The Moon Conjunct Mars Sparks Audacity

People born with the Moon conjunct Mars are feisty, pugnacious and highly aware of their emotional boundaries. It’s almost like they see their psyche as turf that they run, like a gang boss or maverick cop.

They’re brave as all get-out and don’t duck the self-awareness. Whether or not you are born with this snazzy aspect, you can ping off it once a month.

When the Moon is in even the same sign as Mars, you’re hotwired straight to your psyche. People with unresolved issues tend to get tetchy or drive like maniacs. If you’re together or deliberately working this alignment for insight, you can use it to identify and overcome obstacles.

For example, the Moon conjunct Mars is fab for overcoming body-image angst and just showing up at the beach already. Or for flinging yourself into a sport/new workout regime. It’s when you can recruit the Warrior strength of Mars to augment your psyche.

Or bring more intuition to your tactical, assertive process. A conjunction means that the two astral energies have to get along, like it or not. It is the strongest aspect of all. So there are three different Moon-Mars scenarios to think about. (And, by extension, this applies to any aspect in astrology.)

Moon Conjunct Mars Traits


(1) Natal conjunction – aka you’re born with it. This is the definition for that from my Astral DNA birth chart report.

The High Priestess and Warrior archetypes are interwoven within you. Your most profound instincts are hotwired into your impulsive, always in hot pursuit persona. The Moon pauses to gauge psyche and cosmos – Mars just retaliates. If your instincts are honed, it’s an emotionally fearless and resilient alignment.

Flaky intuition? Pushed through with the same vigor. Mars doesn’t discern – vibe is vibe and energy begets energy. Your chill zone could be action. Or…anger. It’s pretty snazzy though. Margaret Atwood is a Moon-Mars person. So were the ultra-Zen martial artist Bruce Lee and the poet Edna St Vincent Millay:

“My candle burns at both ends; It will not last the night; But ah, my foes, and oh, my friends It gives a lovely light.”

See more examples of natal Moon-Mars conjunct people below!

(2) The Monthly Moon conjunct Mars – when the Moon crosses Mars. You can see this in the Moon Calendar if you know the current sign Mars is in. It’s also covered in the Horoscopes, usually mentioned when Mars is in your sign or it’s a particularly notable Moon – New, Full or an Eclipse. It’s a zippy little zone for asserting your rights and having courageous conversations.

(3) Mars transits to your Natal Moon. These can feel confrontational as in your comfort zone is invaded. But, with awareness, they’re opportunities to build strength and emotional muscle. It occurs every two years and yes, it will be covered in your Daily Personal Horoscopes.


Moon conjunct Mars People

61 thoughts on “The Moon Conjunct Mars Sparks Audacity”

  1. Aqua Moon and crowd on Chiron- crazy OOB dream- trip- napping with faithful ginger kit on couch. Amazing journey. Felt like a month of meditation. Uranus is dead opp my NN too.

  2. The Hose of the Avalon! If only i could relay the anal joke i made to someone today regarding how i felt about work pressures, followed by the accidental comment that gave me away somewhat, and the ensuing response.

    Myst, it’s not off topic. It was to an Aqua, and it somewhat transcended the hide-and-seek of former convos…God it was hot!

  3. It has been a cray last week for better or worse. Very uranian for sure. I can use a detached moon. My left shoulder got partially dislocated while attempting a sketchily taught handstand at a workshop. Popped it back in but still hurts. Wind blew car door shut while automatically locking magically all my id, $,keys in running car…but it was all good because I had to summon sick friend who I was not aware of illness and thus she got treatment. then wayward Gemini came back. Strangely I am not as LZ as I was back in sept-oct. But we did we set off sparks. As we kissed for the first time since Sept the lightbulb in the overhead light shattered loudly.

