Catharsis Eclipse Cleaning

Naturally the Virgo Moon prelude to a hyper-scorped Uranian New Moon Solar Eclipse involves Catharsis Cleaning. How could it not? Did you think decluttering or deleting a few ‘later-never’ files from your in-box would suffice? Nup.

Don’t worry about how much time you have/don’t have between now and Tuesday’s Eclipse: Catharsis Cleaning is about intensity, not duration or diligence. Your aim is to shift stagnant energy but with Eclipses like this you often discover things.

Some examples: During the last Scorpio Eclipse Season (2013), I found someone’s parole papers – and no, I wasn’t sleuthing and nor did I know there was anything in the person’s life requiring parole.

That same moon, a friend of mine had forensic police turn up without notice to dig up her back yard to look for “an item that may be of interest to an ongoing investigation.” Nothing came of it but it altered her perspective toward the previously plebiean area and she embarked on some exceptionally amped research – previous residents, blood + bone fertilizer, atypical hydrangea hues etc.

Inadvertently Haunting The Neighbors

This time I was trying to stream some harmonic, sort of sacred geometric music but after half an hour of cussing out telcos, bluetooth and the internet of shit, I gave up on pairing devices. Leaving the house to clear my mind of the failed sonic-convergence clearing session, I noticed a few people milling around the open front door of the neighbors house two doors down.

Their smart alarm was blaring out scary, frenetic hymn music like The Omen soundtrack at a ludicrously high volume. “What utter weirdos,” I thought as I walked by.

I made a mental note to keep the cats away from their clearly deranged household and was about six more houses away when it occurred to me that I’d input some rando search term and then cranked up the volume because the speakers made no sound. I’d paired with their smart thing – I was the weirdo.

So you see, aim for that level of surrealism with your catharsis cleaning this Eclipse. If you find yourself pausing to realize or discover something, you may wish to exhale a mantra like ‘fuq it’ -perfectly plausible – or purge some people from your contacts list.

 The Vibe Police

And seriously, it does help. It’s spooky, dense energy at the moment. I was out on another walk and noticed my dog staring intently into a parked van. He’s a golden retriever so I assumed someone had left a crumb of carbs in the front seat but no – there was nobody in there. At least, there was a shadow of a person in the passenger seat but then they faded out like a flickering hologram.

However, it was something else that had captured my dog’s eye – a gold plated, blinged-up Medici-style cross was dangling from the rear vision mirror as an ornament and it was moving of its own volition. Someone, I thought, wanted us to notice it but what and why? I even peered briefly into the back of the vehicle before realizing how nuts I looked.

We can’t have or become Vibe Police, running screeds of searches on extra-sensory-perception hunches. But if we did, I’d like to think I’d be a senior Vibe Detective and I’d roster on masses of extra staff for Scorpio Eclipse seasons. So, how are you going and are you Catharsis Cleaning?

Image: Anthony Seklaoui

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  1. “….atypical hydrangea hues…” that is too funny, I’m in Europe at the moment and there is a lot of cerise and other colours you don’t see in Australia, which is predominantly sky blues or pinks!!!

    1. Sorry, now read rest of article – hilarious that you paired with a device 2 doors away!!! It probably had a name like jkdut48csejp9 but came top of your list. I don’t think it makes you the weirdo, more like a smart device vulnerability demonstrator. Why would you want to see if something is a human, animal or Eddie Betts when someone else can just access and overtake your security device?

  2. The Lion & The Centaur

    My acupuncturist put needles into my jaw joint about a month ago and since then I’ve unearthed a mountain of hidden RAGE in my body & subconscious mind. I realized that I have this fiery corset of rage around my body and overactive perception of being betrayed. I’ve worked this month for releasing that shit. Last night I did a Jessica Snow meditation. In my mind I packed all the rage and resentment and revengefulness on to a boat and sent it off like in a viking burial. My stomach and thighs felt raw after the release so I visioned universal love healing my skin like a balm. No housewitchery here, just moving out decades old gunk from my mind & letting in love, finally.

  3. Song of the season: ARS aka Atlantic Rhythm Section’s ‘Spooky’ played on repeat.
    My Floating Mop as seen on TV with 3 different cleaning heads arrived this morn just in time to catch the Virgoan Moon.
    No cords run on battery perfect for my attempt at being a domestic goddess, i mean who else could get excited about a vibrating cleaning-all-types-of-floors MOP!

    1. Wish Upon a Star

      I saw that on tv. Tell me how it goes please?

      Mmmm need me some spooky, surreal tunes.

      Will sample some ARS.

      THANKS Pegusus !


