The Aries Solar Eclipse!

Maxed out on drama or feel like you’re in massive time debt?

Blame the impending Eclipse, really. If you’re doubling down on the self-recriminations, you might be overdoing your Saturn vibe. Lay off the guilting because this pre-Eclipse Dark Moon is amped enough without it.

If you’re a Mega Mystic member, you probably saw the high-alert factor in the Daily Mystic for this weekend and the hopefully helpful suggestions. However, it’s tricky when this astro is so imbalanced – literally, there is a string of planets on one side of Earth.

Now clearly geopolitical tensions are about as tight as they’ve been in ages, if ever so that’s discomforting. And some of the science news legit feels like we’re all in a particularly skeevy sci-fi.

NASA will be firing rockets into the path of Monday/Tuesday’s eclipse in an experiment named Project APEP, the  number one baddie of the Ancient Egyptian pantheon. AKA Apophis, it’s the arch-enemy of the Sun-God Ra and a force for disorder, the opposite of Ma’at, the original truth, beauty and cosmic balance principle.

I can see why this totally get some peope riled up but APEP also stands for Atmospheric Pertubations Around The Eclipse Path, which I think is a brilliant thing to study.

The name for this experiment suggests less ‘scary occult shite at NASA’ and more that many of their employees are no doubt proud gamers or comic book ‘nerds’ – Apep is a big-deal ‘boss’ in Assassins Creed – Origins and a ‘cool’ comic book villain.

Being paranoid about NASA is passe but CERN, on the other hand….must they really switch their zillion-dollar particle accelerator back on during Mercury Retrograde? Apparently yes. So the goal is the same as always – to discover the nature of the 85 to 95% of the world around us that we cannot see – but this year’s proton beams are more precise, apparently.

This year, they’re also talking about the concept of a ‘hidden valley’ – “a parallel world of dark matter having very little in common with the matter we know.” None of this is new – as I’ve said before, the ancient Greeks called it quintessence or 5th element – and I think it’s magic, Heka a la the Egyptians, Qi, Prana, Akasha et al.

It would be great if CERN had a resident shaman or even an academic into Technoetics – the study of technology as it pertains to consciousness. However, if they cannot even refrain from firing up their massive meta-gadget during Mercury Retro, they’re unlikely to go there.

So I await the results of their latest acceleration with interest and obviously I hope that if it is going to malfunction, it will be a basic fizzle, not some sliding dimensional shite.

The other factor bugging some people is that the so-called ‘devil comet’ – aka 12P/Pons-Brooks – will be whizzing around at this Eclipse. This is just fanciful – there is an amazing study to be done on the astrological influences of comets but projecting dark ages cliches onto these interstellar visitors seems perverse.

Given that the silly name came about because the comet’s beautiful streaming aura is vaguely in the shape of horns, we may as well call it the Hathor Comet and it will actually be super-close to Jupiter in Taurus and the Pleiades during the Eclipse.

So, as you can see from the image below, there will be a lot of celestial factors clustered relatively closely together at the time of the Eclipse. And this image doesn’t even show the outer planets, Moon’s Nodes etc.

If we go with classical astro and just look at the Sun, Moon plus inner planets, stars and our Hathor comet, we have an array from Mars at 13 Pisces through to Jupiter at 19 Taurus.

This is the ‘it zone’ of your natal chart and these houses or astro-factors are where you’ll feel most hyped and irritable, yet also infused with regenerative zeal. Note the Moon houses and any Moon-planet conjunctions in your Daily Horoscope as we near the Eclipse as that/those will be an easy go-to life area for revamps.

Naturally we cannot assume a quiet few days with all this going on but we can at least not contribute to snark and rancour but rather, embody the bold deeds aspect of Aries.

If you’d like to geek out on historical eclipses at this degree – 19° – this list is brilliant and if you find correspondences between these dates and now, do share!

45 thoughts on “The Aries Solar Eclipse!”

  1. I just read that Iran forces have dropped in on a Portuguese flagged ship called the MSC Aries via helicopter, owned by a company called Zodiac.

  2. Beautiful eclipse – new moon in my 5th house. Wasn’t expecting much but curious about the creative energy and healing shift that has started. Mystic said I had shamanic abilities in a reading once and at the time I tucked it self consciously. under my hat

    Who me?