        1. Well, so was your friend, but that’s how gold friendships inadvertently operate. What a darling you were to that person! In your need! Just great x

  4. Yes I’m addressing, any siphoning with with necessary detachment. My aqua stellium as @ 19 degrees, sun + vesta + other asteroids…

    Jupiter is on my south node 2nd, uranus is over my north node 8th…

    The saturn square chiron aspect is mixed – I’ve had to cut my losses…some relationships are too ruthless to endure, there’s spiritual smoke & mirrors, in the guise of so callled support. More self sufficiency, less blending, blurring…better, more honest established boundaries.

    Except that feeling & knowing the effects of depletion is happening in line with giving beyond what’s sustainable…so the clue is in the misalignment; being able to see exactly what the situation is.

    Mercury is trine my jupiter/ acsendant, and sextile my mercury. It’s also opposite my moon, so hard realisations about nurturing those who are not reciprocating.

    Didn’t appreciate the last full moon; sun/ moon/ juno on antares…trine my saturn in aries, it is so intense, and with this uranian energy it is challenging trying to diffuse energy in to a revolt. it seems to me it would be strategic to channel energy more calmly and assertively into self- creative honouring structured projects…

    Meanwhile the emotional flow of connection and nuances is as ambiguous and opaque as ever…go for transparency & authenticty as a clean exit…

  5. and work has just upped my contract from 12 to 16 hrs….thankyou lillith on my sun?
    or departing pluto from my mc?

  6. Daily Mystic email is super useful and inspiring.
    Have a meeting with my autie boy’s mainstream school tomorrow so will utilise these tips.

    Little Cap stopped going to his glass prison special school a month back. He desperately tried all the words he could find one morning and came up with, “Let me out. Open the doors. Make crazy. Want to go home? No choice..”. While the aide played dumb, which was infuriating. But as he cries being left with people he loves it can be confusing for me.
    But on the way to school the next day he said, “scary, make crazy… kill me”. He’s six. That was his last day at special development school.

    Here’s hoping his mainstream school open their hearts and minds to him.

      1. Thanks sweeties, it’s been a tough year. Just realised my little Cap has Moon in Aquarius. Hopefully it bodes well for him.

        1. Big hugs x for both of you. My baby who is now 13 was having issues at his primary school a few years ago. He hasn’t got your possums challenges but he is like a 90% kinesetic learner with a high IQ. He was suffering and getting into a lot of strife in the classroom, literally running rings around his poor teachers. Anyway we moved him to a public school that had a great program matching boys like mine with boys like yours. He had 2 years of bliss there before starting high school this year. In this school they grew crops, raised chickens, sewed, cooked, learnt a variety of dance forms and lots of running games. They were outside all the time and did things like build a garden bed to teach the Fibonacci principle. My boy never stops moving and they would let him run around till he dropped. That school was considered very low educational standard and it was fabulous. My advice is look for a school that is considered poorly on the education bullshit meter, that tag is hiding some real gems x

          1. Your boy’s school sounds amazing! I would love that for him, sadly the Victorian school system is far more stifling and rigid than what is allowed in NSW. But in any case I have had him at this mainstream school for two days all year and it has a garden and chickens and the most lovely aide. He told her he loved her the other day. If you knew how many times he said that in his life, you would understand the import of that. I will keep my eyes peeled for such opportunity as a school like you describe though david.

            His school told me today that they would take him five days, but 9 – 11.30 am… at least for first term. They don’t have much funding and he is high energy 1-on-1 care. I am happy and not happy but trying to see how I can make this work and see the positives for him in intensive short periods of learning being more his style.

            I got home and told him the result and explained he was going to have to work hard on his abc-123. He earnestly stared at me and said the alphabet from a-z – stopping at ‘jake’, L then oddly 11, 12, then on from M correctly to Z 🙂 We are going to be building an extension and renovating next year, so I can imagine him enjoying helping me out actually. He is an Ox, and strong as an ox too. 😀

            1. I just did a little experiment, first I thought maybe 11, 12 because L (or l) looks like a 1. Then I counted on my hands, Jake L is 10-11 , maybe there is some cool alternative alphanumeric wrangling : )

            2. “jake” is how saying “j – k” sounds when reciting the alphabet in that sing-song way taught in schools when I was young , I did the same & letter “L” sounds recited like the spoken word eleven, “L-even” so it is those associations for me in my mind & the way I process sounds. I’m autistic.

