Uranus Take The Wheel

Uranus, take the wheel…actually no, don’t.

This current level of involvement is quite enough, thank you. Uranus has been extra-intensive since Sunday and is trine – the closest trine I’ve ever seen – to the impending New Moon in Virgo.

How can the planet that rules space anomalies, the Zhen trigram, Aquarians, the Tower of the Tarot, Kevlar, and coups integrate with a sensual and sensible Earth elemental New Moon in Virgo?

You’re doing it! One way or another, you’re grounding your ingenuity and the spacier parts of your consciousness…Not out-there, here. Rather than relegating your Uranian hypotheticals to the everlasting later, you’re melding the weirdness with your everyday.

New Moons are monthly rhythm resets, subtle and subjective. The Uranian influence makes it a remix- if it feels chaotic, great! Uranus vibe questions everything, and Virgo Moon vibe is investigative.  Uranus is in Taurus & has an affinity with the Virgo Moon. Radical shifts of attitude, relationship dynamics and structural settings are not only more likely at this time, they’re easier.

Actioning your more niche lifestyle concepts or experiments need not be rickety or controversial – why not reframe to see things as just logistics?

So, how are you going with it?

Image: Brecht Evans

43 thoughts on “Uranus Take The Wheel”

  1. Been dreaming of my dead friend and having unresolved arguments with her. Start an online relationship its fizzled because I didn’t want sex in the first 5 minutes and wanted to be friends first! Goal stalking my next 5 years, synchronicity everywhere, intense convos with BFFs for 7 hours!!

  2. Been making jeans lately. Made a gorgeous pale pink pair and a pale blue pair of button fly mom jeans last week.
    also I bought a cargo trailer to clip on the back of my bicycle so I don’t have to carry all that food in a courier backpack. It was killing my knees and I am loving the volunteer work I’m doing. It’s basically free food for me, my flat mate and everyone in the neighbourhood three times a week. Do you guys have the Olio app over there? It’s such a great way to build community and get serotonin.

  3. It’s manifested itself as batsh*t thoughts, ideas, and perspectives that made no sense whatsoever. I didn’t feel comfortable with them, but once they were processed, most were quite legit. Some of these became viable approaches that weirded out those around me but got the same reaction (“uh, this actually makes sense and it appears to be working well!”).

    It’s even out-there for me, and my chart is quite outer planet and Uranian! Thank you so much for the explanation, Mystic! I felt perplexed but you explained it!

  4. I lost my shit a little bit and snapped at my flat mate/ landlady. I get hangry when my blood sugar is low and people won’t shut up. I apologised immediately but told her it was because I honestly thought she might never stop talking and I needed to get some breakfast. I mean it was 2.30 pm so. Yeah. She’s great and we get on fine. She does talk a lot though and often/ usually about either completely random and unrelated shit or topics I’ve specifically said I don’t want to hear about anymore. There’s a thing called conversational narcissism. I do it, we all do it to an extent but I am getting to a point in my life where I just call people on it because they know when they’re doing it and if they don’t it’s okay to tell them. I’d want to know. Lolz. When I apologised she started talking about some pattern for a pair of trousers she just found and yada yada yada. I didn’t feel like acting all spergy so I said, yeah you need to get your sewing machine back from the repair shop. It’s been in there since before I moved in here. Also she has three working machines in the house gathering dust. There’s this hashtag I follow on Instagram #canyousewthisforme it’s something people ask you directly and indirectly when they know you sew. As if their hands just fell off so could you? It won’t take long and there’s this wedding I’m going to soon and I’ve gained weight but I found a dress in a thrift shop and. … so I’m getting better at this boundary thing. It’s about the fifth time in three months she’s used a moment of open ness or whatever to ask me to sew her something. I’ve had to be firm. I dunno. Maybe I’m being para but I genuinely feel like she’s trying to manipulate me constantly and while it may be paranoia and my own narcissistic inclinations I feel wary. Anyway. I’m good. Happy new moon pseudo intellectual astro bitches ❤️

    1. I just had a similar snap like this. To someone who is (superficially) nice to me, and I blurted out something I knew would be throwing it back in his face reminding him of how shallow he was being. But it was JUST as you describe it – this person WOULD NOT shut up… no matter how many intense looks I was giving him like “stop talking right now.” And it was about a very obviously triggering topic for me. I didn’t necessarily get to apologize, but he gave me this awkward look like “ok, keep your voice down, you’re pissed, I get it.” This is not the time for extroverts to be near me. *sigh*

