. It nearly happened in April but then Mercury went Retrograde and whatever was on the verge of occurring instead built up momentum ahead of the belated conjunction on June 5.  I wrote that there would be a Uranian manifestation – an event or announcement but Grusch and his allegations exceeded all expectations.

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  1. Wish Upon a Star

    So this post stirred up some memories of me in my 20’s. I have had a bit of wine tonight so I feel comfortable sharing this. I had a boyfriend that was into UFO’s, me not so much. So said boyfriend took me out to Werribee in Melbourne on a cold winters night. I went because we didn’t go out much. It sounded exciting.
    Anyway we got there and there was a group of people. My boyfriends friend had a flask full of hot toddy. My instincts said don’t drink that toddy. But I succumbed to the hot sweetness of that flask. Next thing I knew I was standing on the edge of a cliff. Oh yes I saw a UFO through the binoculars. The image was detailed and intricate. Next thing I knew I heard screams and I collapsed. Next thing I knew I was on the floor on the back seat of the car and my boyfriend was comforting me. I could see space ships flying just above the car. I was in shock and terrified.

    I just compartmentalised that memory. It took me 10 years to realise that that toddy was spiked with LSD. It just came to me in the middle of the night, one peaceful night. The screams were of people terrified that I was going to fall of the cliff. I remember going to a UFO meeting with my boyfriend and seeing my boss there, that was weird. He was a Sales Manager and quite materialistic. I didn’t think he was into that stuff.

    I am terrified of drugs now. I never really took drugs as I grokked I was too sensitive for them. I felt dissociated for 6 months after that experience. I am lucky I didn’t fall of that cliff. I am not saying that other peoples experiences with UFO’s are not real but mine was drug induced. Albeit without my knowledge or consent. So really this was a traumatic, confusing experience. But I figured it out in the end. Explaining this to kind souls makes me feel better.
    Thanks for listening. This cat has nine lives.

    1. That’s an awful experience period. I hope as soon as you could see you dropped that boyfriend instantly. Smdh.
      Chiron aspecting Earth is bringing up our past, and encouraging us to acknowledge and release. So you’re right on time with this post!! Disassociating after trauma is normal, it’s how we cope. All you need to know now is that you’re safe & loved 🤍

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Thanks you so much Cc. x.
        That boyfriend was a piece of work. No I didn’t drop him instantly as I thought the experience was real at the time.

        Thank you for telling me about Chiron. I have Chiron at 29 degress Pisces and I am a Pisces Rising. ” Encouraging us to acknowledge and release our past. Right on Time”. Well I just woke from a dream from my childhood. I am seeing a great pshycologist and getting EMDR, which works miraculously for me. This dream feels like the missing link so I wrote it down for Mondays session to be worked on.

        Thankyou again so muck for your encouragement and loving words.

        1. OKAYYY! See astrology really does not miss….. 🎯 anyone that has planets in the anoretic degree in their natal chart will be feeling the shift in intensity more from both Pluto & Saturn retros. Our planets are energized/challenged. My Saturn at 29 deg in the 1st has been a thorn in my shoe/side/ too….. so happy to hear you’ve found a therapy that’s working! Healing is my new addiction lol. Much love 🩵💎

            1. Wish Upon a Star

              Anoretic Saturn in the first does sound challenging. But it sounds like you are doing all the right things. I also have Venus in Cancer in the 5th house at 29 degrees, it is conjunct Jupiter in Leo and makes a grand water trine with Neptune in Scorpio 9th house, I am a Pisces Rising. I wonder how this plays out?

