A Scorpio Moon When The Sun Is Opposite Neptune

The Weekly Horoscopes are up and, I hope, helpful.

And if you’re finding this current astral atmosphere difficult, it’s not just you. By “current” I mean the Scorpio Moon/Sun-Neptune opposition that’s been in effect for the last several hours and lingers over the weekend. (For my broader take on the year and likely exit out of this fuqery, see What The Astro-Fuq?)

More immediately: The Scorpio Moon emphasizes the Saturn-Uranus square, a phenom that needs no emphasis. Additionally, this Moon is like a lunar spy that infiltrates itself into your cognitive archives and extracts incriminating intel.

If you manage to yank your focus away from that, you’re drawn to deep-trawl ‘the news.’  In a less whack era and without the next factor on my s***t  list, the Scorp Moon would be excellent.

Introspection, a goth mindset, and seeing beyond facades are legit hobbies. It can draw you to examine areas of life and psyche that you’d usually keep powered down. Way down.

However, the Sun is also opposite Neptune. Not only that, the Sun in Virgo is conjunct asteroid Atropos, one of the three Fate Goddesses.

Asteroids are sub-tones but this somber influence does add another layer to the picture. The Sun-Atropos and the fixed sign intensity can make it feel as if things – you, even! – are never going to change.

Neptune in opposition mists the entire scenario with indigo disco mist which would be lovely as an antidote to the Sun-Atropos config but guess what happens instead? It meets the Scorpio Moon and becomes heavy fog. Sharp, effective action can be elusive under such circumstances.

A Scorpio Moon plus a Sun-Neptune opposition is not “bad” but for best results, you need to work the Neptune. Edward Snowden,  Alanis Morrisette, Margot Robbie and Johnny Cash were all born with it.

Note the complexity, charisma, and magnetic tug toward exploring darker themes or characters.

Interestingly, Pluto was discovered with this exact astro: A Scorpio Moon and the Sun opposite Neptune. It is also the 20 year anniversary of the 2001 terror attacks that began the GWOT – yes, the one that has just ‘ended’ with the Taliban taking control of Afghanistan.

Whether you’re an avid political scientist or vaguely aware of the scenario, it’s poignant and sad for multiple reasons.

SO, given that this is all a bit of an emotional liability, be pleasant to yourself. Of course, it can be helpful to self-audit for mistakes or potential screw-ups but not this weekend.

Here are a few quick points:

(1) The ‘fixed’ intensity is not permanent – it’s actually the end of nearly a decade of hardcore outer planet squares. See What The Astro-Fuq? for more on this reassuring fact. A lot of scenarios are in flux and already altering beneath the surface. Many things feel more definitive than they probably have the capability to be in the long run.

(2)  Consciously direct your mind away from darker topics this weekend – it’s really not the best time for such explorations and they won’t make you more effective. Watching romcoms, exploring a cool tangent in your work, or doing some mad baking is productive.

If you think about it, elite martial artists don’t walk around with their fists clenched all the time or doom-scroll potential aggravations they could have to fight. They’re relaxed, knowing that they have what it takes to muster a rapid response if needed.

(3) Going the full Neptune could be amazing: it’s the most potent planet at the moment and elementally harmonious with the Scorpio Moon + (soon) Venus. “Defog” it by consciously recommiting to magical thinking and the natural world around you: your locale and its trees, wild animals, etc.

Pay attention to your dreams and intuitive flashes by apportioning some time to them every day – if you don’t get remarkable results, try another time. It’s not obligatory and there are no ‘rules’ to it.


