August Monthly Horoscopes

Hekate is a distinctly nocturnal influence to be conjunct the Sun in blazing Leo but here she is anyway. The Goddess of Magic makes the Aquarian Full Moon (Aug 1-2) into a self-realization scene – unless you’re resolutely anti-magical, you become aware of an emergent new metaphysical property or talent.

This comes with Mercury and Mars in hot pursuit of fiscal outcomes you wouldn’t usually dream of pursuing. Or rather you would but then you’d bat the phantasm away like a gnat. But harness this power for exceptional results, particularly between Aug 15-18 and Aug 23-26.

Joyously however, Venus still reigns supreme. While you would have seen her in Evening Star mode for the last several weeks, Venus passes between the Earth and Sun on August 13-14 before re-appearing a week later as the Morning Star.

It’s the most mystical zone of your Venus Retrograde and manifest as fantastic virtual miracles of pleasure, inspiration, rromantic realizations and relationships. This is your cue to tactically withdraw from any relationship or self-expression dramas in play, seek your own counsel and divest yourself of expired trappings and regalia.

Saturn in your opposite sign dampens frivolous passions but augments substantial attractions and relationships. If a scenario shows itself to be essentially a confection or you realize the hollowness of a particular person, thank the old grouch sage and turn your mind to more worthwhile alliances.

This applies equally to commercial partnerships – the Saturnine influence means you’re aware of paucity and that if they’re continuous, even the most minor micro-irks can dangerously deplete your vibe.

August affords you the manifest blessing of Mars + Mercury in your sign, your energy and focus will be ultra-hyped and noticed. August 9-11 is a uniquely fortune-favors-the-Virgo style of alignment – seed fabulous things then and watch them grow over September.  Outpacing people need not trigger a default guilt-trip or dull inner monologue.

Mars opposite Neptune (Aug 21-24) is prime turf for dud deals and delusionary investments but it may also feature an insight or news that prompts a moment of gratitude and perhaps a prayer for your former self. The Mars-Pluto sync from Aug 23 to 26 comes as the Sun arrives in Virgo and fulfils or benefically develops an ambition from early 2022.

Mars in Libra will aerate your astro-atmosphere and quicken even the more sluggardly of your interests. But as it’s not until the 27th, draw on bounteous Ceres in Libra (till Sept) instead. Ceres represents nourishment, food, healthy harvests, matriarchal energy and sedate, low-key abundance or prosperity.

Evade or postpone all but strictly necessary confrontations – why? Your 12th house is so activated you need peace for the spiritual dev and you’re less sure of boundaries than usual. You don’t want to be prosecuting an offense that is more of a saga to your subconscious than the material world.

You’re also soaking up unbelievably cool cosmic rays from the South Node and Neptune all month. Anticipate stronger awareness of life patterns – especially relationships – and encounters with soul-connected people. You’re a metaphysical marvel but far too switched on for some of the situations you were quite fond of as recently as May. 

Retro-Venus reprises her mid-June Jupiter square, helpfully sending any too-small/overly begrudging dynamics scurrying. If they/it can become bigger, you’ll know it for sure when this alignment returns for the third time in Oct.

Aquarian Full Moons are not your natural habitat but this month’s one (Aug 1/2) illuminates the actual solution to a persistent vexation. It could be anything but the most probably theme? The encroachment of a career or commerce concern on a relationship or vice-versa. Transcend assumptions, tune in and voila – a more spacious perspective.

Publicity or reputational matters could be haywire between August 13 to 17, as retro-Venus in Leo moves from Evening to Morning Star mode. Self-promo or dabbling in gossip/rumors would have unpredictable results – switch to core Scorp. That is, high-mystique, undisclosed destination, classified everything and tightly-calibrated scripting.

August 21-26 is fantastic for re-appearing on the scene – any scene – and coups or new ventures. Mars in a regenerative alignment with Pluto and conjunct erudite Sappho backs word-witchy projects or the sort of sensual synergy that’s big on poetic mind-melds.

Mars squares Sorceress Circe and the Galactic Center at the same time, adding an interstellar (super out-there) tone to endeavours and ensuring that vast-scope concepts attract suitably scaled interest or funds.