      1. Star Shine, the floating mop is fantastic! Makes a pleasant buzzy sound, makes cleaning a breeze. The cleaning heads are on velcro so afterwards tear off & wash them so easy.
        Yup worth their cost!

          1. To add to the Spring Deep Clean convo, bought an ‘Eco’ broom. Made from recycled everything except for the hemp cord & bamboo bristles.
            The brand name is Eco Basics by White Magic.
            I kid you not. Blurbed as stylish & functional on the brown recycled paper tag & it’s hundreds of bristles will collect the smallest particles.
            All for $16!!
            Never ever did i think i would ever get excited about tools…:-)
            So shall i give it Mandrake special ointment & see if it will fly me to the moon on Halloween?

  4. And totally on that page …I have to fill a jar of “me” things on pieces of paper..the things I like about myself , good at , blah blah blah. Jar empty why can’t I put a thing in it. But the shadow jar would be filled to the brim! I have seriously been contemplating if “weirdo” is a good thing to put in the jar..thanks for the knowing giggle when I read yr post

  5. Intra Catharsis + underworld resource retrieval happening here…..Last night I dreamt I was in an (my) underworld of pitch blackness, lit up solely by frequent lightning, amped by thunder.
    A wild looking woman with a kind of fish-snake lower body crawled in vertical descent down from some high tower to be at my level and then proceeded to growl & howl. With her sounds she morphed into into what looked & felt like Medusa!!! The felt experience was neutral yet sublimely energising.
    I was simply taking it all in.
    Ha!!! 3/4 way through writing this I have discovered that I’m having a Medusa asteroid return!!!

  6. I’m supposed to ride my bike down the coast of Scotland that day. It’s a road I know as if I were a commuter on it, but now I’m a little leery of doing this trip…this, along with the Daily Mystic for tomorrow is making me feel I should cancel all these asinine and VERY stupidly convoluted travel plans and hide until December.

  7. My new band “Atypical Hydrangea Hues” gets a shout out here I see. Not really, but budding musicians need to scry through this site for band name ideas! Thanks be to Hecate that there is a lunar reason for my nerves. My 4th root canal appointment wasn’t today but I thought it was and I stayed up late with anxiety as the first 3 appointments have been not so great. Hypermobile pain relief issues aside the dentist managed to drill into my sinus cavity. The worse things went, the more light and gentle his voice tone, oy.

    My little (he’s 12 now, 5’8 & built like a Rugby player) Cappy Autie Chap has decided special school isn’t for him so I now have a nice young lady who is taking him to museums & pools instead. No one wants to leave bed this morning, there is bright sunshine out the window and miserable vibes all about as far as I can tell with a good dose of stiff upper lip getting people through. I am catharsis organising paperwork, which is too heady for the dark moon mood. I would prefer to be actually cleaning, I was having visions of boiling hot water and scrubbing everything before I saw this post. Cooking seems all wrong with this astro weather, too creative. Unless burning minced animals is working it right.

  8. I have scorpio sun on the eclipse day , wish me luck . Just found a bunch of stinging nettle and hope this will be acomnying of th epeeling and reshaping . xx

  9. the blinged up cross, made me think of the Hierophant. I received this card frequently for a while, regarding a love interest question. I came to understand that (at the time for the reading) it was about “the System” that I was up against – his system, their system, the structures and processes that he was living within and by extension, what I was inadvertently contending with.

    and thank you mystic for the virgo moon advice in your recent scopes and also this post. it got me off my ass to progress some important foundational tasks for life management

  10. SN on my IC. Eclipse happening in the Scorp bit of my third house and bang on cue there are murky 8th house communication issues in my relationship. Touching on my ancient fears of being inherently ugly/unloveable, thank you family-of-origin merde. Outing of secrets revealing cracks in the trust matrix, the whole shebang. Uggh I am so over all this “work” in relationships. Perhaps I am better off flying solo a la my Saturn-sun natal conjunction.

  11. So I haven’t read the post just yet but have read some of the replies about food detoxing.

    I had a dream last night. I started a new job. I told my work mates that I had a problem with one of my organs. But I couldn’t remember which one.

    One of my workmates gave me a packet of good stuff and said to make a healthy smoothie with it for afternoon tea. I tipped out my bag and out dropped chocolate bars.
    The penny finally dropped.

    When I woke up I felt the shift in my mindset towards healthy eating.
    Now I will read the post.

    Hello Scorpio Season !

    1. Also writing out out a new regime for a healthier diet as not eating enough of anything & losing muscle tone.
      Winter will do that as body covered so much it wasn’t noticed.
      My dreams wild but relevant lately.

