June Monthly Horoscopes

Pluto in Aquarius is the prologue to Uranus in Gemini from July 2025. If your pursuit of knowledge or cognitive currency seems compulsive, no! You’re building an antifragile matrix of wisdom in prep for future invention/reinvention. Pushing yourself to master maverick subjects or emerging fields is everything.

This Gemini Season is fiery. The first week of June may guest-star ‘hot air’ lunatic narcissists trying to scramble your vibe or steal ideas but with self-control, they’re easily defeated

Venus joins Mars and Lilith in your (solar) communications sector on the 5th. Lingering until October, this eloquence-enhancing influence supports Gemini scribe vibe, romantic rapport and smooth relationships with siblings + neighbors. For audacious moves or daring statements, go with the Mars-Lilith alignment from June 19 to 24.

Mercury in Gemini from June 11 to 27 lifts lucidity and planning clarity but be cautious between June 10-12:people will be more protective of their legacy, past or reputation than they appear to be. Flippancy would flop and expensively so.

Finally, the Gemini New Moon on June 17/18 is conjunct the Galactic Anticenter – think interstellar space shaman, cosmic consciousness upgrade and the awakening/stimulus of innate psychic powers.

Retro-Pluto backs into your relationship sector mid-month, making the terrain from your romantic past seem more hospitable than it probably is. Whether you’re thinking mindset or actual reconciliation, remember that any re-run or apparent ‘return to norm’ from June through till January is unlikely to hold.

If an old nemesis lurches into view, it’s more like a revision test for an exam you’ve already passed. As your June (and July) astro emphasizes success and prosperity, you won’t have the bandwidth for unproductive, let alone vampiric, relationships.

June 19 till June 24 initiates a power-surge of an idea or opportunity and that sparks a Lilith-Chiron career-enterprise activation over late June and all July. AKA: bold moves beget substantial results.

It could also represent the triumph of a venture begun in 2018, when Chiron arrived in Aries.

If you’re free from distractions and vibe vamps, you can riff off your currently amped $$$ sector to overcome persistent merde and win.  This year’s Solstice – June 21/22 – aka the start of tropical Cancer – coincides with Mercury well-connected in your soul sector – your instincts and/or covert intel help bring about new season regeneration.

Advance Notice: July 22/23 till early September will be Venus Retrograde in Leo – this has many blessings but cross cosmetic surgery and wedding ceremonies off your schedule. Ie: if it is Venusian by nature and would be difficult to change back if required, no.

Venus lands in Leo on June 5 and stays until October 9 – Retrograde or not, she conjures new romance and revitalizes the old loves. In your sign for the longest uninterrupted time since 1812, she is also a powerful Muse for creativity, your aesthetic and a myriad of non-romantic affinities.

Venus will also help to quell or channel the pent-up passions amassed with action planet Mars and iconoclastic Lilith already in Leo. Additional charm or a gracious helper can solve diplomatic rifts and dating quagmires alike.

Jupiter gracing your solar career sector magnifies everything so dispense with faux subtlety – it’s quite possible that people prefer the raised volume version of you, perhaps even the gold lame cloak or concerns about the unflattering, aura-dimming lighting.

Time any coups or interactions with institutions/authorities for during the beneficial Jupiter-Saturn synergy – June 14-25. Jupiter softens the Saturnine credit crunch while Saturn augments your sometimes weak grasp of protocols.

Trying to solve a gnarly conundrum of a business or personal relationship? Put it off until after June 14, when positivity -planet Jupiter will be more potent than deficit-conscious Saturn.

With the Time God in your (solar) relationship sector, practically any partnership problem can echo another era or twang unfinished love business. It’s a mind-trip and it’s most tangible around the Full Moon flashpoint of June 3/4.

Venus into your esoteric 12th house on June 5 will accentuate the metaphysical angle, help in healing anything unresolved and possibly inspire a clandestine or parallel romantic situation.

Sure it could be a super-flamboyant Love Zombie escapade but if it were covert love, let’s face it – you have the organizational skills. With Venus here till October, you may also be obliged to keep other kinds of secrets or ensure a victory stays hush-hush.

On June 11, Mercury moves into your simpatico mercurial sign of Gemini, trining Pluto Retrograde in Aquarius exactly as it moves into Capricorn: this suggests a changing of the guard or a power-base shift in your work-place/industry that will benefit you. The key? Pay close attention around then and be ready to seize an opportunity.

Pluto in Aquarius is going to be undeniably brilliant for Librans and it’s followed by Uranus in Gemini – creating an Airy synergy with your Libran Sun for years. So don’t be disconcerted by Pluto’s (June 11) slide-back into Capricorn for the remainder of 2023.

Any deja-vu or reanimated family/ex-partner disputes will be transient and a chance for you to show off the self-mastery you’ve gained over the last few years.

But really, you may not even notice – your ruling planet Venus is in luxe Leo from June 5 until October 9, launching the greatest expansion of Libra love and social opportunities in decades.

