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52 reviews for Monthly Mega Mystic Recurring

  1. herm50

    Honestly in love with Mystic, her daily updates are witty, chic and she has this magic way of keeping my vibe high even on the most challenging of days. Her guidance hits the mark no matter what I might be going through. Life would be a mess without her! Thank you, Mystic!

  2. chronicgir1

    Brilliant, fun, helpful takes on life and the world. I learn so much! Subscriber for life over here!

  3. Nangala

    Oh my goodness, I’m back with the one and only Mystic b m Medusa. In other words I’m back in the swing of being more wholesomely Me! Whatever vital info you offer up Mystic, gives me aspects of my life to become more aware of. Strangely also you nudge me into taking more responsibility for my thoughts and actions which I thank you for heartily.

  4. Ariell

    Very helpful in setting the astrological zeitgeist, framing opportunities and danger zones.

  5. Di

    I LOVE Mystic and her rad writing style! Such a brilliant ability of bringing the planets and lumineries down to earth. I will be a fringe -dwelling subscriber for life💫🪐🌘🌞✨

  6. Marjorie B.

    LOVEEE the daily mystic email and personal daily horoscope, perfect for understanding what the F*** going on in your life and just go with the flow then.

  7. Di

    I love this Mystic offering, and I love her unique expression and word play!

  8. recycleme

    You are so prompt with help when I mess up a payment!!
    and of course yourastrological wisdom and writing ability is amazing~

  9. Happy cappy

    I am enjoying the daily horoscopes and tarot readings. Very nice to have some inspiration right now

  10. Wish Upon a Star

    Covid lockdown giving you the blues?
    Don’t reach for the chocolate. Feed your mind and treat yourself to a month subscription. There is a wealth of information to be unwrapped.
    No side affects. but…..WARNING : This product may cause sudden and ongoing self evolution. 🙂

  11. Aqualeo

    I wouldn’t be without my membership now. It’s a daily ritual for me as I’ve always been an astrophile but Mystic’s take on it is so refreshing and often hilarious. She is a very insightful astrologer as well as a brilliant writer and she finds the most wonderful, interesting info to write about. Just love it all.

  12. Pia

    So good, I just signed up for a 6 month membership. The One Month Mega Mystic Access IS the gateway drug and I’m officially addicted.

  13. screengems

    Epic knowledge and insights. A great tool for life

  14. kimiann

    Mystic is part of my every day knowledge/info gathering! I’ve learned a lot! I read and then observe- it’s a Virgo thing🧐- I never take anyone’s word for truth- I have to find clarification to incorporate the info into my belief system (as everyone should!) Mystic’s site is not only interesting, it’s great info! Thank you Mystic!

  15. tdq

    well the last one i gave was super appreciated and i suspect this one will be too…. lurve turning people on to Mystic….

  16. jicky

    Like a life coach that I can access any time. Updating me on the state of play in the world from different lenses, comparing it to other times in history. Deep in facts and esoterica – it’s all covered. Offers support and guidance, often just to keep cool under pressure or go for gold. Love it.

  17. sashnka

    love it, my day doesn’t officially begin untill i consult this, somehow she just knows, mystic’s interpertation is a rare genuine genius, the delivery is neural cardio i mean “… piss off the drab modesty and any pretense toward normality…” yes yes yes when i say love it i truly deeply mean LOVE IT!!!!!!

  18. kylielou

    I love waking up every day, making my coffee and checking not only my daily horoscope but also my partner’s. Gives me insight into how he’s feeling too! Mystic is always spot on and the way it’s written is so different to anything I’ve read before. Fantastically talented astrologer and author. Look forward to subscribing for many years to come. Much gratitude 💜🙏🏻

  19. Georgie

    Really feel like I have the heads up in general and can be eerily accurate on a personal level. I love her take on the world.

  20. spinney

    I was roving the articles here and there on this site and kept loving and laughing out loud at MM’s funny, mercurial, pinpoint accurate insights so decided to join up and see. (Honestly, Pisces this one can see your stockings!) Thank you MM you keep give assistance support and joy as you wave aside the veil, who doesn’t want that?!

  21. pepi paige

    I tried the one month membership to see if I would use it. Well. I am really impressed with all the customized content, reports, rants … plus the blunt acerbic and humorous tone suits me perfectly. I’m coming back for a long-term membership. Worth it!