  12. I love the whole notion of detox season, it’s so very fitting for the Scorpio eclipse as we shed the layers that are no longer of service. Pluto sq Pluto has definitely primed all my experiences, demanding my attention be focused on transformative energy since 2021.
    This heavy energy could easily test you in areas that are still wounded tho, power struggles are real out here!….. but the lovely Venusian vibe on the last quarter moon has me in full appreciation for the relationships (new & old) that have survived & assisted me this year 🥰

  13. Have never had a ghostly experience (that I remember–my mother claims I had a couple when I was a very little girl), had my first two nights ago. Staying in my sister’s new-to-her, 100 year old house, going to bed, felt this presence swoop down the stairs, run through the room I was sleeping in, moving fast. It was during the void Virgo Moon–I think she was checking out how we were caring for the place. Def a female presence with a mission 🙂 I didn’t feel scared at all, until my logic brain clocked that it was a ghost. Said a prayer and went to sleep. Kind of lovely.

  14. hi mm! I love it that you have and understand the dietary desires of golden retrievers! my four-legged golden is named hank and he can smell a crumb a mile away~great sleuthing on his part! he will help me clear away runaway carbs and qi vamps as well!

    1. I call GR’s the ‘Blondes’ due to their eyelashes being so white.
      Have found my dog protects from untoward spirits & negative energy.
      A connection to Anubis perhaps in their guarding role to the under world-over world?

  15. My Neptune is at 2°30′ Scorpio, Sun at 5 Scorp, so Sun and Venus shine on me, please, with artful inspiration and oceanic vibes. I’ll do some intense clearing tomorrow!

  16. Called for jury duty commencing 21st Oct 2022 at Downing Centre Sydney no excuses be there or be fined over $2,000 for non attendance..its a 40 week trial no getting out of it..on arrival informed that its changed to a 3 week hour into doing spit test with a 2019 chinese products for fake flu we were all told that our trial had changed again to a four week 10:30am the whole thing was cancelled and we were all told to leave and come back on Monday unless we want to be excused..hmmmm..
    everything we had to do or forego to get there and we are dismissed with no reason..🦂🦂🦂

    1. Imagine working in that system, the logistics must be nerve racking. It’s on, it’s off, it’s on but shorter, longer, what the heck

    2. Wow, you wonder what the fuq was going on behind the scenes? I guess 40 weeks means someone intended to defend a case and then…what?

      As for threatening to fine you, they should have inducements like “play your part in contemporary justice” and a reminder of how important this is etc etc.

      i also don’t get the test thing – like if you went in there with ebola (I am exaggarating to make point) would that be okay but covid remnants no? Are you allowed to test their air con system for legionella and black mold?

      1. Thankyou MM and I absolutely agree no one asked me for an ebola clearance, cholera yellow fever will be game on tomorrow if they ask me to do the test again and have all those chemicals in my mouth no way but breathing in everyones should be an interesting day..!!!

          1. There are saliva collecting tests in which you swill a liquid in your mouth and then spit that into a test tube for testing.

  17. My gut, skin and body need a complete detox. I have been dreaming about accepting my anger and releasing it, so maybe my liver the most. I thought it was the upcoming Mars Rx. It’s windy af here today I feel like opening all the doors and windows (when my family leaves or they’ll think I’m men-tal) and flush the energies for the New Moon Eclipse season, btw this is bang on my MC and I am returning to my pre-man date job as a casual for three weeks. Surely not a coincidence it has been 1 year exactly since I was told to leave (I could rant but none of you deserve that) This maybe an emotional roller coaster.

    1. The eclipse is bang on my IC. I’m hoping it means my house sells and I get to return to where I used to live and still miss terribly.

      1. I feel your pain kerry, I’m desperate to move but here in london there’s an unprecedented scarcity of accomodation (plus I have the universal credit thing making it much more difficult for me to be accepted by landlords). just about anything my flatmates do bothers me a lot (and they’re quite nice people really) = it’s just me, I’m at breaking point and try to be out of the house as much as possible. good thing is, tomorrow sun + venus trine my jupiter in the 12th = I hope something briliant and magicky happens so I don’t explode on tuesday with the eclipse. think I’ll buy myself a crystal.

        1. Good luck with finding a better place, isa! It’s terrible for a sensitive person not to have peaceful spot to unwind, speaking from experience here (30 years of living in a big city)

          1. thanks calcifer. you said it perfectly. I don’t have a private enough space here. I’m seriously thinking of decamping outside london: cars, busy streets and the sight of skyscrapers make me want to cry lately.