    Have started writing down in chronological order quite succinctly all the dismemberings

    Making it make sense is more than catharsis. Meaning is everything.

    Phenomenology. .

    1. Hello LOvely, long time between drinks 🙂
      A book called ‘Urban Shaman’ could interest you.
      MIght be time to start a large feather collection or visit an Ayahuasca ceremony.
      Believe there are a few in Holland if South America out of the question.
      Good to see you are still part of the crew. xx

      1. Always Pegi darling.
        Always here.
        I haven’t been sharing much on the blog lately but been working on my inner life and writing, doing volunteer projects and finding out who I am on the inside and what actually matters to me. It’s always good to connect my love ♥️♥️♥️

  3. All of this is smack dab on my natal Chiron, and I’m having my return! It’s been quite the meltdown with frustrations and feeling fed up with *a lot,* almost to the point of walking out of a chaotic workplace.

    Oh, I’ve been working on all types of healing for a long time: inner child therapy, internal family systems, etc. Maybe there’s just some things that can’t be fixed, but here I am with all I learned in the process of trying. It hasn’t been a complete loss or giving up: I fixed plenty, that’s for sure! If anyone has had similar energies, I’d love to hear what worked for you to digest and integrate it!! xoxo

  4. oh also! there are some new discussions on dark matter etc. I was in the rabbit hole last night looking up dark matter and why we care so much. basically it comes down to gravity. like the it-subject of research is gravity. I guess people know this and I am being rudely facile about it all but honestly its like does gravity = consciousness? anyway. I should probably go outside

    1. I think when Pluto goes into pisces the debate will shift to “yes but who has a soul and who does not” again. but this time with droids weighing into the debate. “soul concept was made up by people who needed to wield power over others or apply moral code using false construct of religion. much like race and sex/gender it privileges those who have the correct one.” that sort of thing

      1. What a fantastic perspective! I have been thinking a lot about who assigned value to things – good, bad, black, white, up, down, left, right. I truly believe inorganic matter has soul, so why wouldn’t artificial intelligence? The fearmongering only evokes echoes of colonisation and slave trade to me. If we treated inorganic consciousness with tje same respect as fellow humam beings, we may live up to our highest potential – listed out in sacred texts of every single religion of the world but never ever followed by mankind.

      2. That walk outside did you good Sam…lol. Theosophy my fave subject of research along with bio-psychology.
        Perhaps under the heading of science and metaphysics or the science of metaphysics?
        Have i said how i love to pour over geographical maps.
        Have map will travel even if only in the mind.
        Inquiry and curiosity is a sign of intelligence. We must question everything to reach understanding. Who was it that said ‘ a mysteries are the only things worth exploring.
        From one who becomes curiouser as time goes on……

  5. I’ve got Chiron at 13 Aries in my 12th house and the Moon at 19 Leo in my 4th and I feel like the embodiment of The Fool right now – little wobbles as I get my balance before I leap.

  6. The Uranus in Taurus Grounding Meditation with Mystic and Jessica Snow is a worthwhile re visit at this time.

  7. manyhandsofglamour

    “….must they really switch their zillion-dollar particle accelerator back on during Mercury Retrograde? Apparently yes.”

    I had to read this at least 10 times! I just love the ‘Duse’s sense of humour!

    Even my Mysterious Luscious Priestess of Bast, Pluto on her Libra Asc, Companion let out a chortle.

  8. The eclipse is smack bang on my Midheaven. My terrible neighbor was being a nuisance this weekend. This, after I had done my utmost to avoid him for the past 2 years. Making me seriously consider moving house once and forever.
    So even though traveling on an eclipse is not ideal, I am happy to step on a plane for a work trip today and stay away from home for a few days 🚀

    1. O Cali, how a Nasty Neighbor can alter thy intrinsic joy-of-life is quite unfair especially when nothing done to provoke their ill will.
      Mine seems to be having a psychotic break as heard him yelling over the back fence to other side neighbour calling him a pedophile then going back inside the house laughing like a deranged asylum guest. It sounded so demonic.
      There seems to be a fine line between clinical insanity and demonic possession, having recently watched The Ppe’s Exorcist, it is something i have wondered about neighbour’s ‘chemical possession’.
      Thought about moving naturally as to remove myself from that crazy energy BUT have so many local friends due to being a dog walker and it is a very green area full of trees and parks.
      We know what to do to protect ourselves by emotionally removing ourselves. Strength & Courage to you. x

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Focus on your friends and the greenery. I hope you are feeling better and getting centred and strong. Good for deflecting bad vibes.
        Go Well Pegasus!

