Mars in your solar 12th house – the soul sector – for the month agitates for spiritual growth and the definitive dumping of ye olde baggage. Venus in Taurus until May 24 is an equally strong force for self-acceptance and more leisure or frivolity.

Is this a conflict? Sure but you can resolve it by not going all out in either domain.

The New Moon on May 7/8 affirms recent promise and potential, bringing new love, money and/or opportunity. The three days after the exact N.M. are also superb for starting things.

It’s a Uranian Moon so expect weird, interesting news around people who came into your life/fresh ventures since Uranus arrived in Taurus in May 2018.

May 17 to 24 features an extraordinary, rare array of amazing, beneficial astro: Venus in your sign connects to Jupiter, Uranus and Neptune. It’s a time when in creativity, your personal style and the relationship realm, you’ll be inspired to play a much bigger game than usual.

Or if you’re already operating on a grand scale, anticipate a major win. If you’ve been dealing with a blighted friendship or feelings of isolation, this also the phase most likely to conjure a solution. Audacity generates more confidence.


Mercury scooting out of the Mercury Retro shadowzone on May 6 clarifies the intent of a specific person of interest or a social scenario in hyper-flux since the March Equinox. And the Mercury-Chiron conjunction from May 6-8 may reflect a maverick development/powerful assistance.

Saturn dirging away in your solar career sector all month is half hideous grind and ridiculous demands on your stamina/focus, half-extraordinary learning trajectory. It could manifest in the leaden form of a particularly problematic work irk/person. If so, try not to make them into a multi-purpose nemesis that you project historic grudges onto. Clinical, strategic handling of them or the situation is vital.

But really, this is all piffle in the context of May’s most marvellous astro-event: On May 25/26, Jupiter arrives in Gemini for just over a year! Last experienced in between June 2012 to June 2013, this expansive astro-passage favors intellectual growth, high-end love affairs, new philosophies and travel.

Last time around this lucky influence was compromised by the drastic nature of the Zap Zone – Uranus square Pluto.

This time it’s enhanced by Pluto in Aquarius and will also serve as a fantastic prelude to next year’s big Gemini deal – Uranus in your sign for the first time in nearly a century.


Mixed career messages unscramble themselves by May 6, as Mercury moves out of the retrograde shadow and a magnificent New Moon blesses Cancerian networking nous, your relationships with the community at large and/or friendships.

You’re also augmented yet challenged by Mars until June 9. This influence initially seems to amplify work irks or business obstacles but see it more as the action planet scaring everything out of hiding so it can combat them and emerge victorious.

You’re more aware of problematic people, logjams and limitations so it translates as stress-factors but you also have the momentum to confront/defeat these factors now. Remember, any Mars influence benefits from bravery or at least, a plucky attitude.

This month may also help to remove half-dead dreams and expired visions ahead of Neptune in your career sector from early 2025. If you’ve been seeking a more metaphysical or spiritually apt career/commercial direction, this month’s dramas are actually the way.

The Jupiter-Neptune sextile from May 19 to 28 suggests dating serendipity, magical travels and/or an intellectual breakthrough that feels cosmically guided. It may pertain to desirable factors first glimpsed around Feb-April 2022 and it definitely sets the scene for accolades in 2025/2026.

Do not casually dismiss fresh theories or opportunities in the 2nd half of May – especially the ones that feel ‘beyond’ you.


Mars in Aries energizes your curiosity and wanderlust while hinting at more elaborate options from next March aka Neptune in Aries. Notice the destinations and topics you feel inextricably drawn to, as well as any off-algorithm approaches from faraway people/institutions.

This very same influence also ups your chance of losing ground via crazy political arguments or over-amped philosophical differences. Engage diplomacy, avoid the trigger-people or hire a Libran to make peace.

With Venus in Taurus till the 24th, your ideal reputation is gracious and bi-partisan. The exception? If your official role is polemical commentator, politician or UFC fighter.

May 6 to 8 is magic as Mercury meets Chiron for the third time in a row since March 20 and you enjoy a massive eureka flash. This comes with a New Career Moon that emphasizes Future You, as opposed to an identity overly dependent on past triumphs or even setbacks.

Do whatever psychic work you need to clear the mental slate for this and be better able to leap on incoming opportunities.

Jupiter is in Gemini from the 25th/26th and trined with Pluto in your House of Love from May 30 until June 6. This is fragrant with prosperous, passionate partnership potential and if you’re dating or seeking to rejuvenate a relationship this is your Go-Zone. It’s also superb for obtaining good biz advice or setting up a collaborative venture.