      1. Lols. Yeah I get it. I’m getting better at telling people how I need them to show me they care. This morning I asked her what the best way to let her know that I am actually feeling too sperg_y and besides not interested/ it’s early/do you ever shut up?
        I explained (briefly) that due to my parents being even spergier than me, or at least bigger and more in control, the explicitly and oft stated rule of law was Shut Up or Get Out.
        Failure to follow protocol resulted in a swiftly delivered traumatic brain injury. It wasn’t up for debate. In an environment like this when anyone is speaking it’s obviously crucial to listen attentively. Why else would they risk disclosure unless the information was vital to survival ?
        This landed. She got it.
        She laughed and explained that with her parents one simply leaves the room and often that’s enough. It’s not a big deal but saying “I’m not listening “ or I’m tuned out was also acceptable.
        and that was cool.
        when you’re used to living in high vigilance mode everything feels life or death but a lot of people have parents who aren’t narcissistic tyrants with fragile egos and violent tempers who resent their children for being dependent on their care.

      2. I get it tho. I’m often so triggered by what someone is saying I can barely be in the same room let alone endure more “conversations/ extended soliloquies “ on the topic. I’m learning to risk saying things like Omg that’s making wanna cry! Or RIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII THAT IS SO TRIGGERING SHUT UP! Ha ha.
        the haha bit at the end is super important and not easy to get right. I’m still working hard on it but it’s a valuable skill so I will persevere. The ability to let people know how we feel is huge because most people I know with insecure attachment patterns really struggle with telling others how we need to be loved. It’s so hard for us and feels like a huge risk. Extroverts or securely attached kids who’ve grown into adults who don’t struggle with letting people know what they need ( and hey I’m not conflating introverted with insecurely attached I’m just being a bit vague because they are so often used interchangeably and or conflated so all apologies to securely attached introverts and insecurely attached extroverts. I see you)
        what was I saying?
        nevermind. 🤣

      3. All you words are so helpful to me.

        I have these feelings but can’t express them like you. Never stop.


  5. Honestly it’s been awful. New Moon is wide-ish conjunct my ascendant (5 degrees) and I woke up in the kind of bad mood that feels like a step backwards. Transit Uranus and Saturn are conjunct my Mars and Venus, activating my Venus/Mars/Pluto T-square all year–going through deep psyche trials every few weeks it seems, with the joy sucked out of the peaceful times between. I’ve maintained my sobriety and exercise regime through it all, so I’ll try to be proud of myself for that. Mostly fantasizing about the end of January when Saturn crosses back over my Venus and leaves for a while!

  6. Dreadful insomnia, wish it would stop. Otherwise simultaneously calm & chaotic which is how I’ve been feeling for about 3 weeks now.

  7. Well on the new moon i lost my temper which i never do as zen calmness on legs is me. Cannot abide anyone telling me what to do. They can advise suggest & ask only. Was asked to move my car ONE FOOT after i had turned off engine. The reason was stoopid & didn’t matter at all. Texted him after to say ‘thank for the unnecessary driving lesson but was irrelevant’.
    Only get royally pissed off if someone either embarrasses me or challenges me when i know i’m right 🙂 Yes, it was about detail very Virgoan.

    1. Very similar temperament and vibe here.
      people are better off telling me to do the opposite if they want me to do a thing.
      I hate that I’m so predictable but it’s at my core.

  8. Whew! The new moon is just coming off my Virago Sun/Venus/Lilith stellium only to oppose my Pisces rising, and then conjunct Mars that is on my natal Saturn—all in the 6th H. We had to say goodbye to our sweet dog of 14 years in August. I completed a successful detox, finally ridding myself of the 2020 weight gain. I spent too much money in August but my crypto is looking great! And, just completed a full deep clean and purge of my house over the long weekend. Work is going to get busy as the month goes on until Oct. I feel like Saturn is about to walk through my life with a white glove and the bar is set at militant ready. Beginning to prepare for a Phase I remodel as new family members will be moving into our multi-family home in 5 months. Lots of “re” words being used: remodel, renovate, reorganize, renegotiate. Plan, plot and strategy is my focus this lunar cycle including detailed budgeting and record keeping! I won’t get my hopes up expecting full force remodel action until Mercury goes direct.

    1. That sounds incredibly relevant to my situation – plan, plot, and strategy! I’m also doing financial/budgeting tidy-ups (Virgo stellium; moon and rising in Pisces). Condolences on the passing of your sweet dog.

      1. Thank you for your condolences. And, thank you for sharing. It’s nice to have that confirmation regarding these planetary transitions as, I am still learning at understanding their influences. Much appreciated!

    2. As a radical canine lover my heart goes out to your loss of companion. My daisy Dog is 8 now & am constantly wondered how long we have together as she is my bodyguard, i will transition when she does another 7 years i guess.

      1. Thank you for your kinds words. Shortly before our furry friend’s passing we were gifted the opportunity to foster another dog who had been having some health issues (pneumonia) and wasn’t living in a good place. He’s a Husky/German Shepard breed, which was radically different from our beloved Maltipoo. We nursed the Husky back to full health and he’s been a joy and delight for us. The universe stepped in a gave us what we needed to cope. The fostering situation has become more permanent now.