Retrograde or not, this is a honeypot and June 10 to 13 is the first of three super-significant Venus-Jupiter squares. Any relationship development, dangling intrigue or social encounter in this little portal of opportunity could blow out into super-sized maximal awesomeness over the next four months.

The downsides? Just the usual costs of doing Venus-Jupiter business – budget blowouts, gossip about your suddenly more overt sex appeal, spending, out-there artwork, love intrigues etc.

You see, while a bigger, richer love life or prospects are often the result of this sort of vibe, it makes everything more maximal.

Hang tight till after the Full $$$ Moon on June 3/4 and try not to confuse your financial narrative with that of others. As Saturn is a component of this flashpoint first week of the month, it’s easy to decline into a self-guilting loop but pull out of that and stay wily.

You have more advantages than you think and one of them is Jupiter in Taurus, your opposite sign for the next year. It represents, amongst other things, great advice from a robust, wise and benevolent business advisor/partner.

The Jupiter-Saturn sync from June 14 to 25 will be a fabulous time to reinforce or acquire this sort of relationship and the character may even materialize before then.

The same Jupiter-Saturn synergy augments meaningful romance and may reflect a deepening commitment. And even if you live happily alone in a desert tower raising phoenixes, the alignment helps holistic wellbeing.

What about June’s triple-Leo phenom – Venus, Mars and Lilith? It’s in your Brilliant Career sector so while your reputation or work image may inspire adoration, fans or skeevy lusts, the main thrust of it – so to speak – is in the realms of ambition.

Fall back in love with your business or a particular project and it will repay you beyond belief.

Everyone knows you have your own methodology for things and that it can look totally whack but when it comes off? Magnificent. Besides who says snowboarding or spending 36 hours straight re-compiling your music isn’t a useful coping mechanism?

Yet you’re not exactly cruising into June – Saturn in your home sector has been a buzz-kill but this is about to change. Do something shamanic or at least silent for the Saggo Full Moon (June 3/4) and then prepare to greet Venus in Leo – aka your Higher Mind sector –  for 16 weeks.

Flanked by accelerants Mars and Lilith, Venus will also connect with Eris and Chiron in Aries over these months. It’s dazzling Fire element energy and it favors visionary Saggo travel, learning, performance and love scenarios. Yes, your narrative arc is trending up again.

Pluto backs into Capricorn at the same time that Venus squares Jupiter (June 10 to 13) suggesting the convergence of a fantastic opportunity and an obligatory debt paydown or having to end something coherently, rather than slipping out the backdoor after midnight/when Arcturus rises.

You see, your Saturn challenge du jour is probably not the saga-worthy existential nemesis you’ve been limbering up to fight – it’s paperwork.

Uncle Pluto will return to the edge of Capricorn from June 11 until January 21 2024. This transitional mini-era will see some people attempt to give outdated protocols another spin or drift back to the comfort of old haunts. You? No way.

Seven months of Pluto tracking back to its March 2022 point isn’t a ‘retreat’ signal – it’s an admin challenge and you already know what you need/want to do. Mars in your solar 8th house till July 11 is fantastic for fearlessly tackling deep topics, over-merged finances and sex, power or intimacy dialogues you’d usually try to transcend.

You’re on mission but June 19 to 23 (Mars conjunct Lilith) and the 24th to 28th (Mars square Uranus) are extraordinarily regenerative.

Consider pushing logistics to mid-July and beyond, when Mars will be in Virgo. June is for broad thinking, bold leadership and telling any ‘inner trolls’ – shame, vibe-sapping habits etc – to rack off.

The hefty Leo presence, Jupiter sextile Saturn from June 14 to 28 and the Solstice all emphasize/awaken your magical Mer-Goat side, the supernatural Capricorn of Mesopotamian legend.

For extra navigational insights and natural genius enhancements, note and observe the ultra-Uranian June 4 to 6.

Mercury in Taurus and Retrograde over April + May did a brilliant job unearthing Aquarian regrets and overlooked factors around housing, family + background. It’s been psychically wearying but Mercury conjunct Uranus from June 4 to 6 will dissipate the ennui.

Stay on high-alert for super-useful intel, genius concepts and the first glimmer of unusual opportunities that will roll out over the next year of Jupiter in Taurus.

Reminder: Jupiterian luck doesn’t usually begin with a “lucky break” – it launches in a great big brassy blast of restless questing and astonishment at how limited something is. That’s the prep – you’d fling thunderbolts to make your point about the latest anachronism if you could.

Pluto Retrograding back into Capricorn from June 11 is not problematic. As it will be trining Mercury at the same time, you can scry for future trend indicators and take the cultural tempo.

Spoiler: You know what’s up – many don’t and they think you’re the out of touch one.

Most brilliantly, June 5 sees Venus land in your love sector until October 9, literally the longest unbroken stay since 1812. However you define it, the next four and a half months, will revive romance, pleasure and conviviality.

The steely platinum accountability rays from Saturn lessen from mid-month, courtesy of Jupiter in a funky sextile with this planet as it turns Retrograde.

