Moving House Evokes Moon Energy

Standing by the front door, she turned for one last look, aware that she would never be coming back. The thought made the apartment appear unbelievably shabby, like a prison that only locked from the inside, bereft of any picture or vase. The only thing left was the bargain-sale rubber planet on the balcony, which she had bought instead of goldfish.

She could hardly believe she had spent years of her life in this place without any question or discontent. “Good-bye,” she murmured, bidding farewell not so much to the apartment as to the self who had lived there.

Haruki Murakami – 1Q84

Moving stirs up your natal Moon and evokes major nostalgia related to all the other times you’ve ‘left home’ or moved in/out/on.

Consciously it makes complete sense and your mind is flat-out with the myriad of details such a transformation inevitably incurs. But your birth Moon is timeless and even the most desired move is unsettling on the lunar level.

Some homes are harder to leave than others; the moves that hurt are those where you need to walk around, feeling the memories and letting go, consciously saying goodbye. Some say shifting house is up there with divorce or bereavement – it’s the combo of letting go/moving on with about 1000 details to organize.

You need to connect the power, deal with your accumulated stuff – so much more stark when boxed, for some reason – and try to settle your Moon nature – scent can help, if the new place smells like ‘you,’ it’s soothing to one’s limbic, lunar self.

And if you make the bed your first priority, it may seem impractical but it means you can conk out there when ready and do everything else in the morning. A power-sleep in your bed, with sheets and whatever fragrance feels like home to your Moon is enormously restorative.

If you can time your move – not always possible, I realize – aim to make it on a Mutable Moon, when change is the order of the day and in a week without any gnarly alignments to your personal Moon.

As the Murakami quote above expresses so brilliantly, part of the pain of moving is that the place we’re leaving sheltered our previous self so would it be helpful to visualize your emerging self? Or should movers just get on with it, getting in touch with the part of their psyche that is nomadic…or at least not bound by space and place?


Image: Giorgio Chirico

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  1. Aqua-cap-Gemini

    Isn’t that interesting. I moved in September of the year this post was made. It wasn’t pre-meditated, rather a respose to an untenable situation. I’ve moved twice since. Uranus shifting to Taurus is happening mid way in my 4th house. Inside, changes have been happening, small steps, over the past couple of months. In the middle of an adjustment at present. I’ve phoenixed myself and moved regularly enough to know that home is where I am, even if that is an unknown, I know that even in uncertainty, a home is there, waiting to be found and discovered. You can have a house, or you make it a home. Now, off to start the dough for my double ferment bread. Cook it tomorrow morning πŸ˜‰ Home takes it’s time. You have to sit inside it and allow it to unfold. Kind of like fermenting.

  2. OMG, when I first read this a couple of days ago, I searched the memory banks, and could not recall any particular stories about saying good bye to a home or place. It just hit me now though (apropos of the full moon, I suppose) – Many years ago I had a spine-tingling good bye to a city I once lived in. I have lived on this particular island on the Gulf of Mexico twice now in my life. The night before I moved from there for a second time, I went down to the beach to say good bye to the ocean. I stood on the dry sand, and said a silent prayerful good bye. I felt sad to leave the place again, as it has always had a special meaning to me. As I was standing there, a wave came in, rushing the surf high up onto the dry sand where I was standing. The line of surf had not come that high previously that night – I could tell because the sand where I was standing was loose and dry. Yet at that moment, it rose to that level, met me right at the edge of my toes and then receded. No one can tell me that the Gulf was not kissing me good bye at that moment.

  3. When I left my last place, I meditated and walked thru it thanking each room, and the flat as a whole for providing me with the perfect place to recover at that time. It was perfect for me then, but no I grew out of it. Now as a backpacker, I am keenly aware of how much I crave a new home. A safe place for my next stage. But I don’t know where it is, I just know where it is not…

  4. 4 years ago, just this month, I left my land, my home, the house I helped build with my own hands, after 14 years. Due to a breakup I initiated. My heart and soul broke. Left vulnerable, I was unable to defend myself from the horror relationship that followed.

    I still own said home and land with the ex, whom I get along well with. His girlfriend and him live there. I refuse to sell my half even though I left. I live in a crackerjack box now, but it is all mine.

    I mourned. I broke. I still my miss my home, my house my children were born in. I carry that still.

  5. Mmmm, home is a massively important concept to me. Like so many other commenters in this thread, this post really struck a deep chord… With Cancer Rising, I get very sentimental about where I belong, and where I feel safe. To me, comfort will always be associated with being with my family, having my mother and father look after me. My mother is not warm or gooey, but she has always had a wonderful maternal care taking ability when it is needed. Earlier in the year I was very sick with glandular fever and she insisted I fly interstate to stay with them so she could take care of me. It was exactly what I needed, and I’m so grateful I could do that.