36 thoughts on “A Scorpio Moon When The Sun Is Opposite Neptune”

  1. Thoughts, Mystic?? 4 letters and 2 words : OMFG and FUQ COVID 😳 I feel like shaking some people and hop on this bus …it’s going to a better place man …pleeeeaaaasssee 🙏
    Today the great Jupiter Saturn Conjunction of Dec 2020 is plaguing my mind …I recall everything just popped and I and others around me had this feeling of optimism despite Fuqing Covid ..everything felt so good and clear….now it’s feels like shite..a glimmer of hope lingers. When I talk to others, who also felt that sense of positivity in dec 2020 and forward a few months) and they are ALL going through very trying times ..and not just COVID related.
    i am wondering if any of you Astro Fabulous people can suggest any good articles or blurb on the Jupiter Saturn Conjunction dec 2020????? I need to map this out and brain storm it.
    And always love you Mystic xx
    Hopefully we get to hear your voice for monthly action in the future 😉

  2. I’ve been doing some intentional creative painting this month, it’s REALLY helped. Ive been talking to it & following the painting for direction rather than the other way around. Drumming the day in, saluting the sun, talking to birds.. much more than usual. Thank god for you Mystic for confirming the strangeness & gifting permission to ‘opt out’ of any heaviness. Going to put ‘Rubberband Girl’ on later & dance a lemon drizzle into the world. Also, can recommend a Moomin chaser following any heavy reading – super whimsy, weird & anti-current vibe, whilst being en point x

  3. Thank you Mystic, for these encouraging thoughts! Have been alone over the weekend waiting for the results of a Covid test, nursing a very sore throat. As soon as the Moon passed into Sagittarius, I got the good news that my test had come back negative. I wanted to know for sure as I spent the previous weekend with my dear mother who has gone through chemo last year… Made me realize that there will be twists and turns down the road, even though we are vaccinated 🙄

    1. Happy for you that the result has come back negative! That must have been such a worry. We need to somehow find a way to be lovingly cautious and yet also keep our minds out of spin. Let me know if you find that golden combination though!.. 😉

      1. Thank you LotusFlower. Your words resonate, ‘being lovingly cautious and yet also keep our minds out of spin’. Will keep it in mind for the coming months 😌

  4. My Virgo husband is driving me bananas! The moon is at the bottom of his chart and Saturn is at the bottom of mine… Saturn is in his seventh and Uranus is in mine. I’m probably driving him bananas too.

    On a brighter note, a great horned owl sat in a tree next to my fire and called out for a while. And a toad went hopping around the fire and I seriously had to shoo him away. Since when are toads drawn to fire?

    1. Hi Electro, my partner that is your astro twin is also driving me nuts!! I only wish he had the level of insight into himself that you do though…Is it the Uranus in the 7th that makes him take every (what i think) helpful suggestion as an offence and attempt to control him?? There is a constant refrain of “relax, don’t ell me what to do”

      I am Aries with a Virgo stellium btw 🙂 Saturn is in my 5th and we are definitely not having fun together at the mo

      1. Oh I have a terrible case of “don’t tell me what to do” and I’ve had it forever. It drives him nuts and he always reminds me that he is not my father. The whole scene must be pressurized these days, I also feel like he is trying to control me. Yesterday I stopped at the farmer’s market and bought bags of beautiful fresh vegetables. Then he went to the conventional grocery store and bought all kinds of junk food. I thought he was trying to sabotage my health until I took a bit of space and realized he was just buying comfort food and he wasn’t doing it for my demise. I’m sorry to hear you are going through this as well… I’m sure it will pass. Try to get your partner to exercise and laugh, lighten up a bit.

        1. Funny you should say, I was suggesting he should go for a bike ride and he told me “YOU go for a bike ride!!” (he is much more athletic than I ever will be) 🙂

  5. Thank you Mystic. Yes, after head-implosion-inducing ferreting down rabbit holes last weekend, I instinctively stayed away from such endeavours this weekend. Looking forward to an aura-cleansing dip in the ocean sometime soon. Enjoy the rest of your weekend folks!

    1. Oh, I wish I could take an aura cleansing dip in the sea too… The sea here is cold and grey though. My favorite is the Mediterranean around Greece, but that’s not happening anytime soon 🌊

  6. Thank you Mystic! Last night, as this Neptunian Scorpio Moon moved into a square with my Venus and opposite my Mars, yet another handsome but unfortunately taken man set himself in my path. He even brought substances! I didn’t partake in any of his offerings (phew) and mad baking it is until he moves on to more receptive waters.

