Marilyn Monroe: Lilith Rising

“Everyone’s childhood plays itself out. No wonder no one knows the other or can completely understand. By this I don’t know if I’m just giving up with this conclusion or resigning myself – or maybe for the first time connecting with reality.

How do we know the pain or another’s earlier years, let alone all that he drags with him since along the way at best a lot of leeway is needed for the other – yet how much is unhealthy for one to bear. I think to love bravely is the best and accept – as much as one can bear.”

Marilyn Monroe, quoted in Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters

You’d think that every last nano of info re Monroe had been released but no, bang on her Uranus Return came Fragments: Poems, Intimate Notes, Letters.

It includes her therapy notes, which i think is really low, even if the woman has now reincarnated and moved on.

Other than the interesting synchronicity of this being on her Uranus Return, it made me look at her chart and guess what i just realized?!

She’s Gemini, obviously & I already saw her as the ultimate pin-up for Neptune Rising – and in Leo – she personified that for sure. And Pluto conjunct North Node that you see in all singular peeps who seem to wind up influencing or symbolizing whole generations.

But she also has LILITH RISING.  I never knew that.  Neptune in Leo by itself makes me think superstar-gorgeous golden focus of collective anima projection-a bit lost in the valleys of Neptune maybe but Lilith there as well adds edge. Deeper, darker, ancient mysteries and all.


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  1. I love Miss Monroe

    Like MM, I have moon (in gemini) oppose neptune (Sag.)

    More IMPORTANTLY, we share LILITH conj. ASC. Mine is EXACT in 8 degrees Lira. I obviously NEVER met her. However, our lives have run parallel in MANY ways..including our childhoods (foster homes, abandonment, separations from mother etc…)

    Also later in life being seen/perceived, even USED as a sexual object particularly by older, wealthy men. Of course in the end, we don’t care ABOUT the money.

    What us LILITH types CRAVE is to be not ONLY seen BUT also TREATED EQUALLY to MEN. We cannot/will not accept the status quo – follow a man to the end of earth.
    I’d rather LOSE the financial security a man can provide in order to KNOW the TRUTH no matter how HARSH it may be..there is a WHOLE lot MORE – please feel free to ask, if you are “curious.”

    Thanks for reading!!

  2. I’ve been trolling the web seeking Lillith-rising tidbits this morning. Beauty to find this snippet. Mine is not so roar-ish like MM in Leo, rather it is deep in the waters of Pisces for me.

  3. frans rilea khaous

    my draconic lilith is conjunct my tropical ascendant.. found out today. no wonder i’ve been so interested in her. i can’t find much information on my specific aspect online :/

    1. frans rilea khaous

      like EXACTLY conjunct. plus- me draco eros exact conjunct my tropical amor (therefore conjunct my tropical sun ifn’t weren’t for that one degree difference)
      this makes SO much sense to me

  4. In my youth i never understood what a brilliant actor MM was
    as thought she was just being herself sans craft. It wasn’t til after she died
    that people wrote how she ‘became’ Marilyn & people didn’t recognise
    her when she wasn’t.
    Read the Vanity Fair (last year) with all the photograph’s of notes
    & scribbles, thought how invasive it was. Is death like marriage legally
    binding? Pity we can’t divorce death.

  5. Just when you thought there were no angles left, Andrew O’ Hagan has published a novel from the point of view of Marilyn’s Maltese terrier, Maf, given to her by Frank Sinatra. Haven’t read much yet, but so far it seems to be a very funny critique of celebrity and the times, set during Marilyn’s last years.

  6. Feeling rather close to Marilyn since learning about her astro.. 🙂

    We are both Tigers, She is Leo Rising I am Leo, she is Gem, I am Gem Rising.
    She has Moon in Aqua, I have Lilith in Aqua opp my Sun.
    We both have a sexy water trines.. I mean isn’t the similarity obvious?
    (Sigh, sigh, sigh – trundles off to do my version of Neptune – the washing..).

  7. Whenever I look at my Sun conj Venus in the 8th Kataka Son’s chart I just …wonder.
    He has Lilith Rising (2 deg) off his Saggi Ascendent. Oh. And a Libra Moon in the 11th.

  8. Interesting esp the whole jackie o marilyn thing personifying that quite literally too
    But Marilyn on her own too yes.