              1. Well astrology is interpretation and how I see your placement is there is some karmic debts that you need to overcome in this life, with Venus in the 5th house which is the fun house lol, creativity etc there is some strain on you expressing yourself and experiencing joy and in Cancer you ‘feel’ this deeply in your bones… have knowledge that you have mastered in previous lives and the crisis point (29 deg) is in the realization of these experiences! Your grand trine is further proof of your ability to manifest and overcome any experience in the balancing of these elemental energies! You have all the tools here Wish, your water energy makes you powerful with the ability to adapt and transform more than others. Your sensitivity would need careful attention so you don’t become too overwhelmed. I wrote a thesis lol. Astrology is really everything 💜

                1. Wish a beautiful feminine crystal that I think would be perfect for your energy is Chrysocolla. It will assist in the opening & healing of both the throat & heart chakra 🩵
                  It may resonate with you x

                2. Wish Upon a Star

                  No you didn’t write a thesis. This information is valuable. Yes transforming and transcending things in this life has been a process and still is and will be. My sensitivity does need attention. The transitting moon went into Kataka this morning and I had an AHA moment. A visiting lama from overseas maybe 10 years ago was part of this. I am a natal Kataka Mercury. Then I read the daily for today, then I read your message.

  2. I always thought the aliens were interdimensional and that ships were not comparable to a spaceship or whatever. And I believed it was silly to think we are alone in the universe. But still, I was never very into the aliens discourse. Until the last couple of years!
    I think I started becoming more interested as I got deeper into my meditation/energy medicine practice starting in 2020. When covid hit I got hardcore about self healing because I could not see any of my usual bodyworkers. I signed up for a class on grounding and energy work and ended up signing up for the whole 2 year certificate because it was so profoundly and practically helpful and not just theoretical woo. Practical, tangible woo! lol. So my pain inadvertently resulted in starting a consistent spiritual practice and doing healings over Zoom with my classes which opened my mind up to seeing how the universe seems to work under the hood.
    Anyways at some point along the way I started watching The Secret of Skinwalker Ranch with my ex and I was captivated. The UFOs they frequently spot in the sky while doing experiments come along with other strange things like equipment malfunction, spikes in radiation, orbs, cattle mutilation, etc. The region has been known for a long time as having lots of paranormal activity and it’s called skinwalker because the Native tribes of the region believed that shapeshifting entities called skinwalkers were prevalent on this land. Some locals have TERRIFYING stories about that part. But yeah, in watching this crew of scientists flail around at trying to understand the anomalies I realized 1) all this crazy stuff seems to be related, and 2) we are never gonna understand what is happening here through scientific experiments alone and our human minds probably do not have anything approaching capacity to understand.
    A book I recently came across which also blew my mind is called “The PK Man” by Jeffrey Mishlove. This guy, Ted Owens, demonstrated psychokinetic powers and claimed that it was possible through his connection with aliens, who he called the “Space Intelligences”. Mishlove does great work examining what may have been happening from every angle and one of the conclusions he comes to is that it may not have been aliens but powerful fragmented parts within Owens’ subconscious that he tapped into with his strong emotions (mostly anger!). He talks about how humans are terrified of believing in having powers like this using the mind and belief alone. And how aliens and paranormal activities may actually be our mass subconscious ACTUALLY manifesting physical or at the least holographic events.
    So yeah. Always thought it was interdimensional stuff going on but now I am realizing the extreme extent to which it is possible that everything really is just intent and information.

    1. Well said, R (Aqua/Tauri). My sentiments also. Especially with the possible multi-dimensional capacities of ET’s, given how this materialist dimension can’t reconcile with the apparent physics (or mind)-bending attributes of most alien/UAP encounters. Subconscious but externalised elements also powerful, but I think the ‘beyond-the-physical-realm’ part is making itself known! X


      Stuart Wilde has said the same thing about them, the alien space vehicles being part of our subconscious manifestation.

    3. I love a quote that I am paraphrasing from one of my favourite fiction books – Circe by Madeline Miller.
      “All magic is just willpower, really.”