  9. New moon exact on my Pluto/Uranus conj in the first. Also, possibly related, Saturn opposing my 12th. I’m doing laundry, finalising a big project, getting really clear on new self-care habits. I’ve been on a reading bender about anxiety, trauma, burnout and boundaries. Time to fix that stuff once and for all because it’s at the core of all the other issues.

    1. Xoo Go girl. Xoo Right behind you – loving yourself shouldn’t be a radical “act of defiance” (from a recent Guardian headline of a tender story), but in this day and age, it is. Time to get your Lilith/Eris on and love yo’self !! 🥰
      (With respect from the Virago try-hard/wannabe that I am.😅)

      1. I know, right?! It shouldn’t be but it is. You’d think with my natal Lilith conj my moon exact to the minute in Cap I’d be onto it sooner than this. There is a book called Burnout that has absolutely changed my life. I was put off by the cover and the some of the marketing blurb but it’s the smartest book I’ve read in a long time and has helped me understand my own physical reactions to things. The body is absolutely everything. xx

      2. Burnout – will have to read it!! Another one you have probably heard all about (and which I was about to mention below) is The Body Keeps the Score by Bessel van der Kolk. I mean, so much feels like common sense (like, of course we store stuff in our body, we are mammalian creatures), but we are so, far, removed from nature in modern life that we are basically mal-adapting ourselves to extinction. I am talking out of my hat here, (and out of my depth), but trauma recovery is real. And I think it can be as much your “life purpose” as maybe a trad vocation indicated by your MC (to heal yourself). Anyway. Thanks for listening again Chrysalis. X

      3. I think it was someone on this blog who mentioned TBKTS and I bought it immediately. I actually couldn’t finish it because it was so hard to read and described my life exactly. It was gruelling in its precision. Weirdly, having read Burnout (twice) I’m motivated to go back to that book. Burnout has similar themes but I found it so much easier to digest. All of it is about being finally ready to tell the truth about my life, which is quite different to what it might look like on the outside. xx

    2. Omg me too. I’ve got a lot of Neptune /Saturn and Neptune / Mars aggressive transit action happening right now and it is proving to be The Best Time to get educated about the stuff that hurts from way back when. Those odd angst-y core beliefs that have always defined relationships and events are beginning to have more context as I gain more perspective and reading bender is how I’ve been defining the vibe chez moi too.

      1. Yes! Absolutely this. I’ve been able to figure out that the toxic work situs I’ve endured for far too long are basically replicas of my early home life. Glad you’re well xx

      2. TBKTS is AMAZING. That body started me on this journey. I have been ripping through books since going NC on my father and doing so much healing ever since. Doing traumatic narcissism by shaw, polivagal theory and understanding and treating chronic shame by Patricia de young, knowing your shadow R. A. Masters and loads of Robert Johnson but Inner Work is the one I constantly go back to.

      3. ‘Your biography becomes your biology’ think either Joe Dispenza or Caroline Myss said that & how true is THAT!

  10. This year has already been huge for me, astrology-wise. Venus combust natal return sun, transit Saturn-Ur. square forming a (repeated) grand cross w. natal Sat-Ur square, transit Mars square and opposite natal Mars (cj MC), Pluto repeatedly trine Lilith and exact square nodes, Chironic resonance too !!😊 Am a bit exhausted but taking this beautiful Virgoan new moon to breathe. Breathe .. Also inspiration from hard-working Virago Beyonce, plus gardening, plus taking style cues from astro-twin (opp. hemispheres) Jessica Chastain. Above all, nothing too heavy, given already challenging atmosphere – thanks for levity, Uranus! 💖 (and thanks MM also.x)

    1. Wow that is a lot going on! I’ve never really understood grand crosses, but it sounds like you’re navigating it really well. And, gardening, perfect for Virago season xx

      1. To be honest Chrysalis I have no idea where or who I am anymore, lol. Am only recently thinking this is good (but disorientating). I had a lot of stuff growing up too, and you can develop coping mechanisms that are only marginally healthier, but mostly unhealthy. This grand cross has revealed these things to me. And not even obvious ones like addictions (which I feel immense relief to have never experienced – I do believe it is a genetic thing, honestly), but things like conflict avoidance, people pleasing, and not talking supportively to myself. Just under the radar crap that there is only a conversation you can have with yourself about – if you even become aware. Am guessing this is your experience re all the toxicity you had to deal with recently..? Anyway. Thanks for opening up and sharing, I really appreciate reading how you are going. Keep on going, I really feel this is a huge big (and marvellous) life re-navigate for you !! 🙂 Xoo

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