    When I get down, anxious or lost, home with my mother and father is where I want to be and in my adult life, finding my own place and environment where I feel that same sense of security is probably the ultimate thing I’m striving for, even though it’s not something I talk about openly.

  6. my beloved sister-in-law just died. She was a goddess. She slipped her mortal chains yesterday – via a stroke. She left behind a body racked with cancer and pain. Last night I looked up into the cold dark winter sky and saw the fierce orbs of a jet plane, heard the thunder of its passing overhead. The great engines were heading north to sunnier climes. Blue skies for my sister. She’s free.

  7. Lux Interior is My Co-Pilot

    Revamping, re-flooring and de-cluttering BIG time. That’s Pisces for ya. With the crap goes a former self.

  8. Love the Murakami quote.

    I am not so much “moving” as “on the move” (even though an actual move(s) is a part of it)

    Have no idea what this means….although it is quite true!

  9. During the crazy eclipse season, I got a new job in a new state half a continent away from my current home. I move at the end of July/early August for the job that starts in mid-August. Up until last weekend, the prospect of the move was just “meh.” Now I’m really starting to feel excited–no sadness is really attached to the move. I’m even thrilled at the concept of de-cluttering as I’m not bringing anything “bad” from my “old” life to the new place.

  10. I have Uranus on the edge of the 4th in Leo and am currently packing up with no where to go yet. The landlord’s house was taken over by the bank and they want an empty place to sell. I’ve moved 17 times in 56 years including 3 different countries! At one time, 3 years in a row with a family. Is it good to move in a Mercury Retrograde – does anyone know? Signing leases and things? I have to admit to wanting to “go home”, to somewhere I feel I belong and can be safe and secure. My memories of my childhood home have been very acute just of late – I thought it was just the looming move!

  11. Was meaning to journal about the concept of “space” and what it means to me now in the wakeup of my breakup. And I’ve just moved back home after end of semester. Had to say goodbye to my room and my relationship. Space and expansiveness came to mind. Letting go.

    Yes the break up is now permanent. I feel like the curtain has lifted. Family and friends have been incredibly supportive. They’ve finally got to me to realise how deep I was in a toxic relationship, how many red flags I chose to ignore and the mentality of the person I was with. Even after formally ending the relationship by speaking to the head of my family he couldn’t resist texting me about how much he cared about me because he took the “blame” – because for the last month he has been aggressively trying to make me just say that the end of this relationship is my fault entirely!

    Yes home/space/good byes (or in my sister’s words good riddance)/ moving away are all what’s going on!

    A HUGE thanks to all those who commented/ inspired/ listened and shared their perspective with me on this site. I think it’s one of the reasons I survived a complete nervous breakdown from being with a bully. Much love xxx

  12. Empty 4th house (Leo Virgo), besides psyche and some Egyptians (Sekhmet directly on my IC- destroy!) and I love to move. In fact, it’s fair to say that my need to change house every year was a large factor in the breakup of my marriage to can-tau-scorp crappy unsettled childhood guy. He was all about buying a home. Which to me is some unspeakable Spanish Inquisition type action.

      1. Now there’s an adventure! Maybe once we get through this Saturnian white plastic sheeting purgatory we can ride our bicycles to freedom. Mothership, wherefore art thou??

  13. leolilithrising

    Just had a eureka moment – I left home at age 20 (!) with my fiance in secret while my parents were away (on separate trips to each visit a dying parent, god how incredibly insensitive of a child was I) so we could elope. We lasted a couple months shy of three years, but I never moved back home. I suddenly understand that this could be why I’ve never been able to fully let go of my childhood self when I go home to visit. Yes, everyone has their moments of returning to the comfortable familiarity of a place in the family, but when I go home I have to fight the urge to revert to the adolescent big sister attitude. This I now realize is the result of that lack of closure. I never had the chance to move out with my parents’ blessing, to gain the recognition that I was adult enough to live on my own or with someone else.
    –>So how does that fit with my namesake Isis in cancer in my 12th house? Is it like that sneaking and doing things on the down low and doing things one shouldn’t to flout certain “moral rules”?
    My mother has her sun in Kataka and I’ll note that my relationship with her, though it was never really strained when I was growing up, seems to have solidified and become much stronger since I moved out, and I’m always noticing how “odd” it is to have an adult relationship with her. My dad will never stop thinking of me as his little girl, even when he is telling me that I’m an adult – but I have a suspicion that my mother was always waiting for me to grow up so she could enjoy my company without the responsibility of motherhood attached.