  3. The whole rhetoric that an advanced being would be malevolent and intentionally cause harm to humans is such a snore fest and honestly insulting to our intelligence that they think we are so stoopid lol. Light beings have evolved past our human condition, and are always willing to assist with the furthering of humanity when you are tapped into that frequency. I’ve experienced and seen too much this year to be able to be manipulated with propaganda and programming that rules with fear a favorite tool of mainstream media.
    Steven Greer has meetings here in the US where in groups that have connected to their heart through meditation/intentions call on light beings and they respond and interact peacefully. There’s no scenes from Independence Day lol. He has been discredited many times, but if you watch his series ‘Close Encounters of the Fifth Kind.’ the proof is undeniable. BEAM ME UP 🚀

    1. Penelope Darling

      I’ve always thought that the fear about aliens being colonialist overlords says a lot more about the people telling that story…

    1. lmaoooo i can just see having an encounter and the alien is like sorry girl you’re just too toxic to have around #boundaries 🤣

  4. Totally believe in all things alien related, but for some reason whenever the legacy media pops up chatting about it I can never come at it. Unless the aliens are benevolent and evolved I don’t see much point to them. I also have read they don’t arrive in bodies, but rather organic avatars they project into. If they are reptilians then I hope they are not embodied and hanging about the politicians, movers and shakers. Certainly I sometimes see reptilian beings in energy standing behind local community leaders. One was a Reiki teacher who was very popular. Put me off reiki somewhat, at the moment of initiation the entity was tapping into the auric egg of the students plumbing a line into their energy field. The other person was a cult leader who also was involved in local politics who was offering me a place in his group. I politely said I would think about it! Never seen them around others, though I have seen other entities in general.

    1. Interesting what you mention about entities hanging around community leaders. I imagine that if they are into power tripping or selling their souls, the entities find a welcoming home. I have always struggled with the notion of so-called Reiki masters initiating seekers/students into Reiki and then mastery over two or three weekends. Did the course myself and in the nineties and did not feel a thing. And not to mention the “teachers” that give all sorts of energetic transmissions. I imagine they too are probably hopping with attachments.

  5. This is off-topic, but just had to relate a (hilarious) personal story, illustrating something all MM members know – that MM’s always right !!
    So, am not sure whether Daily Mystic or blog post, but somewhere in my hazy backlog, I remember MM sharing an insight about “never harvest(ing) anything after dark..”??
    So, fortunately this isn’t a datura//spinach story, but I still (Aries haste and nuance ignorance, & all that) ignored MM’s caution, because it was our own vege patch, with self-seeding & very familiar herbs & veges.
    But a couple of nights ago I started to get real tummy distress, I attributed to always processing everything in my gut//trapped energy//doing spiritual work (or reading news. I usually nausea/gut cramps/cry after reading any news).
    Well, I have been liberally picking (in the dark, because who cooks dinner in daylight??) and cooking/serving (to myself & family!!), a type of thistle//dande-lion that looks IDENTICAL to and in fact, is growing right alongside, our one self-seeded rocket plant (alongside self-seeded lettuce and parsley, which I was also picking). After staying up until 1.30am last night, I figured I had eaten something dodge, and it was only while walking the dog in our backyard this morning, that I even TWIGGED.
    Yes, the thistle spirit may have chosen/reached out to me, and I am enormously grateful for its (protective, purifying) presence. But wow!! I really am “The Worst Witch”..🤯🤣🤗
    So MM. Keep doing what you do. And I will never again harvest anything again after dark…? (Although it turned out okay – for everybody else!! This time) xx

    1. Foreign bodies/ entities in your local nourishment patch, causing stomach sickness:. Random but was anything aspecting your 4th house or moon? Or moon sign ruler etc? 6th house? (Just as an astro research exercise)