Thanks to the Retrograde, Mercury has spent much longer than usual in your solar 8th house – making debt, sex, shared $$$ and perhaps paranormal issues more dramatic than usual. But brilliantly, Mercury leaves the shadow-zone on May 6 and you will see what the last seven weeks were really all about.

Yes, you’ll have solutions, explanations and a metaphysical wisdom payout – Virgo nirvana. The days leading up to this date could spike your self-doubt or Saint Virgo tendencies so try not to act on any Grudge Flashpoints. Give advice to yourself as if it were for another person and you’ll find it’s far more reasonable.

If you’re looking for a fresh financial paradigm or to restructure things, May 17 to 21 is optimal – Mars conjunct the Moon’s Node accentuates vision, daring and tactical patience.

Relationship-wise, you’re all about Saturn at the moment: is a partnership going to go the distance or is it better to extricate yourself now? Or, even if you’re merrily single, the saturnine vibe can make you more apprehensive about it.

The gloom angle of this lifts from May 19, as Jupiter sextiles Neptune with input from Venus + avant-garde Uranus.

And logistically, a fantastic career opportunity in late May or over June could organically solve any ‘should I stay or go?’ dilemmas.


Reconsidering mathematics? Asteroid Urania, the Science Muse, is in Libra until late August, fortifying the rational part of your mind and psyche. It’s also a clear gift for any Libran scientists, academics needing a more techy angle, aspirant coders and the like.

Venus, your ruling planet, conjunct asteroid Pan from May 6 to 10 is something else again, an earthy and ribald influence that prioritizes sensuality, rhythm, music and nature. It’s in your solar 8th house so if there is any room for a super-sexed, elating attraction-crush thing in your life, voila.

Pluto turns Retrograde in square to Venus over the first week of the month, making it more likely that someone will attempt a manipulation or coercive charm.

Deflect that and as you do, note that September-November 2024 are the last vestiges of Pluto in Capricorn – the pull toward a past paradigm may be irresistible but resist it anyway. Few can withstand the Libran Whim of Steel.

From May 20, the Sun, then Venus and finally Jupiter (!) move into Air Gemini, an arrangement which always makes everything feel more opportune and open. May 22-24 is super-beneficial as Venus connects with Jupiter and the Sun is in trine to Pluto.

It’s also a Full Moon in candid Sagittarius but even this plays to your advantage: any big reveals will be welcome or at lest liberating.


Pluto Retrograde is unproblematic because Pluto spends practically half the year retro by default. But you’re pluto-affiliated and thus more attuned to plutonic anything: from May 2 to 5, note instincts and hunches re people and trends.

The ones that seem to indicate a return-to-form or that a person/company is enmired in a rut that you can’t budge will be especially important.

You see this Pluto Retro goes back to the end degrees of Capricorn for the last time in this cycle. After November, Pluto won’t be back at that point for centuries. So whatever is left unresolved from your 2008-2023/2024 era will re-emerge. Yes, Pluto also pulled this stunt last year but this one is shorter and more condensed.

If you’re super-observant in the first week of May, you’ll get all you need to know and be able to adjust appropriately or be prepared if someone swans in with a too-good-to-refuse offer that would nonetheless trap you in a stale paradigm.

May 19 to 28 is fortunate for everyone but in your case, the Jupiter-Neptune alignment backs big loves and inspired creativity: anticipate pleasing evolutionary developments and openings in either of these areas.

You may also benefit via a partner or literally dreaming the solution to a persistent piece of weirding.


This month’s Full Moon in Sagittarius is fantastic, really. On May 23, it syncs with Pluto in Aquarius and asteroid Sphinx as well as your solar love sector. Think news or dialogue that requires discretion, has a timeless or even supernatural element and which will expand your intellectual, travel and/or romantic options beyond belief.

Shortly afterward, Jupiter – old Optimus Maximus himself, the ‘greater benevolent’ and patron god of Sagittarians – enters your house of love. Visionary relationship aspirations are back! Think also collaborations and business advisors that just work.

Jupiter also graced this zone between mid-2012 and mid-2013 so anticipate echos of that era from late May onward, but this is the deluxe version.

Mars in fiery Aries is massively onside until June 9 and actual Aries people are either official nemesis factors (jealousy?) or unabashedly on your side and aiding your every venture. If you’re involved with an Aries, they might be a little bit over-helpful so consider tactful ways to temper their enthusiasm if apt.

If you have any potential looming confrontations or disputes, wait till after June 25 if possible or if not, until after May 19. But the only adverse date for dealing with difficult people or institutions would be May 16-18, when Mercury square Pluto favors the mind-warpers and power-trippy people.