    1. leolilithrising

      I wanted to say also – I’m getting married this weekend to a man who is without a doubt the most perfect soulmate in the universe for me (his Eros & my Psyche in Libra, how perfect?! Thank you for the Soulmating book, Mystic, and for reinforcing with writing in the stars what we already knew!). We have gone home to visit many many times – but this will be the first time that my family has ever been to our house. It definitely feels like a transition/new stage in our relationship. And I wonder whether them being here, on my “territory”, so to speak, will affect how I react to being around them. Perhaps will provide that closure, in a way?

  14. So poignant, Mystic!
    I just had a slight meltdown the other day about my living situation. Living with my parent but I want to move out. Have enough money to buy something but dont know if I should since I know my explorer spirit won’t stay in LA for long.
    Also love the security but hate being told how to live my life. Deep cancerian issues abound.

  15. electric eel libran

    what kind of placements does one have or not have to never experience the pang of leaving home?

    my Ic and the house cancer is in is empty. i have moved manyt times, at least 12 times and I’ve never looked back in fondness before.

    1. more and more i’ve realized that home is not a physical place, but resides in my head and i’m starting to be comfortable and content with that. like you, i’ve moved a lot and lived everywhere. i’m always in flux with that saggo moon, and prefer it that way. the irony is that i feel the most at home, when i can comfortably afford to hop around. with saturn rx in my 7H, there’s been emo pangs for someone to travel with…so my subconscious has resorted to vivid astral dreams

      i also have a pretty empty IC house but in leo. my NN is posited there so there must be some soul mission there.

      1. Electric Eel Libran

        Maybe you should be a realtor? =)

        NN on the IC seems like it should be a big deal no? Maybe start a home business or join your family’s biz?

      2. i’d be a good realtor but don’t want to sell anything for a quota…i dunno. however here’s a story. i guess tried it in a way…rehabbing and selling with a friend of mine right before the bust. we’d try for 1 or 2 foreclosed properties a year, but it was very slow going, as we both weren’t keen on leveraging out our ass, we both worked full time plus. we’d live in it while we did some minor diy repairs, my partner more than me, and called it home for 6 months. we must have sucked since other people were making out bandits as our margins weren’t great, but was a fun life project nonetheless. plus we didn’t go down like the titanic when that whole housing atm mirage was obliterated.

        so that ultimately shaped how i never really wanted to own a home ever again….maybe that will change one day, but having gone thru the process so many times, i’d rather “lose” on rent then have property “equity” masquerading as a debt bomb and freedom anchor. plus the Fed is fuqed right now without much monetary policy options left, um time to taper the bond purchases bertanke, any yields past 1 year is shrieking like ed munch’s The Scream. no thank you please.

        funny you mention feeling the home biz , Eel. right now i have a decent job that allows me to work part time at home but i’m too erratic to consider it enough growth. i’m on the cusp of having enough experience to consult for a firm or go solo so i can travel more. looking for more job leads that will position me better. also my father has his own biz that he always hints to at me to join, but can’t work for him at the current time. we’ve grown way apart, and he’s a control freak, micro monger, quite a brilliant and awesome dude yet a bit megalomaniac. *shudder*

        so my strategy has been to mine the pluto on my MC vaguely opposite the NN energy as much as possible. i’ve found retreat in my work and been uplifting, yet yearning to put down some roots feng shui some walls, etc.

      3. Re: home, I built my dream home 15 yrs ago with ex partner builder. I designed lead light windows and had fireplace and claw foot bath and studio. The idea was to subdivide my property and build 2 townhouses and sell one to finance project. Unfortunately my ex wasn’t really into it and it ended up taking 4 long years of stress, finally sold one to be financially worse than when we started, dream house with huge mortgage I couldn’t afford. Of course we broke up during as well. Rented for a year, eventually sold and now have nice apartment, but oh I miss the bath, fireplace, windows and studio sometimes. So I suppose it’s been demonstrated to me that feeling at home isn’t just about the actual house. Actually realised I don’t need that much materially.

      4. there is something to be said about a nice bathroom with perfect lighting that is also clean but isn’t sterile either. anything i rent, the bathroom has to be renovated + cozy + immaculate. wont ever compromise there.