      1. Corduroy jeans

        Ohh Sam, totally not random. Totally NOT random… you got it spot on!! Thank you.. 🙏 i just realised after you mentioned it:
        a. Leo my 4th house (*internally smacks forehead *), currently hosting Mars, Lilith, et al, which all have cj-ed my Saturn recently, and
        b. Sun cj-ed my Moon in Gem (always painful) & squared my Pisces MC/Mars/Vulcano AND IC/Psyche, at SAME time, but a week or so ago?
        c. Interestingly (to me amateur), thistle is apparently related to Mars, and dandelion (which this plant oft-confused with), is related to Sun/Lion/Leo. Mars-in-Leo!!🤯
        Also, a big episode relating to 4th house of origin which occurred right on Scorp eclipse in early May, is getting illuminated, if not evolved, hopefully positively, from just near the new moon, with an upcoming visit from close family (of origin). For a week… So. Have been protecting, purifying, and cleansing a lot of “stuff” – anyway. I think Miss Thistle was helping me. LOVE 🤗 xx

    2. Wish Upon a Star

      Oh you poor thing. Hope you are better now. Thanks for reminding me not to harvest after dark.

      Off topic: I have discovered a self meditation. I like to plant my prostrate body on my coach mat and watch the gloaming, ie dusk. I love the changing light and my body really needs to rest at that time. When the night hits I get a little rejuvenation.

      Despite its ties to darkness, the origins of gloaming are less than shadowy. Originally used in Scottish dialects of English, the word traces back to the Old English glōm, meaning “twilight,” which shares an ancestor with the Old English glōwan, meaning “to glow.” In the early 1800s, English speakers looked to Scotland again and borrowed the now-archaic verb gloam, meaning “to become dusk” or “to grow dark.”

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Whilst many Scots on the mainland would describe our lengthy summer twilight as the “gloaming”, in Orkney it is described as the “grimlins”. The Dictionaries of the Scots Language (DSL) defines it as. “twilight, the first or last gleams of daylight”.

        Mmmmm gremlins, witching hour?

        1. Wish Upon a Star

          I also like this:

          Gloaming, “twilight, dusk,” ultimately comes from Old English glōmung, which occurs once as a translation of Latin crepusculum “dusk, twilight.” Glōmung is a derivative of glōm “twilight, darkness,” from the same root as the verb glōwan “to glow like a coal or fire” (gloaming being the glow of sunrise or sunset).

          Oooh, GLOW like a COAL or Fire; very Venus in Leo!

          1. Aaahhhh, happy gloaming in meditative trance with the grimlins, darling Wish XXOO Keep up your practice !! (Also, one of my best Aquarius friends & her Aries hubby were from Orkney Islands – she is in England now – I have been meaning to visit Scotland but afraid of contributing to flight pollution.. So – I imagine..😄) Luv.🤗😍

    3. Oooooh no lady! I love this whole story, minus of course the physical illness 🥴🥴 but hear me out……
      I definitely have come to believe that the more we communicate with the universe, the more it co-creates with us. This particular plant while obviously not your intended plant may have been drawn to you/or you to it to clear trapped energy that had become toxic and needed to pass through your system. A clogged Solar Plexus chakra can show up in many different ways, but our physical body is the warning system to an emotional/spiritual condition that we are being alerted to clear and release. Chamomile would be perfect in color & for soothing right about now for you 💛
      Also if you receive physical symptoms from outside sources you probably are leaning more towards being Clairsentient as you pick up physical sensations from the 6th sense and you ‘feel’ that through your body! Life really is a series of mistakes, till we download the lessons!

      1. Heya gorgeous Cece, have I ever told u how I love your posts?? Especially the transmutation of traditionally “negative” astro transits – love it!! (Which you seem to do really well – am trying to copy!) 😉😘
        Ah yes – the herbal incident made me gasp at first, but then, I calmed the fudge down and saw the magic!! You picked up on so much – I drink camomile tea like a camel in the desert hoards water, and yep the “clair-” phenomena has definitely upticked since meditative practice (diy at home). Am trying to clear/open chakras, best book I ever read on it was by Tara Springett, and best formula (for me) in clearing them was when I did traditional Japanese karate?? (🤣 so true!). So, you have to viscerally channel and own your power (in class), and vocalise it, so it was a ride! (And had concurrent positive changes in physical circunstances – health, auspicious openings) with chakra work.
        But – I have anaemia issues, and combined with law study, I overdid it. But who knows – I’m trying qi gong next. Love to NY!! Xoo