      2. I can understand you want to stay close to your dog friends and lovely parks and greenery, Pegasus! By the way, I hope you thigh has healed properly after the unlucky encounter with the Maremma dog and that you have received you compensation. As for you neighbor, the words ‘a snake in paradise’ come to mind… And, yes, even if we know how to protect ourself, it is still such a pity that you can never completely relax. Wishing you peace and love <3

      3. This makes total sense to me. I don’t tend to spell it out for people as such but I am of a similar mindset when it comes to chemical possession and clinical insanity and demonic possession. Consuming substances opens us up and makes us vulnerable as does consorting with lower power types. I should know- been there and done that. The answer for me is to raise my own vibration by staying close to my conscience and working daily to maintain conscious contact with my bigger better power. I stay in the fray. How else can I be useful?
        Those dogs and all that nature are also protecting you and keeping you safe. Lots of love ❤️

      1. Thank you dearest Wish! Hope you are well in your Northern-Australian oasis, with the tree and the little spring behind you house and a wind chime gently moving in the breeze…

  9. Parallel worlds us as them them as us ,,it’s already here but only presents itself when it does..same as things that go bump in the and whoever seem adamant on releasing nasties,we already have evil now they want the full power- ultimate control-hold tight everyone..resident evil..🦂🦂🦂

  10. Lots in the “It Zone” too, Venus 13 Aries then Pythia and Moon 22. And Taurus has Sappho 7, Juno 9, Mercury 14 (under Pando atm) Ceres16 , Mars 21 directly under the upcoming Jupiter Uranus conjunction. North node and Sun at 25-26. I feel this eclipse will sweep in some fresh changes. Ps Pando is conjunct my natal Uranus and Pluto

  11. On a Shamanic Reiki course this weekend. Surrendipitatiously, had my first cocoa ceremony by a brilliant Mayan shaman last weekend. Eclipse is in my empty Aries 8th house in a chart that has very little fire. Jupiter Uranus conjunction is in my 9th – belief systems’ expansion, anyone? I am very fired up about the growth opprtunity in ocultism – how 8th house is it? 🤭

    1. I love this for you! What is the difference in the practice of Shamanic reiki? The Maya influence?…. I’m starting to love exploring my 8th house Vesta. Definitely see my life moving to one of service (not as a temple priestess lol) but occult themes / ritual.

      1. Thank you! ☺️ Yes, a lot of Latin American original Pagan ritualistic rites were included. Funnily, I thought that they were too similar to my deeply religious Indian upbringing. 🤭 We are all one amd the same, really.
        8th House Vesta may be the mozt apt position for priestesses. Mine is conjunct my Nnode in 10th, so ultra visible. So curious to hear how it unfolds underground for you.

    2. When you get down to the spiritual aspects most rituals have MANY crossovers. I think it’s so important to study across cultures, it’s makes us realize how similar we really are….. oooo Jupiter conj. Uranus in the 9th get ready for the metaphysical world unfolding in your daily practices. Mine is in my 8th. Goodbye reality haha

  12. If you look up Rudolf Steiner on eclipses, it is an interesting take. I certainly find his comments on a lunar eclipse resonate with my own experience of an eclipse. As to a solar eclipse, Steiner advises that the interruption of the cleansing Sun’s rays upon the Earth’s beings to be part of a cosmic dance, where the forces of darkness are called forward to have their time. Our inner and outer chaos is projected unclean into the universe, like a wave of turbulence. Our job I guess becomes to immerse ourselves in high frequency energies and lovingly hold space. At least that is what I aim to do! And not much else. Blessings to all those who will experience the eclipse en vivo so to speak. I never think it is out of fashion to be leery of NASA, but my Moon is in Scorpio, so!

    1. That’s a beautiful intention, Sphinx, ‘… to immerse ourselves in high frequency energies and lovingly hold space.’ 🌟

  13. This eclipse season/doorway to the actual Total Solar Eclipse new moon has been wild. I’m going to be at Niagara Falls because that’s what you do as an Australian in the US!
    The county has already declared a state of emergency BEFORE the event so let’s hope I make it out alive 🙃
    I’m extremely sensitive to energy as in to say I’m Clairsentient and during eclipse windows I’m cosmically supercharged.
    I went to the store yesterday and this lady who puts away the fresh produce her energy was so angry / dark I couldn’t even stand within a few feet without being repelled away lol. Vibe Vampires be vamping.