      5. yes but you guys this is the deepest part of the chart therefore this will be a far more amazing feat, it is to go deep. To be emotional to show your emotions. To take pride in your emotions for gren and for EEL it is to nurture everything about yourself. Be moody, work less, study ancestry, history. Dont be afraid to cry, to bake, to make to love, to love to love and to love some more. gren with a leo 4th house should throw grand parties while doing it, be creative at home build some fort sheets, show the child in you at home. Have kids at home take your time and lesiure at home, play act in the mirror at home, gren take the lead do what you WILLin your home, shine help people shine within your home.

        10th house is familliar easy but ultamately unfufilling. this is the placement of going home early, punching out saying no to promotions saying yes to retirement working from home. gathering people around the home. Knowing the ins and outs of the home, putting amazing amounts of energy into the home brings amazing results from the home. become attached.. make memories reminece be sentimental. FEEL of the past…

        Good luck guys…

      6. this was artfully written and it spoke to me so thank you for sharing and both houses have been sanctuaries of late. creativity in both houses, but home has allowed me to go back in time and retreat to my 1990 child self lured by the summer vibe and listening to many airy electronica

      7. electric eel libran

        aww thanks alsm! good advice! My scorp moon is in the 12th house so I am plenty moody and emotional. i do love baking though.

        thanks for the 4th house advice!
        The guy I’m flirting with these days has 4th house moon in Aqua conj Sun. He’s sort of in denial of home and hearth. :3

  16. this post is pretty much my life at the moment! I’ve been thinking lately that I need a life reset… shedding all that I have know and re discovering my true essence and one of those things is leaving my current apartment. It feels heavy and dark and I kind of dread waking through that door each night even though its white and light. I guess Just like the post – I need to walk away leave so much of what I have let define me, hold me back from doing that any longer… The past really does need to stay in the past now and I’ve been a hermit for long enough so its back to civilization & happy people lastly not paying huge amounts of crazy rent for a place I don’t love… thanks Mystic that post was just what this little scorpio needed πŸ˜‰

  17. Mystic you are so spot on it’s unbelievable!
    Living the nomadic life, unrooted myself from Newfoundland, the East coast of Canada. On my way to the West coast to go work in the Rocky Mountains in a remote lodge. No more home, jumping into the unknown. Exhilarating, scared, nostalgic, wondering, endless possibilities but also out of my comfort zone.

    Neptune and Chiron are transiting in my fourth house.
    Don’t feel at home anywhere.

  18. Wow, this is great, it is the way I feel when I have left houses and jobs. It is like, ‘well so long, thanks for that chapter”. What saddens me though is how parts of your life can seem like they almost never existed when you move around. It is almost like you have this store of memories that you know are yours, but they seem like a story. Maybe it is the Kataka in me, but I think that is why we collect photos, art, furniture etc. and have a connection to our home as it is a way to keep memories alive and real.

    I am about to move back into a house I have rented out for a few years while I have lived in a regional area.

    1. … To continue, I am looking forward to it, but also a little anxious that it is not going to be what I remember it to be. Sometimes it is better to let memories mature like a good red, and savour them for what they are, not what they were..

  19. All of this Kataka stuff is in my 1st house. I tend to go with houses rather than the sign itself. It ‘splains my life more. e.g. all this gemini action, there have been invisible walls between me and the rest of the world for the past many months, 12th house. so I don’t know how to balance the kataka commentary with what is 1st house action-ating-ness.

  20. How many times have I done this. And how many times has the pain of letting go been exquisite. In the last 16 years I have moved house 14 times. And me a cancer! But the hardest bit to bear is that none of these places yet since I was born, has been home. There has never been a place where I have felt like I belong and am complete. That the walls surround and protect me. I have always been a stranger in a strange land no matter where or with whom. Until I met a man. His arms have provided me with that sensation I have so longed to find. But alas it has again been move on, since the eclipse season. I am though totally happy that I have touched that feeling and know now what it is like to go home.

  21. I’ve almost been in my current place 2 years. In the last 8 months it has started to feel more like a lovely sanctuary. It has coincided with a period of career change for me that is still a work-in-progress. Wrote my first book here (since published), started my business. Realised how much it meant to me, that it was my home, when I came home after that first 10 days visiting Mum in hospital post stroke. Lease is up for renewal but, unlike last year, landlord hasn’t sussed me out to renew. Maybe a move is on the cards…

  22. Pisces sun & moon / Kataka asc

    Murakami spoke to me !!!!!!!!!! I bought a flat 14 years ago, lived in it for 9 – renovated, poured my heart & soul into it, friends, one lover (only one), dinner parties, lovely memories – a few not so lovely, then moved out for 2 and rented it out to tenants (because I didn’t want to live there anymore but couldn’t bring myself to sell it) and then moved back in and have been here for past 3 years and now I WANT TO MOVE OUT … It’s as if I needed to experience life outside of this space that I worked so hard to obtain and like (just like) what I’ve done to it but it doesn’t feel like home … it’s def time to move – this post is VERY timely for my current state of mind/heart – thank you MM and to everyone else for sharing their stories xxx

  23. 😯

    I’ve never really felt at ‘home’ in a house I’ve lived in since I left my childhood home after my parents died. That is until I moved into the house I’m currently in. Dr Aqua and I have been here for years and years and during that time we’ve tried to buy a house, move to another area and even another state but nothing worked out. This place has reconnected me with what a home is and what it represents and I’m really grateful for that.