        1. Awww you’re a sweetheart thank you! I definitely get in my preaching bag so I’m glad I’m not overdoing it! 😙
          Talking about supremely neg transits Neptune sq Neptune has sent me into a mystical tail spin complete with psychedelic elements (this time it’s spiritually powered not mushroom lol) which is currently testing my own resolve! But finding my center helps most days ….
          Wow there’s a lot on your plate! You sound like you need to work on your root (stability, grounding) and with anemia, beets should be your new best friend! Try to up your intake it will do you wonders ✨
          They say the people that have harnessed any of the ‘Claires’ need to have a strong physical health AND mental / spiritual practice. The price of increased sensitivity is more sensitivity!
          Qi Gong is a good practice to learn absolutely!
          YES so my course opened up the channels of both Cosmic & Earth energies so I act as the faucet and the energies are the water. It’s been an incredible ride, not only for increasing my never ending thirst for knowledge but understanding my journey and reconnecting me to my ancient spirit. Just wow lol

          1. Corduroy jeans

            Hi Beauty, yr a gem, and don’t ever be afraid to preach to me!!💖 (and you never sound like it either, so please start a blog or something!!😀)
            Ah, do you feel that your ‘sacred inner energies’ (am verr-y clumsily, trying not to employ the loaded term, “kundalini”, here lolol) are activated..? If so – hold on over there Lady. And, what a relief (for me, to find somebody else going through energy activation, ha!!?) Xxxxoo
            Well, no wonder the Sea King squaring himself to infinity is making you see psychedelica, apropos of nothing. I had a Trident to the power of 2 transit, too – when Neptune was at 16 Pisces (natal 16 Sag). It is a really critical point in my chart (mainly activated on conjunctions, not other aspects), but when it happened, I remember distinctly feeling disappointed that nothing “extra” had happened. (But will check back over diaries etc, and confirm). I do identify with feeling a slow erasure of self, and old identities though – not sure if you meant that, but for me, energy “activation” has meant painful but liberating loss of many old selves even (unskillfully) repulsion of them (have given up the karate and law study). Author & occultist, Mary Mueller Shutan writes really eloquently on all this, the dissolution of self, and the repair of individual & collectice trauma through energy and body work. Not judging what occurs, and discussing some of the digestive havoc that can happen, too (at one point, during a big energy download time, she could only eat rice and avocadoes. I could relate, because at various points since Nept sq Nept, I could only eat carrot and pumpkin soup, and black tea and coffee, maybe a rice cracker, to avoid symptoms!! Better now, esp after dropping a lot of egoistic pursuits). Am waiting until I can purchase her Shamanic Workbooks in local bookstores (online or stores). I could go on and on, my favourite conversation at moment. I felt a lot when Neptune went past 26 degrees, but not sure if that is because I have some sensitive “life lots” there (calculated using Al Biruni’s List of Parts, specifically Fortunes of the Twelve houses, listed on the Skyscript website..)
            Much love to you Cecemessee, ❤ sorry for my rambling answers. Take good care of you, also check out Nancy Rynes near death experience story, if you get a chance. Xx