Mars in Virgo doesn’t feel innate but you’re probably already relishing the results, at least the quiet thrill of ticking off items accomplished. Mercury is also in Virgo until October and this needs management. An echo of your most-likely quite productive mid-2016, this mercurial scenario involves awesome opportunity and a haphazard Mercury Retro.

First, fence off August 23/24 until September 16 and turn it into a no-go zone for sudden swerves, pivots and impulsive generosity. No good deed goes unpunished when Mercury pulls a stunt like this. It’s un-Sagg but ensure you measure your time, ideas value + contributions this month and next. Then, schedule a digital detox or data audit for asap.

These precautions in place, you’re set up for the epic Mercury-Jupiter trine from August 9-11. If you think they’re only  a few days, re-think. It’s an exceptional config that sets serendipity in motion with an anticipated brilliant outcome locked in for the finale Mercury-Jupiter trine shortly after the September Equinox.

August is not as zoomed-in as all this suggests – Neptune squares the Galactic Center all month so happy astral travels and deep time/high-energy physics discoveries!

So far, Venus Retrograde in your solar 8th sector could have aroused sharp recall of previous aesthetic aspirations, triumphs and flops. Ditto your travails in the more shallow end of the mating pool. With Pluto aggravating the Lunar Nodes at the same time, some of these reveries could have segued into darker material or nostalgic pangs for another era. This sort of thing, coupled with a culture in transformation, can do a Capricorn’s head in. But guess what?

The Sun aligns with Hekate and Venus is conjunct Lilith – this is renegade vibe. Your first week of August will feature a transmogrification stunt in which you churn all the outstanding issues and unfinished business into a bold new biz, life and love model. This is not a wallow and neither your nor Venus are actually back-tracking – it’s an intensive.

Others are likely to toggle themselves in and out of your life, reference only their imaginary timeline or emit scrambled signals with alarming confidence but don’t you dare waste brainpower deciphering it all.

For practical purposes, there is no Rosetta Stone of relationships. People can either communicate clearly or they can’t. Redirect your mind to the new modalities, discoveries and/or publishing + academic accolades that come with Mercury in Virgo till Oct.

The Full Moon influencing August 1 to 3 is lucidity incarnate which would be great if you weren’t fresh out of Saturn School. You just majored in lucid life takes so you’ll pass, right? Well, it’s difficult to ignore the Moon this month – you’ve probably already noticed it hovering ultra-close to Earth, staging dramatic pop-up appearances as if to punctuate your more profound thoughts of late. You may need a Full Moon protocol?

Consider this: The Full Moon is conjunct minor planet Chariklo – a good-natured mermaid evidently happily married to a centaur. Before you scoff, think about technically incompatible factors in your life that you’ve wedded so brilliantly you’re barely even aware of it. Then noting that this F.M. is quincunx Mars/Mercury yet at odds with Mercury, realize that more blatantly owning/feeling your hybrid triumph will quicken your success and fulfillment.

The Venus-Sun alignment on August 13-14 illuminates your most clandestine of significant relationship mysteries. The interim week that follows – when Venus is invisible from Earth before reappearing as the Morning Star – can spark magnificent artistic, spiritual and sensual/relating insights.

Be wary of fixed energy, conventional people between Aug 15-17 and anticipate a coup or brilliant news between Aug 23-26.

Magician Mercury is in (solar) your house of love until October and there hasn’t been a Mercury phase like this for seven years! Expect fabulous insights and revelations re lovers – former, future, current – during the Retrograde from August 23/24 till September 16 along with useful, nuanced rapport or dialogue from now!

Why is it so extra? Well, it begins with a benevolent alignment with Jupiter in Taurus, setting the stage for larger-than-usual developments in all forms of partnership. You meet or get to spend more time with people who love the way you think and talk. The first exact hit of this epic synergy is from August 9 to 11, there is another from September 3-5 and then the finale from September 25-26 will be the charm.

If you’re a writer or trying to pull together a thought-intensive project, this mercurial input is your friend. Precautions: be careful with intellectual property and use that actual Mercury Retrograde for editing, revising and sleuth-work – especially if you think you have a plagiarist or for a second opinion on something detailed or involving numbers.

And like cousin Saggo, you’re straddling two worlds this month – your worldly nuance-frenzy and the cosmic vortex of Neptune square the Galactic Center. 