            1. Maybe a smaller city would suit you better, isa. And I personally find that access to nature helps me relax more… Wishing you the best with taking (small) steps to finding a lifestyle which suits you better, take good care isa 🌈

  18. Spookily dense indeed. I was waiting outside a local supermarket when a very old woman who looked like the popular conception of a witch -long white messy hair,the the black hat, long coat, slightly bent and pushing an old fashioned trolley walked in front of me. I thought “Are you for real”. She turned, gave me a sidelong look and then a smile.
    In the new area I have moved to, people are putting massive six feet werewolves on their front lawns and balconies. I have never seen anything quite like it. I have never been a fan of Halloween except for honouring those passed but have had the sweets handy for the children. I don’t take All Hallows Eve lightly these days. If an open invitation is given, all sorts of gatecrashers turn up.

    1. Your post made me think of elaborate neighbourhood celebrations of Halloween (which don’t happen so much here in Australia) – last night I happened to watch Hocus Pocus 2 (on the Disney Channel) and I enjoyed it!
      Bette Midler and Sarah Jessica Parker quite clearly relished reprising their witchy roles, they were fab

      1. Hi Ronnie, Better Midler is a total scream.
        Was FB-ing with a virtue signalling radically new age galactic waving woman who replied to my mention of Halloween ‘don’t do American’ in a shade throwing way.
        Replied it’s the night before All Saints Day in Christian calendar, where ‘the veils between the worlds are at their most transparent’.
        That appealed to her more….lol. Guess i was forgiven.

        1. Well in this movie it was all like a big Halloween Cosplay- looked like so much fun, and of course Bette was the most fabulous Head Witch in Charge 😀

    2. Yes!!!! It is a time when the portals are more open than usual and people festooning their houses with plastic tombstones and skeletons is a bit much lol.

  19. Thank you for this post. I was going to hire someone to start cleaning; I’m in graduate school and now my life is devoted to reading and assignments on top of working full-time. However, I feel some very stubborn energetic hooks despite the things I’ve done to bust them. A scouring of my condo may be in order along with a dense fog of sage. The sea salt on the thresholds works beautifully and I’ll keep that up. Let the Scorpionic energy clearing begin!

  20. Domestically: moved to new (and far far better/relieving) space in sept. Sluggish on the gumption to set in the details post-unpacking. Til now. Each room is like a decathlon activity and it’s all weirdly in slow motion (cinematic sweeping because inwardly I’m not just sweeping you understand but busting down walls with sledge hammers)

    Speaking of inwardly – the somatic rushed of heat, hollowing, spookiness and sharp eyed clarity that evokes tender tears and seethe simultaneously is…well naps have become like my new non edible snacks.

    Since October began:
    Quit a job (which began shortly after the the may lunar eclipse)

    Switched therapist (previous one was great however new one actively uses astrology and honestly the synastry is so lovely for such a relationship)

    Said ‘fuq it’ to a summer budded relationship. It taught me to (finally) stop overgiving and ask the question ‘what am I receiving’?. In that space – wow, nothing. This question is now a super power tool.

    1. ha, my dishwasher has been making terrible noises and I fear I may have to do this (scorp here, apparently it’s our destiny)

  21. OMG Mystic you are so funny. I LOVE that you were the weirdo (as well as the Chief Inspector of Spook). I feel like these weird things happen to me all the time although I don’t know what it is in my astro that indicates it. Uranus combust Sun maybe? This eclipse is on my descendant so will report back if any strange weirdos look in the back of my car 🥰 I feel the dense energy though. It’s thick and palpable and a lot of people appear to be utterly miserable sadly. Onward with the vacuum cleaner!

  22. This really tickled me. This eclipse is on my Mars CJ MC and I’m actually away to Whitby, as in Dracula. So I feel like my cleaning I going to be more of a discovery sabbatical or all mental and thoughtful. It’s my spiritual home and on my moon line in astrocartography 🎑

  23. Love this post Mystic. Spooky but very funny the way you paired your music to your neighbor’s devices 👻
    I feel the energy is very dense too, right now, with Saturn turning direct STILL in that impossible square to Uranus…
    Already had a very, very intense confrontation with a colleague today, followed by some disheartening realizations about my own weaknesses and wounds… 🍁 Will start some eclipse cleaning up this weekend to deal with the eclipse energy

    1. Ditto for me “Already had a very, very intense confrontation with a colleague today, followed by some disheartening realizations about my own weaknesses and wounds”

      1. The disheartening realizations are very ‘Saturn Direct’ – I put this on instagram but I realized I was facing my saturn direction, adjusted and feels heaps lighter!

    2. Cally, sure it’s YOUR wounds and not the other persons?
      Regardless this is the perfect time for space clearing-cleansing of body & abode. Love ‘n Luck.

      1. Thank you dear Pegasus, for a different perspective… There are definitely sensitivities on the other person’s side, too 🌞

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