Scorpios can overclock themselves anytime, as you know. It’s not like you need permission or some specialist phase of the Moon to go for it. But Mars in your sign until November 24 gets you into obsessive plutonic hyperdrive sans effort.

You may not even notice because, aside from folk acting skittish around you, less need for sleep and nobody responding fast enough, it’s fantastic.

Do, however, power down from Nov 10 to 13, when Mars opposite Uranus can generate unexpected behaviour in practically every dimension. Yes it’s also an audacity-favoring, Mars-maxed New Moon in Scorpio so what to do?

Easy. Push yourself but not others or any situation that you’d like to sustain. You know yourself but relationships and biz partnerships are the rogue factor here.

Wild God Pan is aligned with the Scorpio Sun till November 11, turning you back onto nature and physicality – think less feverish calculations or online quests, more gut instinct.

November 15 to 23 is potentially sublime as the Sun and Mars converge in sync with Pluto. Think tangible progress, heightened charisma, assistance from fellow Scorps as well as Pisceans and an affirmation of your biz savvy or a particular policy.


The October Eclipse Season severely strained your Saggability but November is a new scene – believe it!

Venus will enhance social, pleasure and mating options from November 8 till December 5, potentially re-conjuring something desirable last seen in April/May.

Mercury in Saggo from Nov 9/10 until December 2 is another upper – decoding cryptic crap, making people in general more receptive to your genius or charms, freeing up your thought flow and – especially from Nov 13 to 18 – benefitting romantic rapport or diplomatic affinities.

Saturn Direct on the 4th is, as always, a reality flashpoint and in this case themed around real estate, chez Saggo or your family.

Whatever comes up is most likely unsurprising and best dealt with as if you were some sort of an arch-Capricorn – data-up, think in vast tracts of time rather than your preferred ‘now’ and if you’re not feeling the logic, hire someone who is.

If there is to be a magical realist solution for something super-mundane or structural, it’s most likely to manifest around November 15 to 19, when Mars trine Neptune accentuates your spooky shamanic side.

Vibe Control is easier from November 22/23 as the Sun and then bold Mars move into Saggo, regenerating your jovial nature and motivation.


On November 4, Saturn turns Direct at Zero Pisces, the point where it’s been parked since early October and will be for practically all of November.

For some zodiac signs, this is a reminder of weighty worldly matters. For Sea-Goats, it’s a reminder of your unique wild magic. An intriguing offer or bit of news that’s been swirling about in the subliminals comes to consciousness anytime after the 3rd but most likely over that first weekend of the month.

It’s linked to March, when your ruler Saturn first entered oceanic Pisces and Pluto moved out of Capricorn for several weeks. While you may not have ‘looked busy’ on the surface, you’ve been putting old ghosts to rest – everything from the Pluto in Capricorn era that began in January 2008 – and preparing your Pluto in Aquarius protocols.

The first week of November intensifies this process, perhaps encapsulating your history and Future-You in a few microcosmic scenarios. Venus favours vocational image, publicity and rebranding all month, with recognition for an evolution from April-May most likely between the ultra-favorable Nov 15 to 22.

The November 13 New Moon restores money and confidence but it comes amid a generally turbulent atmosphere – promise little and stay clear of known trouble factors.


Pay attention to instincts and dream messaging over Nov 4/5 – Mercury opposite Uranus is a convenient ‘early alert’ system for the gnarlier Mars-Uranus opposition in play from November 10 to 15.

This threat – or opportunity – is most likely related to August 2022 or late June 2023 and fortunately you have what you need to meet or maximize it: ingenuity and that your comfort zone is always ahead of the zeitgeist.

Venus is in your vision sector from the 8th, harmonizing with Eros in Aquarius and ensuring that your style and ideas are sought after by all the right people.

With Pluto in the last weeks of Capricorn before returning to Aquarius, your psyche could feel like a series of fault lines, complete with unstable ground from things that occurred years ago.

November 20 to 23 is your most optimal zone for profound business or career moves and the Lilith-Hekate alignment in the last week of Nov/early Dec will coincide with a wily win over debt or shared $$ complexities.

Over-immersing in the zap zoned cultural and media-scape won’t help, even though arming yourself with extra knowledge probably feels intuitively apt – this is a consciousness play and yours needs extra tranquility this month.