  14. Wish Upon a Star

    I’m a Pisces Ascendant with Chiron Pisces ♓ 29. Saturn in Aries with about 8 female planets in Aries. notably Lilith Aries 18 degrees. North node precedes moon in Taurus 14 degrees.
    Yes I can feel it. But it is good if I look after myself.

      1. Wish Upon a Star

        Oh what a lovely thing to say. Does your comment come from gleaming my above astrology. If yes can you elaborate please? Or anyone else for that matter.🌸

  15. My brain has been spinning its own galaxies in all directions for the past few days – it’s been overwhelming sometimes, I have to consciously slow down, stop, edit inbound information and impulses. Eclipse at 19 degrees will square my 19 Cap moon very closely. Tomorrow we’re having a windstorm with possibly up to 100 miles per hour gusts. Hang on!

    1. Great to have this post and comments.
      Occultly, “as above, so below. As without, so within.” While the post emphasises the outer implications of these current days, I am drawn to the inner implications. The integration of the opposites and polarities is an astrological process too.
      I spent a large part of my life in the “as above, as without” paradigm and who better to project it on to than Dr Rudolf Steiner. It is proving to be a great life line and now, with a bunch of transits (recently and presently – earlier Mercury retro, Jupiter and Uranus) through Taurus opposite to my natal Scorpio cluster and square my natal Pluto, it is time to integrate the energies in a bodily grounded way and not to be one-sidedly big vision focused.
      This “within” is manifesting as the up-rising of the dark unconscious experiences of the early decade or so of my life. All surrounding people and events of that time are now up for integration into the consciousness of “me” now. It sounds weird but reminds me of the New Age saying for axis of 1st and 7th houses.
      Issues of Self and Other
      “I am your Self; you are another” Mayan saying.
      Commentary on this was given.
      “As you discover who you are, give all that you find to your partner. As you are immersed in the Other, see clearly and deeply that you are your partner.”

      As I have north node at 27 Pisces (currently conjunct transiting Neptune, opposite natal Saturn and south node in Virgo in 7th house) this is a major event for me.
      I have taken this Mayan saying to heart ever since I began to study astrology in 1997 and now I see its out workings in my life.

      So with a big shout out to Him who began as a pick up on the side of the road, next door to my house. (What better place to start than “Love your neighbour as your Self”).
      As Neptune transited my first house it was a mystical dream passage through love zombie land, but backed by the tenuous possibility that this was not only a beautiful soul relationship, but also the most cathartic transformative process of the diamond body being cut upon and by the Other diamond body.

      Thanks for the opportunity to post. It is of course largely for my own benefit that I write these words from the reflective ether. ❤️

  16. A ghost? I love it. CERN gets more and more out-there every year. The more ‘steady scientists, straight-A normality-oozing pillar of the community’ vibe they try to project, the weirder they become. I imagine their PR team just has a template; “No, actually CERN scientists did not

    Please share the link?

    1. fwiw the mathematicians and physicists in my universe are very much not normality oozing or have much care to be pillars of the community as such 🙂 (Leave that to the doctors and finance types who are a bit more ego invested – death and taxes and all that – vaguely recall that on a fairly regular basis, scientists are scapegoated for being the messengers of assorted issues like the dangers of smoking, a heliocentric universe, that kind of thing) – they just need to act straight for the cameras so that the money doesn’t get scared and run away and people keep listening, well sort of .

  17. Penelope Darling

    My Mercury, Mars and Venus are in the “It Zone.” I am ready for some regeneration on all fronts!

  18. I saw thar CERN disclosed they have a “ghost” haunting this accelerator. I am wondering if it’s actually earth entities trying to put the kibosh on the whole thing.

    1. Have you seen the opening ceremony for the CERN bridge in 2015? Very bizarre/satanic. They even did some sort of pantomime about the workers that died while building the bridge. If not satanic at least in very poor taste. Not surprised it would have a few ghosts

      1. Dream, have watched ‘The 3 Body Problem’ (netflix). It was released around same time as new start up of Collider. It’s mean on my mind for a while..this search for locating other dimensions that we know exist:-)

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