          2. I love programs like this dL. I’m a huge fan of academia etc but am also Not a fan of the idea to constrain every kid to a sit-down shut-up system of education when they can offer *so much* in other ways! I see it as a kind of Tao thing. Just do what works, why fight when you can achieve success in different ways? Also can we pls redefine success while we are at it. X

        2. Maybe the mainstream allows more space for him. Because mainstream has to fit in all these different shades anyway. Perhaps he’s growing through the need for purely “specialised” support and into the need for specialised support AT NEED, and to feel what that need is in the “mainstream”.

          Just, when you mention “stream” to a Piscean, in context of mainstream, we sort of get how you have to learn to swim, with all those currents, finding the current that suits your body, amongst all the different fishes. A school of fish can create a mini current, but not all the fish want to do it, all the time.

          1. I like this! At the end of the day I just want him to have a choice after he said no choice. He loves going to school with his brother and wearing the same uniform and the same bag and hat and marching off… sure he doesn’t like it all day but he wants to swim in that steam alright! Xx

    1. dear sphinx – i so hope this school is much better able to make a good space for him; you must have been beside yourself when his response to the other school was “…kill me”. all the best and please do let us know how this next one goes xxx

      1. It was horrifying! I have described here my brother’s experience in the Catholic Church (he drank himself out of the world) and so I am quite vigilant as far as who cares for him. You can imagine how hard it would be for me to have a non-verbal child and a locked door school policy. Thanks quintile for the kindness.

        1. its just so shocking how damaging school can be and no wonder you are worried! having him at school each morning sounds a good start, and hopefully will provide lots of stimulation and exercise so he’s happy to be at home in the arvo, helping with the reno!

  7. What do you mean by plug the energy leaks? I’m not sure I can fix long term storage, find a house, get my IC issues worked out, sort out my belongings, grab a firm hold of the out of control stagecoach that is my routine (I actually woke up from a solid out-cold 8 hours asleep on the sofa last night and *was absolutely certain it was Monday* and so I got ready for work and left. It is sunday. I have never, ever done that before. Ever. E v e r. So fuqing scattered after this year I don’t know where to begin. Saturn through 6th house though, maybe coming off its conjunction to Neptune for that sweet little kicker lol. How do ya like them apples, Pi. I mean, fuq. I get it, I know what I have to do but there’s just so much and I feel like Sisyphus but with 7 boulders and 7 hills. It’s surely just some grinchy headspace I am in and there are a few lines leading out of the mire , hopefully I can enact a full change of scenery by the end of summer. I think the trick to not dissolving into an anxiety-paralysis heap is to just do little things and do some real, peaceful, uplifting goal setting but (mutable)giving myself wiggle room, not absolutes.
    Thanks for listening (or whatever this is)

    1. And living in this fuqng city where you’re no one unless you’re married and have squeezed out children and own a wedge of real estate that is valued at the GDP of a small island nation

      1. I thought a Venus moon moment was meant to be luvvvely lol
        Nothing else can explain the banal status self-assessment I seem to be undergoing

    2. See? Dreams can come true : D

      Just realised is Venus also squaring nodes, Chiron and natal Venus. 10th house. That’d do it haha

      1. Doesnt change much though. Does it. My course of action would be the same whether I could see it or not, I.e. try to stop destroying myself/ my life in tiny ways

        1. Yes i think so too. Pi, your ‘destroying’ is actually space clearing for re-building, and on a micro level is good good manageable stuff xx

    3. I feel that “7 boulders, 7 hills” … It’s great imagery and I wish I could write songs like Neil Young–I’d write something to soothe this Sisyphisian time. I did myself a favor last week on Sunday (ok, it was a dark moon) and I gave myself a break. No to-do lists, no scheming, no forecasting, no hoping, no fucking social media–just me and the couch for as long as I wanted. And if I didn’t want the couch it was knitting. And if I didn’t want knitting it was nothing. Just nothing. It was kind of an AA moment–“just for today”…or is that the Reiki precepts… anyway, it helped. It helped me a lot. Because I have 7 boulders and 7 hills and they aren’t going anywhere fast.