            1. Ooooooh yes Kundalini activation is a WILD ride, tbh I didn’t even realize it was happening at the time lol (I’ve always felt VERY connected to the feminine & lived the majority of the symptoms since I can remember!) until a year ago I was told by a powerful healer that she could see kundalini lit up wrapping around my spine like a snake 🐍
              Any type of spiritual activation is a releasing of old timelines/energies/trapped versions of self to make way for true alignment as we journey back to our own pillar of light. And it’s no wonder you’re shedding studies that no longer serve you. The surrender & release IS the most difficult part. We cling onto ideals as we’ve allowed them to become apart of our identity, just like pain.
              I definitely have been purging past lives/this life traumas and I can relate to the dietary changes as we speak I can only consume whole foods mostly water based, I live on cucumber, watermelon and soups lol. This weight loss program should be sold in stores 😂😂
              My gallbladder & liver are releasing something currently…. (feverish as I type this 🥵) and I’m just allowing it to leave. Different situations can rattle us to the core bringing a reopening of a wound, and when you’re already sensitive the ripples make a larger splash in our auric layers!
              My natal Neptune is 26 degrees Sagg! No wonder we vibeeeeee 🩵
              And wouldn’t you know it transit Neptune today is at 27 degrees. I’m deep in it lol 🫠
              You’re doing all the right things, being curious and willing to learn. When we are in these ascension moments, it’s a call to reach inward and reconnect with our heart because that’s where all other cosmic/earth energy connections are created from ✨
              Just keep your internal voice kind, or better yet turn it off and stay in the moment. Everything will reveal itself when you’re ready to receive it🤍
              Now on to figure out how to love this sacred vessel…… lol much loveeeee x

              1. And thank you for sharing your recommendations! I’ll take a look at all.
                For me, Elizabeth Peru a cosmic healer/guide who receives downloads and shares them in advance for daily guidance plus has a blog that talks to Ascension, Kundalini and Planetary Origins has been of great help It may have something for you there too x

              2. Wish Upon a Star

                I am in awe of what you are going through. More so of the way you can articulate it. I am a Mercury in Cancer girl so when the onion skins are coming off I internalise it. Which is perfect for me. But I love reading your descriptions. Don’t feel that you are ever preaching. Please keep describing this stuff. I could read it forever.

                1. Wish you’re a cosmic diamond 💎!! Thank you for your words, I really do appreciate it because I have internalized a lot myself (heavy 12th house placements + my Mars is in Cancer which dampens my power-action vibe) and only beginning to allow what’s being experienced spiritually daily out! It’s been so liberating.

          2. Wish Upon a Star

            I totally agree with root vegies for Cj. The price of increased sensitivity is more sensitivity ; that hit a roar(raw) nerve with me. As in the past I have dulled down my sensitivity with junk food and alcohol. Duly noted.

            1. We all have attempted to mute our spirit with something! Which in the end has its own unique set of consequences……

          3. Wish Upon a Star

            Ooooh Neptune sq Neptune. When I first discovered astrology with Mystic I realised I had been through a Neptune sq Neptune transit. But I was very much lost at sea. Did I mention I was a Pisces Rising, Neptune in Scorpio 9th house. I didn’t have the knowledge therefore lacked the skills to handle it. I can look back and give myself a compassionate laugh but when I was in the thick fog of it, it was no joke.
            I don’t think it is a negative transit if you are aware of it. Yes heightened sensitivity which needs to be nurtured. You sound like you are on the right track. My advice would be to enjoy it when you can.
            Your words are inspiring for me as I am returning back to myself with my sensitivities. Second time round would be my hashtag. And as I am honouring my true self things are popping up to keep me in the right direction like your advice. Especially that I need to have a strong physical/mental/spiritual practice.

            1. Lost at sea is perfect Wish 🌊…… brilliant levels of heightened creativity, receptivity followed by the waves crashing down on your head and you’re left in a daze wondering if any of it was real?? lol
              Being a Pisces rising it must’ve felt very familiar I’m guessing, a return to a home base. Well parts….
              I love your hashtag! And I can relate perfectly, once you are in reception mode with the universe the msgs/downloads never stop which can be overwhelming! It’s like learning a new dance, and until you figure out what flow works you’re overthinking & trying to investigate and understand the meaning of every experience! Which has the exact opposite effect of being in the flow……this is thrown around in the energetic healing space be in it, but not of it. I take that as being mutable, open to cosmic influence and out of your rational mind, so not to consume yourself & overload your physical body.
              Patience is key in this process because this is alot 😳😵‍💫….. however everything is possible with an open heart 💜

              1. Wish Upon a Star

                Thankfully it is at a pace I can handle. My Taurus Moon helps. And I am the type of person who can only handle one thing at a time. Yes patience is the key.