    I’ve never really taken notice of lilith in chart before all the lilith posts and its interesting to see where and how it manifests. pluto NN too. Picasso?
    I have lilith quintile exact sun/mercury 3rd house. still learning what quintile is.

    1. hey babe am choosing to hang with real-time crew whilst all the apocalyptic events unfold but you are the one I’ve missed – hope you’re well and life is dandy – all things considered xxx

      1. I was wondering how you are. thanks, things are tough but I am trucking. Thanks for the love. right back at you xooxoxox

      2. god soz saturn in libra manners moment – I just realised “you are the one I’ve missed” that might seem rude to others but it wasn’t meant that way. Righto, off to water the garden in case food supplies dry up suddenly.

      3. Many a true word said in jest!
        I have a desire to buy a 20 kilo bag of rice & a kilo
        of heritage seeds for standby purposes. recoomended
        by some-one who’s predictitions have been uncannily accurate
        re shortages.
        Hard to believe when supermarkets are sooo stocked to the gills,
        but that’s just supposed to lull us into not noticing.

      1. yeah fuq thanks I’ve got peeps in japan and nz – ALL of my peeps of any consequence apart from the aqua – gotta keep a grip on the real-time peeps the bloggers won’t be there to hand you a candle when the power goes off.

      2. I thought when you disappeared it was aftercare for nz and had a feeling bout japan too. so much white light to all your people and you to keep strong. x

      3. thanks hon – lilith/uranus is opposing my stellium on the IC here’s hoping she doesn’t suddenly swoop in and pluck my loved ones from their beds as they slumber – my uranus pluto sun and jupiter are astro cartographically right down the length of NZ – a large portion of my NZ whanau have just gone fishing and promised to send pictures of the catch whilst my BFF who also lives on the west coast has gone surfing – ironically months ago I said somewhere on a post here that uranus in aries seemed like a time I’d feel like I was cresting the wave and I planned to ride it all the way into shore – I hope he feels and does the same. The tsunami warnings here are not the same ones the peeps in NZ are getting. They think I’m paranoid when i call them in the middle of the night to tell them I love them and have nothing else to say. My friend in Japan is safe but the house isn’t. As far as Christchurch is concerned I’ve seen my old house flattened. I’m lucky that the names on the Christchurch dead list are only distant friends of friends but that whole part of my life is gone now.

        We all need to do a bit more counting of our blessings than wallowing in our stagnant pools of bourgeois dross in times like these – take some time to sit quietly and acknowledge our innate gifts and the love of those we share our lives with. This all makes a person very aware there are no more “comfort zones”. There is only the moment. We all need to take a deep breath, hold hands and jump into our futures with our eyes WIDE OPEN cos there’s no going back – we are the ones who are lucky enough to have had some warning this was coming. PEACE

  9. P.s.Anyone who thinks they can suppress the gemini restless mind with Valium is kidding themselves. And creating a monster.

  10. That IS interesting. My radical auntie’s fascination with Marilyn Monroe, another MM 😉 , was more about Marilyn’s power as a woman , psychologically and spiritually . The fact that she was well endowed with physical beauty comes only to bare in how she and others have recognised and exploited it. My aunt claimed Marilyn had Mystical insights and this is the real reason she kinda lost control of the wheel in her life. Too much conflict with social, male dominated conformity?

    I still haven’t seen The Misfits, but there is so much mystique around the making of it, and the title itself suggests Lillith in the zone, it probably gives us a glimpse of her deeper, darker side.

    1. Misfits is rather brilliant & very emotional. It was the movie where i
      really got Munroe as my previous assessment had been ‘dumb-blonde’,
      as i was in pre-puberty & teen when most of her movies released, so
      no identification. It was Bridgette Bardot who captured my psyche then (her
      boobs were smaller 🙂 and i was at private catholic college so prob heard
      muttered or murmmered disapproval in the atmosphere around school.

  11. Scorpio Sun/Rising

    Mystic? In reference to the Scopes for Scorpio.. what’s a “Time Witch?” I really do my best to get your jargen down but this one stumps me wicked. 😉

    1. I’ll answer. A Time Witch can speed up or slow down time.
      Can think herself into the past or into the future. Has access
      to her DNA & can zip up & down it to activate ancient memories.
      Lives outside tic-toc, although in it doesn’t buy into it’s regular
      energy there by avoiding rat-race issues.

      Jargon in French is pronounced ‘Argo’ like in Jason & the Argo-nauts 🙂

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