The New Moon on May 7/8 trines nurturing Ceres in Capricorn (the Grain Goddess, think also healing and management acumen) and attracts assistance/admiration from your fellow Earth Signs, Virgo + Taurus.

In fact, if you need assistance, why not dissolve your sometimes brittle shell of go-it-aloneness and succinctly set out your requirements right after this New Moon is exact?

If you think about it, part of your Saturn in the solar communications sector experience (active all year) is to recalibrate your self-expression, surely?

Ceres, btw, stays in Capricorn until December, aiding your self-maintenance, life management and executive skills. Any neo-food vibes and alterations to routine are more profoundly productive than they seem on the surface.

Mercury moves into Taurus mid-month and while you made Mercury in Aries work because you’re a Capricorn, this will be a more conducive mercurial ambience for sure. People will seem more receptive to your concepts and less likely to screw up because ‘I misheard’ after May 15/16.

Romantically and artistically, Venus in Taurus until May 24 is an asset but Eros in your (solar) House of Love from May 14 until mid-June evokes the more soulful dimension of relationships, past, present or future.


Aquarians don’t like clutter: physical or cognitive – eg: small talk and obligatory, style-cramping obligations. It’s not moral or anti-stuff – this is about spaciousness.

Pluto in Aquarius has made this more acute and Jupiter conjunct Uranus (just beginning to ebb away now) amped your innovative potential just as other factors emphasized mundane merde.

But think about this: What if all your current workarounds and hyperbolic attempts to ‘fix’ things were not evidence of something dystopian but actually smart moves to solidify your platform ahead of substantial growth?

You know there are things that you do or habitually think which let you down and the fact is that Pluto in your sign accentuates them to the point that you’re on it.

Jupiter into your simpatico Air sign of Gemini from May 25/26 will spark a new, more creatively expansive era and the Jupiter trine to Pluto in Aquarius (May 30 to June 7) has extraordinary potential. And, someone significant could blast into your life around the plutonic Full Moon in Saggo on May 23.

Note also that Jupiter in Gemini sets the scene for your futuristic Uranus, your ruling planet, in Gemini from August 2025. This is wildly reinventive astro. So if you’re raging against the system, machines, money minutiae, administrivia etc, recontextulize: you’re clearing the scene ahead of maximum innovation and a more ‘you’ living regime.


Saturn in Pisces is still a pain but think about it this way: it makes you become hyper-attentive to gnarly issues that were always there but more easily avoidable.

Now that they’ve secured your high-end focus, you’ll come up with profound and lasting solutions to factors like debt, taxation, joint problems, habitual patterns that undermine your cool and/or persistent, difficult emotions.

None of this is fun, as such, but productive? Crazily so. You do, however, get kind of a break from all your saturnine slog when Jupiter sextiles Neptune between May 19 and 28. Developing hopes and dreams from Feb-April 2022 (when Jupiter was conjunct Neptune in Pisces), it’s also just lucky and visionary in its own right.

Other mundanity-antidoting days: May 6-8 and May 13-15, when the Sun and Venus will respectively be in friendly alignment with Saturn, softening the edge a bit. These three opportunity portals above are perfect for confronting administrivia or daunting scenarios.

Relationship-wise, the New Moon in Taurus (May 7/8) aligns to Lilith in your solar love sector, suggesting the possibility of a new – albeit unconventional or invisible to ‘normal’ people – beginning.

But really, if you’re a Pisces who cares about how your romantic life looks to external eyes, check your birth certificate. To be Piscean is to be practically immune to societal expectations, particularly around your love nature.


Mars in Aries repositions you to your preferred role – everybody’s favorite hype person, the be-all & end-all in every scene, hyper-brilliance at high speed. etc. Even if your accomplishments fall way short of your usually grand expectations of yourself, you know something has changed. You’re in a new mode now and anything is possible.

While Mars stays in your sign until June 9, aiding audacious ventures and your risk appetite, you’re also picking up on next year’s major development: Neptune in Aries for the first time since the 1870s!

This is the astrological impetus behind so many Arieans quietly developing an interest in metaphysics, the latest mind-body science or supernatural phenomena at the moment.

You could also be completely dis-interested but experiencing psychic flashes or paranormal scenarios regardless. Magic, you understand, doesn’t care if you believe in it or not.

More on the earthly plane, Venus in your solar $$ sector is a sensational influence and in play until May 24: financial negotiations and your general ‘money qi’ is on the up and yes, it’s a good time for abundance meditations and similar consciousness tools.

You start the month with Pluto turning Retrograde, putting it on track to re-enter Capricorn for a few weeks later in the year. For you this may manifest as a tug/inducement to re-enter a career/business paradigm you exited for good reason.