  22. Swordfish

    Inimitable and indispensable!

  23. Jervais

    So fun waking up every day and checking my daily horoscope. Super impressed by all the content, artwork and the writing – oh the writing.. it’s so bang on. Super grateful, thank you!

  24. aquaqua

    I’ve been reading Mystic Medusa for eons, her lucid expansive take on things is always so inspired and so soothing…the sanity of her. to be signed up to access all the lovely bits of the garden is a joy, her product ( I’m watching re-runs of breaking bad) is 100% because its a clear stream of consciousness that hasn’t hassled for ads or accouterments. you’re buying really deep insight and knowledge and it’s so elegantly conveyed.XXXXXXX

  25. Mintyfresh

    Mystic is really helping me feel grounded in a time where nothing seems stable. I also appreciate no ads and the daily updates!

  26. KotohaFlower

    I must say, It was surprising!
    I love how it knows me. In order for me to better myself.
    I was skeptical at first, but wew.

    (btw, There’s a artist who goes by Mystic too! He draws anime art in twitch! ^^)

  27. Agstar

    Great value for your bucks, so much of interest, wonderful take on what is happening – true inspiration.

  28. River

    Love having access to all the different offerings on the site. This take on astrology is so refreshing compared to all the sugar-coated bs out there.

  29. Nothing

    I recommend this without hesitation, if you are just looking to try before you commit longer term. Mystic is kind, gracious, erudite, witty, insightful, sharp, and compassionate. Always manages to helps us see the other layers in things going on around us, in ways I never would have anticipated. Thank you Mystic for your truly sage and on-point daily content.

  30. rubyslippers

    Thank you Mystic, a 1,000 times. Your astrology is so timely and comforting, empowering and cutting edge. I’m learning so much from your blogs, posts and research. You have an incredible way with words too, I revel and flourish in your intelligent, insightful and diligently put together astrology, you give so much and for that I am deeply grateful. Very lucky to have found you. Thank you again for this gift you give, you are amazing. X

  31. annafras

    I wouldn’t dream of starting my day without Mystc. She’s brilliant astrology, insight, humor, zeitgeist channeler all-in-one Her take on everything via her phenom writing has been my go-to for years. I love all the cool offerings of membership, tarot readings, multiple space age oracles, rants…so much rad modern, practical magic going down here. As necessary as my WiFi.

  32. Tarleisio

    I’ve been a Mystic member since 2013, when I was gifted a year’s subscription. I came to find that Mystic’s posts, extras, the horoscopes and virtually everything else added an extra high-gloss shine to my days I found it impossible to live without. The only bad thing is that currently, a month-to-month subscription is all I can afford – I’d buy a life-long membership if I could.

  33. mermaidtyler

    amazing! very insightful – the blog and tools are really intuitive and fun to work with. definitely recommend – you will love it!

  34. Ruby Tuesday

    My go to, not only for her astrological talent but for her approach which is witty, intelligent and somehow balances me when I am flaky. The tarot is my favourite, giving perspective in a consistently empowering way. Great site for anyone with any level of knowledge of Astro and tarot. The Oracles are amusing as well as uncanny. One month subscription for when the $$ are tight or you just want to try out this site. You won’t be disappointed with her stylish and fresh approach. Seriously talented witchery.

  35. Shakti

    I have been a subscriber of Mystics since about June 2010 – I was newly back in Australia and somehow found her awesomeness!! I have been a dedicated since. At times irreverent, always insightful. MM offers an intelligent perspective on astrology that non astro fiends and astro fiends alike can glean huge amounts of information about the stars and planets current and future themes. If I don’t check my daily tarot card and daily astro I feel like I have missed something in the day. The Additional offerings on the site for members like the tarot, oracle and soon to be personalised astro plus all the reports – I don’t know how she does it!! Highly recommend the fabulous Mystic Medusa.

  36. Val

    Hi Mystic! I heard about you through a friend, and I’ve been an active member since. TBH, my favorite part about you website is the tarot readings. They’re eerily accurate, and the digital component is so convenient. I, too, am a fellow astrologer and a big fan of your work.