Eris-Persephone is alongside the Moon’s Node in Aries from late August till mid-October, making a Grand Fire trine with the Galactic Center and Lilith then Hekate. If you think this sounds like your kind of deal, yes! It plays to your strengths in that the config suits intrepid forward momentum and self-validated progress.

It may not feel like it right now but you will get the additional oomph factor and robust help that you need to zoom through these weird months of Pluto in Capricorn. Recall that Pluto zipped into Aries-favoring Aquarius in March but then retrograded back into the end degrees of Capricorn in June.

The months between then and January’s return of Pluto to Aquarius are a kind of inter-regnum phase – they suit people like you who can strike out on their own if need be – culturally and in economic enterprise at least.

Romantically, you’re verging on a Venusian-inspired expansion or encounter sufficient to sway even the most love-cynical Ramzilla. If there is a downside it’s that Venus Retro slows everything to half-speed but by the New Moon in Leo on August 16 – right before Venus manifests her Morning Star appearance – you’ll enjoy epic relationship clarity.

Feel the Full Moon fracas and do it all anyway. The undeniably batty aura of Aug 1 to 3 must not be a deterrent to your latest venture or newly affirmed career confidence. Even apparent chaos will clear the scene for your imminent rise – remember: Pluto in Aquarius is a Taurean vocational play  – evolutionary change is the passage to power.

You actually know all this – you’ve had Uranus in your sign since 2018, pressured by Saturn in recent years. The trick with August till January is that the change has already occurred – the ramifications will take a while longer to roll out. So rather than being phased by changes or unreliability, think through the trends.

Mercury makes an abundance-generating alignment to Jupiter in your sign from Aug 9 to 11, more or less at the same time that Venus squares Uranus in Taurus. Taureans are allergic to ambiguity but you may need to wear this – it suggests brilliant news and dialogue but which necessarily disrupts a relationship or cosy niche.

Mercury will turn retro from Aug 23/24 so this alignment occurs twice more – you’ll need to hang out with the mixed feelings for longer than you may prefer. Yet as always, delays during planetary retrogrades will yield surprise rewards!

This month’s tension zones are hush-hush, as it’s the planets in your (solar) soul sector which are most likely to be aggravated. Rapid growth, brilliant but demanding opportunities and crowded hours mean you may not have the solitude or ‘pottering’ space that you need to bring your psyche up to speed. Mind-Psyche lags are very ‘Gemini in 2023’ but this is one trend you’ll want to duck.

As you also have galactic level love and affinity potential, you can’t hurtle around like a rogue satellite or peddle last decade’s coping strategies. Retro-Venus square Jupiter from Aug 21 to 25 is over the top but totally brilliant for all forms of relationship.

Most of August features Mars in Virgo, one part a relentless onslaught of household tasks, bizarre fix-it puzzles or jinxed antics from family characters and one part victory as you create/up-vamp a true sanctuary.

With your ruler Mercury turning Retrograde on Aug 23/24, you ideally set late August and most of September as unavailable for fresh real estate or home moves – particularly the counter-instinct ones. Stay put, score your seclusion space and you could find that an avenue which was closed to you reopens over this period.

The rebel array in Leo spur you on to ‘spend-it-to-make-it’ plans while the line-up in Taurus counsels caution and slo-mo planning with a budget. Both strategies are correct and have merit but your ideal way forward merges them both – no more self-guilting or weird moral weighting.

It’s relevant now as both the Full Moon (Aug 1-3) and New Moon (Aug 16) are financially provocative but profitable if well-played. This is not your ancestor’s economy – update your everything. Love presents hefty choices – the security of a known quantity or something in place versus the lure of a new approach…or person.

Venus Retrograde will align with Lilith, Jupiter and Uranus this month, creating fascinating dilemmas around the lust, individuality and commitment matrix.

It’s the same in creativity and self-expression or image: should you adhere to a longtime paradigm or prepare a revolutionary morph under the cover of Venus Retrograde?

Anticipate answers, celestial cues and useful indicators from others over Aug 13 to 18 but do not allow yourself to be beguiled when Mars opposes Neptune – Aug 21 to 24. If you have a too-persuasive temptation, banish them till Sept.