  7. A very helpful post. Thank you, Mystic. It was around when the moon was square Saturn last night that I felt at my most antsy and wondering will this autumn (Northern hemisphere) mean more isolation? And how it feels permanent! So it’s great to think that well maybe not as bad as I fear it may be! The sort of yes and no; there may be other possibilities that I can’t see just now.

    I took myself off for a dusk walk in local fields and saw a tawny owl glide over a rooftop into them. Have been hearing the male and female calling to each other. In line with haute Neptuning..

    Tuning in with my guides and wondering how best to deepen my relationship with them further.

    Also looking back at my developed negs from the summer and focussing on new techniques I can develop in my work. It feels positive!

      1. Holy Hekate! 🦉 I think I saw one swooping between trees in the deep dusk outside my window last night too. It feels like such an honour to see and be near them, doesn’t it? 😀

  8. Wow!

    So the transit Scorpio moon is about to merge with my natal Neptune in Scorpio which is natally opposite my natal Taurus moon which is having a long Uranus transit. 9th and 3rd house consecutively . My Taurus moon is loosely conjunct my traditional north node.

    mmmmm? Any suggestions. All I know is that I’m not in my comfort zone.
    Things are changing.
    p.s. I love the picture especially the colour.

      1. Yes woke up this morning feeling horrible but not knowing why. I dragged myself through the day.

        Then I watched 9/11: 102 minutes that changed America. Then I realised why.
        Love to all those souls that passed over. You are not forgotten.


    1. Hi Wish, I also have the Moon in Taurus, with Uranus slowly approaching. Less than two degrees now. I have more or less resigned myself to the idea that no comfort zone will be possible as long as Uranus is scattering firecrackers (or stronger ammunition) around my Moon. It will take another two years. A hard pill to swallow because Lord knows my Moon in Taurus loves its Comfort Zone 😄🏝

      1. Once you get used to it it’s not so bad. I have experienced some rapid healing. Not sure if it’s Uranus? At the moment my progressed moon is also in Taurus. So the visit is helpful. Otherwise I probably wouldn’t get off the coach. LOL.

        2 years that’s a long time. Think about all the changes you could make?

        1. You are so right, Wish. Sometimes Uranian firecrackers are just what the doctor ordered. ⚡️⚡️⚡️ Big changes already underway here, moving out of the city after many years, next month.

  9. Going bush with a bag of drawing supplies and another bag full of food for bush burgers. No wifi up there this maybe just what my fam need! And I might do some walking and stretching, my back is tight as a rusty bolt.

  10. Thanks for such straightforward advice, Mystic. I have Sun conjunct Neptune in Scorpio, so while the current energies are familiar to me, they can lead me into a funk, if I don’t take care. Going to focus on exercising and working in my garden, ie, staying in my body to counterbalance that Neptunian drift-away mist.

  11. Thanks for the headsup, Mystic! I am going to keep it domestic. Going to repot my plants (New Moon was on a weekday), bake a bit, go to Ikea for a couple of minor home improvement project supplies, collect some second hand wine glasses I am buying etc etc etc. Interestingly, have also been invited to a dinner on Sunday eve, by a couple I met on a plane a month and a half back. I don’t even remember their faces or voices! How Neptunian/Uranian is that?

  12. feeling ok so far…yes the weeklies have helped…i really hope the ‘magnetising admirers’ part comes to pass for this scorp 🦂

  13. Great advice thank you. I have a natal scorpio moon, mars and Neptune conjunct. I have decided for the first time in 18 months to have kids friends over ( yes we are able to do that where I live, very grateful) for swimming, sunshine food and drinks. Hopefully, the light unfamiliar socializing. Hopefully, the strategy will work as a means of avoiding rumination

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