      1. I really like everything you said here fire tryin’! Thank you. Songwriting, how could I forget. Yes. Appreciate your thinking.

    4. This year the challenges have been stern and relentless, but I’ve found the last few weeks the most difficult.

      Hang in there Pi. Overwhelm is temporary and you’re eternal.

      Give your sweet self a hug, and tell yourself that you’re loved. Be gentle and tender with yourself.

        1. O Pi you will be ‘alright on the night’ as the performer said.
          You have big changes happening and it’s normal to feel overwhelmed espesh at this time of year. Go have some FUN sweetheart or go for a swim :-)x

          1. rahh … yes.. X i know i just need to drop a bunch of things. it’s that easy. the inner things are also squaring other things so i’m just really hot and bothered about #Lyf but it doesn’t have to be this way! it’s as easy as changing my mind… and if there’s one thing I can do well…., lol

    5. aww bless Pi – I so hear you that ‘you know what to do’ but it seems insurmountable. pull out all your self-love and self-nurture tools and make as much time as possible to build up your psychic strength. xx

      1. I’ve recognised Jupiter these days. This energy comes in and really stirs me up, literally this ain’t good enough big enough just enough in general. Then I break things down, leave, upset my own apple cart, find myself on my knees and then rebuild. By the end of it though life is usually much improved but it’s exhausting. He’s in the middle of my 7th currently…

      2. Yes was much impressed by your astro-math, and am nowe working out where the sh** in that Jupiter cycle i may be. Cos it’s not back to 2004 for me…though 2005 was key…just feeling the feel of your description and thinking i might just have begun a new one sometime recently, though it all happened externally this year, and internally the last three-ish.

        Thanks Prowlers. If i ever get to work out the math this is awesome xxx

  8. I just had this thought today, that occurred to me whilst avoiding writing.

    The seasons of the spirit seem to go in 12 year cycles. I’ve counted back over my time on the planet and noted there were definite times of growth when new energy came out of nowhere.

    Then a time of relative abundance when everything seemed like a cruise.

    Then the fall came … things start to die, drop off, disappear. In comes my tortured shame that I’ve done something wrong … but no. It’s a natural cycle.

    Then winter. Hopefully I’ve bunkered down enough to see myself through the death of relationships, jobs, friendships. Hopefully my harvest was good enough to see me through the dark time of nothing …

    That’s my Aqua thought for today, oh and a bit of my favourite music that I was pondering with

    1. I adore these multi-talented people. Neil is so raw and real. Lyrics, songwriting, singing, guitar, harmonica. Damn what a talent that man has brought to the world. On the par with Dylan. I was named after his song. lol

      I wish we had a “like” button! 😉

      1. You’re forgetting that he’s a SCORPIO!! Raw and real = Scorp. Not Aqua moon.

        Same with Bjork. Raw and real and no bullshit.

      1. I was playing down by the river but he’s great in general. The songs cinnamon girl, everyone knows this is nowhere, and heart of gold come to mind. The rock and roll hall of fame has the original copy of lyrics displayed for rockin in the free world which is cool to see in person! Any faves?
        (aqua moon and Neil are my life rafts this wkend)

        1. gee the canadians can certainly deliver those singer songwriters. have had ‘harvest’ playing in the car the last few weeks…

    1. Nah think i shocked an Aqua today. Couldn’t post before then, right?

      Like, as in i changed their thinking.

      Dropped a bomb, got an eyeroll, left for a bit then came back when i saw they were still there waiting (unusual) and changed subject totally to ensure the space for real thinking about it.

      Slow traffic for this Mars-Uranus square, sure.

  9. plugging the leaks —- on day one of a LZ detox, plugging leaks like there’s no tomorrow! bring on the airy insouciance of aquarius please!!

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