  37. indisposed

    I love Mystic’s horoscopes and blog posts as a way to stay centered and sane (and ride out my Cancerian moods). So much insight and humor!

  38. @Ambika555

    I bought the one month package because of the Virgo planet over load this month. I must say her emailed articles are timely. They seem to be right with the Synchronicities !

  39. Luna

    Mystic is awesome! I’ve been following her for a few years now and I am always blown away by her intuitive and insightful take on astrological events. Her astrology reports and horoscopes are not only easy to read and quirky, but give you straight up guidance on how what’s happening in the heavens directly applies to you here on earth. ✨

  40. The Crazy Crone

    I’ve been following Mystic Medusa over many moons and I’m delighted not only with all the mega mystic goodies. It’s been great to watch the site grow and deepen offerings which help our understanding of the cosmos and its songlines in our lives. Great stuff, Mystic, you put so much effort into your website and it’s all ad-free – even better. Thanks for your hard work and insights into the galactic web interwoven in our lives.

  41. annafras

    I love Mystic! She’s got such a great writing style combined with some serious witchy skill. I’ve followed her for years and will continue to do so. She’s a huge part of my spiritual practice. Indispensable, she’s like my Hogwarts.

  42. KarmaAkasha

    Mystic Medusa is the most amazing, forward-thinking, hip to the point of revolutionary, entertaining, and inspiring astrologer on the internet. I am so grateful that I found her, her website is amazing and having access to her celestial wisdom is something that I don’t wanna navigate life without. She has got a mix of comforting humor and mystical artwork on her website… such cool artwork in her daily astrology emails. Thank you Mystic, you are a beautiful soul, your life’s work is amazing!!!!

  43. Narelle1976

    Funny and insightful horoscopes

  44. Tash

    Mystic Medusa’s contemporary take on the significance of astrology has helped me navigate my days, weeks and months. I look forward to reading the daily and weekly messages (which are undoubtedly always relevant), and I’ve noticed how much more engaged with my life I’ve actually become. What a wonderful tool for enhanced personal growth!

  45. Lia

    I’ve been a straight-up Mystic Medusa addict for years now. She’s so right on, all the time, with brilliant wisdom and sage advice. Thank you, Mystic!

  46. jicky

    I love consulting the Oracle and the Tarot on a daily basis. They offer guidance, food for thought, and an invitation to orient to growth and self-realisation. Mystic’s depth of knowledge across multiple modalities, history, popular culture and her genuine interest in all living things make for instructional and enlightening readings.

  47. Shoshannah

    Mystic’s scopes for day, week and month are just invaluable for me. I feel like I am managing lots of things in my life better than before because I now have a good handle on the prevailing winds and a little map of where the hidden bogs and crevasses are. The really nice thing I’ve found is that if you hit a really intense patch and have to spend all of your energy on just managing the minutiae, often when you come back later and look at the scopes for that period a whole lot of things just fall into place and you realise where you’ve been, how you got there and what strategies matched the astroweather. It’s capacity building! I’ve been subscribing month to month for some time now, occasionally I splurge on a year long subscription, but there is flexibility in going with the moon cycle option : ) And I am mega mutable, so that’s perfect for me.

  48. chronicgir1

    These are not your basic, boring horoscopes. This is art.

  49. Theodora

    It’s like a daily and weekly guide to me, that i couldnt do without . Mystic’s horoscopes and insights are so brilliant. When I see that my membership is expiring I get in panic and quickly renew it . Thank you for the advices and knowledge Mystic!

  50. September

    Was love at first read with mystic in general, but I especially love the monthly option. It feels very open and non-demanding on me, where I have all the power to choose to go-in per month or not. And so far with this method, I always have. 🙂

  51. kimiann

    Really interesting.. my son showed two horses at the fair over the past six years- one horse was named Medusa and the second was Mystic .. when I by chance came across the site – I thought “what the hell?- more than coincidence!” I so appreciate Mystics insight! I’m intelligent but still learning and always find her witty and knowledgeable explanations so helpful!!!!

  52. SuchADream

    These bits of artwork poetry and insight exploring the astrology of each day is a treat and nearly a necessity! One month sub at a time makes it easy for me to splurge when I can on the uplifting perks of being a mystic member. I’m also happy knowing the funds go into the care of the rescue race horse, Pluto!

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