    4. Purely materialistic suggestion, but if you ate plants high in oxalates, it can cause bodily distress. Oxalates are like tiny crystal shards. Look up Sally Norton toxic superfoods.

      1. Corduroy jeans

        Totally agree, TP Hermit!! Yes have been avoiding oxalates/eating much citrus foods with high ox veges for a few years. I do think it was something to do with that!! Xoo

    5. Wish Upon a Star

      “Poor dandelion. We know you mean well, but even the best remedies carry certain risks. For dandelions, those risks include raising the toxicity levels of foxglove and hawthorn. Also, if you eat dandelions in a salad or just off the stem, you risk life-threatening parasitic infections as almost everything, including the human body, is home to a host of other organisms. Dandelions just happen to attract things that can kill you, hence the recommendation of using it primarily in teas. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding also should definitely not use dandelion. It can result in immune deficiencies in infants that can subsequently lead to death.”
      Taken from : Dandelions: The Good, the Bad and the Deadly

      And please don’t eat the stems. That milky stuff in them will make you very sick.
      After reading your comment a few days ago I kept seeing that milky substance and thinking oh shit I hope she didn’t eat the stem. Nature has put it there so insects don’t chomp on it.
      I hope this helps.

  6. With mars in aqua and 9th house Merc, and a bit ND tbh, the concept of alternative intelligences(?) and radically new… ontologies? Gives me actual life. Like different base elements, different molecules, environments and forms conditioning the literal means and substance of communication and social organisation that has SFA to do with me and that’s just fine. Like, the joy of not knowing things. I’ve also always liked concepts of elemental intelligence, that things other than those with an obvious central nervous system have worlds we can never know.

    1. Also it’s always annoyed me that we only ever talk about carbon based life forms. Occasionally a sci journal will mention silicon, which is right next to carbon and also there are some deep sea critters where silicon abounds but there isn’t a lot of carbon so they’ve either proposed? Or found? silicon based life. But I mean if aliens (et al) can master the spacetime continuum then also surely the material limitations conjured by our concept of the periodic table wouldnt factor into things .

  7. There was an alien siting recently in Las Vegas, lots of witnesses and a circular imprint left in a dirt car park- not sure if it was June 5….

    1. Even the aliens know what happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, and Pbwi’ml✓{¶ (well that’s how it’s pronounced in english anyway) wanted a bucks party they would never forget. And you could ✨not✨ escape the gossip in the Crab nebula. So Gaia it was.

    2. Somehow I imagine it leaning against it’s disk-shaped craft smoking a cigarette and getting served milkshakes by a girl on roller skates. Tres cool!

    3. One of the family members put up a video recounting the evening from his perspective and I honestly believe everything he said! Doesn’t seem like a clout chasing endeavor at all.

  8. Penelope Darling

    I’m not particularly invested in aliens but I do enjoy observing all of the excitement.

    Although my favourite theory is that magic mushrooms are an extraterrestial lifeform who is studying humans via intense psychic connections. My pure-science no-woo friend with a PhD in plant biology thinks that funghi are the best guess for an alien species.

    1. Yes, this is indeed something worth exploring. The mushroom 🍄 is powerful and is being used in many ways (everything old is new again).

    2. Mushrooms are amazingly weird – belonging neither to the animal nor plant kingdom. They seem to be the communication engineers/programmers of the planet, but whether they are part of an alien force/ETs is anybody’s guess at this point. Look up Wood Wide Web – it is real & it is fascinating whether you are woo woo or scientific minded.

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