If the mid-Nineties are haunting you, one way or another, blame Saturn. Yes, really. The same planetary influence responsible for your more robust ability to deal with dull merde and administrivia this year is also a purveyor of soggy nostalgia and soul-sapping insecurity regarding past decisions.

Your retrospective analytics/gloom-mongering sessions are not just limited to the 1993-1996 phase, of course, that’s just when Saturn was last in Pisces. It means you can circumvent any amount of angst by zooming in on those years until you arrive at a primary insight and that breaks the nostalgic spell – really.

This is all most intense up until November 4, when Saturn turns Direct but focusing on the last time Saturn was here will prove super-productive.

Mars in your simpatico Water sign of Scorpio for most of November reinforces your resolve and perhaps a particular project – note that Nov 10 to 13 is less than desirable for debates or confrontations. Chances are that you’d win but it would take you radically off track.

The Sun and Mars harmonize with shamanic Neptune from Nov 16 to 19, accentuating your fabulist dimensions and possibly manifesting as a unique opportunity in travel, publishing or academia. It’s also a good time to create such an opening!


Reminder: Chiron is still in Aries and will be until 2027. The fantastic mid-December Mars in Saggo trine to Chiron will develop something fantastic from June 2022 and preview further epicness in 2024.

Peruse/re-peruse your Pluto in Aquarius scope if you feel like everything is stuck at the moment  – that sensation is most likely Catharsis Fatigue from the over-the-top Eclipse Season or because Mars in Scorpio inspires unusually introspective analysis. Also…money.

Apart from the broader societal and economic weirdness, you’re being pushed to maximum Aries thrust and ingenuity at a time when you could feel you have nothing in reserve.

Brilliant news or feedback on Nov 6 to 8 and/or Nov 21 to 23 will help replenish your confidence but don’t be duped by dodgy people/fast fixes between November 10 to 13. Mars will oppose Uranus at this point, maxing out your restlessness and desire to speed ahead of things that are probably best dealt with in a more methodical, snail-like manner.

November 15 to 22 is fantastic for financial and psychic restructuring, as well as getting to the nub of any shared $$$/biz deal mysteries.

For velocity, look to Mars in snazzy Sagg from November 24 until January 5, your go-to for adventure and the company of people who think/talk the way you do – fast.

Brilliantly, now that you’re past the last Eclipse Season, there won’t be another across the Taurus-Scorpio axis until next decade. So while Mars in your opposite sign is vexing/motivating for most of November, you’ve completed the heavy-duty psychic work.

The Full Moon Eclipse in Taurus sludge is abating, leaving you with the wisdom.

As for Mars, this is an every-two-years prompt to ensure relationships of all types meet your standards – you can’t stand ill-defined alliances or flaky frenemy situations so the Warrior God is compelling you to either reinforce or remove the non-complying ones.

This all comes to a climax between November 10 and 13, when Mars opposes innovative Uranus in your sign at the same time the Moon renews in your House of Love. Mercury covers the same turf on November 4-5, affirming or negating any hunch around this scenario.

Venus in elementally compatible Virgo aligns with Pluto from Nov 6 to 8, potentially evoking a sensual, aesthetic or artistic metamorphosis that has been trying to happen for ages. Creatively, you’re now benefitting from renegade Lilith and the convergence of Jupiter-Uranus.

The latter is not exact till April 2024 but you’re already in wizard mode, unphased by limitations that used to do your head in.

Mars conjunct Ceres in Scorpio from November 10 to 22 is fantastic for taking charge of your everyday hustle, routines, tech factors and relationships with colleagues. You could, however, become overly immersed in the latter. A budding future power-duo – perhaps.

But if you’re drifting into murkier waters, be careful – especially around November 10 to 13. Beware over-shares and blurred boundaries.

Saturn turns Direct in your solar career sector on the 4th, suggesting high stakes and a clear path to a desirable goal – it’s brilliant but will probably entail various tweaks to your all-purpose public persona.

It may seem un-you or excessive but the Gemini Full Moon on November 27 is at odds with Saturn so extra attention to work protocols will pay.

Venus in Air Libra from November 8 till December 5 is onside in that it creates an environment where people are more likely to want to charm rather than unburden themselves and it brings out your preferred ‘skim’ mode.

And if you’re at all open to new romance, Mercury in Saggo from November 9/10 produces a profound synergy with someone not unlike yourself – they’re probably elusive and the actual ‘thing’ you share is indefinable which makes it ideal for a Gemini.