In the meantime, a brief Saturn tip: burdens are easier if you accept responsibility for them. The Piscean doomcore spiral starts with self-pity and it drags out the resolution of scenarios. You also want to speed-up the admin this month because the Gemini New Moon has genuinely shamanic potential.

Check the precise time on the Moon Calendar but it’s on the weekend of June 17/18, conjunct the Galactic Anti-Center and square your ruler Neptune in Pisces: this is at a time of heightened space weather as well.

Neptune is square both these galactic points for the next two years and this Moon is your way ‘into’ the rare phenom.

You may have been noticing an upsurge in the paranormal or metaphysical action around you – this is just the start.

You may also enjoy asteroid Eros in Pisces from June 14 – the go-to influence for surreal interpersonal chemistry and endorphin-generating crushes  – love triangles an optional extra.

Your Venus in Leo experience is more likely to involve falling back in love with yourself and demonstrating such via self-care.

Lilith – the Lunar Apogee and biblical upstart – will be in favorable alignment with Rogue Comet Chiron from June 23 till July 14. Think: alliance of outsiders or successful coup and note that your ruler Mars is setting this up from the 19th.

None of this will be muted or a plod by plod obvious move – June accentuates your performative, stunt-creature, Ramzilla impressario.

Your elementally compatible fellow Fire signs are the people who’ll be most aligned with your sensibility but to maximize the month, Taureans are the ones you need.

If no actual Taureans will take your calls, consider a fixed Venusian type as either a business advisor, returning love interest – the surprise guest star of the season – or person who completely gets what you’re trying to do and will let you whirl around the situation room scribbling on the wall.

Ideally, don’t push too hard before the 5th – the Full Moon on June 3/4 has a gnarly Saturn component that could re-trigger ancient angst or simply make others less receptive to Ariean fireworks.

Pluto Retrograding back into your (solar) career sector on the 11th may seem like you’re being summoned back to school when you thought you’d left but it’s more of an atmospheric effect – you realize that some scenes are charades.

The Moon’s Node is in the last month of a 19 month stay in Taurus and Jupiter is aligned with it till the 6th.

Aside from the generally raised chances of meeting people you’re meant to meet, this is an informative phenom – anticipate insights re your identity, image and the role you play in relationships.

Jupiter is in your sign till July 2024 so you’re just at the start of this expansive, fortunate phase. Your ruling planet Venus will square Jupiter on June 10 to 13 and then twice more in August and September.

This is a luck/love activator but because it’s technically a terse aspect, the cosmic largesse could cause a ruckus amongst the envious or disrupt an in place attraction/relationship.

If anything pops off around June 10-13, it’s potentially gigantic in a good way. More broadly, Venus graces your home sector until Oct 9, enhancing decor, housewitchery and real estate genius but also making the Venus Retrograde* phase of this a sub-optimal time for home purchases or huge moves/decisions.

However, given the end-of-Pluto-era housing catharsis, don’t over-fixate on this – do your standard due diligence and obey your instincts.

*Venus is Retrograde from July 22/23 until September 4.

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  1. MoonstoneMagnolia

    Thank you Mystic.
    Beware : debrief ahead from the writer having another gap year.
    Hallelujah the upcoming mid June Astro after last weekend’s full moon storm, also 13th anniversary of only multi Pisces sibling’s suicide, as did my multi Pisces dad when I was a baby. All hit hard this year as “last man standing”.

    My pitched domed unusual tin roof and ancient gutters now full of holes and dangerous. Needs scaffolding as a 1910, Pluto in Gemini (thank you Mystic favourite and most accurate it’s scary, Astro report), sweet romantic cottage. Sadly no specialist roof tradies to repair and/or replace at mind blowing even for a little Leo cost, so listening to steady drips of rain in pressed tin ceilings and horror predictions from those who come to look, but can’t help as too busy or difficult beyond their abilities. A Saturn return no, been there twice and have the T-shirt(s).
    Looking forward to the sweetness returning. Thank you bloggers and Mystic.

    I’m going to allow my 1 degree little Leo to play today, tell the Saturn Scorpio square bang in middle of 9th career house to piss off, though loathe Taurus moons as a fixed, stubborn sun sign too. Mars Sagg retro, hence flat, problematic feet (thank you Pisces ascendant and sun square Saturn) with zero sporting prowess, but she’ll eat good food, laugh and cuddle her beautiful fully Leo socialite pooch, who never tells her off.

    End of debrief Xxx

  2. Penelope Darling

    I’m desperate to finish my PhD over the next two months and the astro looks supportive. I’m Pisces Sun and Cancer Rising.

    1. Mars in Virgo from mid-July will be epic for you in this case, especially when it gets to your 3rd house!

  3. Love “doomcore spiral” in Pisces….. I have been spiralling with no way out but now time to accept and move on!!!! Thank you Mystic 💙

    1. So happy to hear this helped and the mid-month lift will be tangible I feel! And yes, the doomcore spiral dampens the magic!

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