It’s a difficult time to be an empath but – aside from November 10 to 13 – Mars in Scorpio is helpful.

Augmenting your emotional intelligence, it helps you to put things in context and it can inspire some significant gains in intimacy and interpersonal connection.

Mars is at peak performance from the 15th to 23rd, a prime time to expand mating/dating realms, push a creative or business venture forward and amass extra pentacles for the Cancerian coffers. Interested parties will be more likely to step forward and reveal their intentions.

Although the end of Pluto in Capricorn/start of Pluto in Aquarius is quite something so far as the economy is concerned, this is the sort of astro that spotlights Cancerian canniness.

Sagittarius season starts with a Sun and then a Mars challenge to Saturn in your Vision Sector over the last week of the month: this sounds adverse but it’s not – circumstances can shift in favor of an expansion, journey or knowledge quest.

Venus is in your solar home sector from November 8, enhancing domestic serenity and any real estate dealings but as Venus crosses the South Node from November 26 to 30, don’t be drawn into a living situation that would have suited the You of yesteryear.

As you pull away from one of the gnarliest Eclipse Seasons on record, you regain neo-Leo composure and Venus in Libra (Nov 8 to Dec 5) will help. Is it the flattery, aesthetic genius or the appearance of a new admirer?

Who knows but be ready to receive this largesse graciously, along with a possible financial blessing in the first week of the month.

The New Moon on Nov 13 is technically a new beginning chez Leo but it comes with a vexatious Mars-Uranus opposition that needs management – if a career or home drama zaps up around Nov 4/5, you’ll know exactly what to do and well ahead of time.

If not, simply chill and remember to think a la the larger frame with any provocation between Nov 10 and 13.

Another possibility: that circumstances shift quickly and in a way that puts you directly in line for 2024’s extraordinary Jupiter-Uranus alignment – aka peak innovative genius and potentially unprecedented success.

Still, when Mars is in Scorpio you don’t have the luxury of performative gestures. Mars is in a more Leo-loving mode later in the month, joining the Sun in Saggo on the 24th and creating a broader vista for neo-Leo loves/ventures/fun. Yes to a December journey!

Saturn turns Direct in your relationship sector on November 4, clarifying the state of play within key alliances and/or your heart-psyche. It’s the prelude to a more defined arrangement moving forward and the potentially passionate Venus-Pluto synergy from Nov 6 to 8.

The 16th to 19th is another peak moment for alliances and in particular, the visionary variety. Could your ideals be more practical than you realize?

The thing is, you may feel like a post-Eclipse-Season wreck or be busy composing the ultimate snarky goodbye letter/lawsuit etc but with Lilith, Hekate and Juno in early Virgo, you’re beaming out sex, sorcery and leadership vibes.

Ancient angst or even a contemporary grudge are likely to be ‘overwritten’ by fresh options from mid-Nov onward.

With Mars-Uranus opposition volatility peaking between Nov 10 and 13, consider postponing drastic communiques or bold plays until after then – perhaps see what plays out without your input?

The last week of the month features maximum mutability and a Full Moon (Nov 27) that could bring forward moving plans, a commitment, promotion or logistics discussion – it’s tricky but not for a change-adept, ambitious Virgo.

Mercury squares Neptune so it’s good for discovering falsehoods but of course, even polite untruths on your part would be discovered.

Mars in your (solar) money sector until November 24 is only problematic if you go with laissez-faire or wishful visualization. For fantastic results, devise a policy and persist with it.

And do not, whatever you do, zig-zag off into a glorious folly or aspirational one-hit-wonder style of venture.

Prospects trend back up from the 15th, with the Sun and Mars aligned for a week and in harmony with power-broker Pluto.

You’re also about to enjoy the return of Venus to Libra! November 8 until December 5 favors Libran love and pleasure pursuits, with or without an official partner.

The Air element in an otherwise fusty astro-scape benefits every area of your life, with particular emphasis on health & your ability to alter working/thinking conditions.

You’ve recently become acutely aware of what supports/scrambles your best performance and while December is better for negotiations and hustle, why not refine your needs/demands over November?

Venus is quincunx Jupiter from the 14th to 16th and conjunct the South Node in your sign on Nov 28-29 – these days evoke the past and future but could be maddening in the moment.

That is, not optimal for committing meaningful money, time or focus to a cause/person. They’re more revealing if you do little but observe.