  24. Kakata/Aries68

    Wow!!! I was never nostalgic about my many, many homes growing up (my Dad was in a job where we moved around a lot – 3 homes in one year once). But the older I get, the more I want to go back and visit some of my favourite places that I lived. My parents have lived in the one place for 30 years – it’s still my home, the place I go and feel “safe”.

    I said my painful good-bye in March to my last home that was the result of an 18 month search to purchase – and said good-bye to the husband of 16 years at the same time. The house was everything I wanted in our next home, but the soon to be ex always made me feel like it was a burdensome house (one of the many reasons for our split). After I’d finished the final cleaning for the new owners, I walked around each room, took more photos, sat on the floor in the middle of the living room and cried by eyes out for almost an hour – for so many reasons. The house that we bought that was to be our home until our 11 year old son flew the family nest. The many years of hard work to be able to afford it. And at the end of it all, I realised, it’s just bricks & mortar – I would be a happier person in a different environment.

    And now… I’m renting a townhouse that feels so much more like “home” than that huge “all I ever wanted” house. My son loves it – it’s small and decorated to my taste (after years of having to conform to someone else’s taste and not having a voice in it all).

    The security of my own home is gone, but not falling into the socially acceptable standard of being a mortgage owner doesn’t bother me in the way it once did. My home is where I’m happy, where my son is happy and where the important people in my life are always welcome. For the right here, right now time… it’s perfect.

  25. Moved 12 times in the space of as many years. Soon to move again but this time after a longer stay.

    Each time it was the preparation to move, the packing, the nostalgia that was the hardest part. Like having to be winched from a well worn in armchair.

    But the feeling of relief and release once that door was closed…losing a thousand kilos of hoarded garbage. Freedom to start again.

  26. Wherever I lay my hat, that’s my home. πŸ™‚

    Never get nostalgic for homes I’ve lived in. I love leaving it all behind and moving on. I only get nostalgic for experiences I’ve had.

    Moon in Saggo 11th house / square Uranus.

    1. electric eel libran

      me too!
      i feel like an alien because i can’t relate to any of it. But maybe I’ll feel differently about my current home since I customized it so much, esp the bath.

      1. i feel like an alien (natal psyche in Aqua in 1st) whenever I visit my parents and I’m always relieved to leave… duty out of the way.

        You have 10th house as well don’t you?

        I have an empty 7th as well. Family and home has never been a concept I’ve identified with. Me, myself and I – that’s family to me.

      2. electric eel libran

        10th house stellium with saturn in my 7th house.

        i have to create my family because the ones that I was born with are ???

  27. odd. despite the moon in taurus in the 9th, i’ve moved very few times in my life: my parent’s house, college, apt in ny, apt in la.

  28. aw, listen to you all – you’re all so beautiful <3

    well, seems like everything I have been striving to understand through my thesis about place and belonging can be explained by astrology πŸ™‚

    1. hey Calypso, can you please paste the link to the abandoned places website. I thought I had bookmarked it but apparently not. Want to send it to Katakan. He loves that stuff too. πŸ™‚

      1. yaaay. Thank you!!!
        It was the second one but that thanks for the other. Awesome! πŸ™‚ x

      2. welcome! of course he would be into it right, if Kataka is the sign of nostalgia πŸ™‚

      3. He’s a bit of a hoarder too. πŸ™ My mars in Virgo just wants to clean and tidy it all up!!

  29. Walking around my rented abode; each year we sign another lease – each year that we spend here with our 2 young children becomes in a way, more precious – so many memories of their childhood made here. It will be a huge chapter closing when we do eventually find it time to leave here. The last place I left before coming here, moving interstate, I was wrenched so hard, I was cleaning the floors in the empty flat and balling my eyes out. Exhausted with a one year old baby, & from packing up & cleaning; sad about leaving my seaside suburb, and lay on the floor in a patch of sunlight weeping uncontrollably , in the empty room we had conceived our baby in 2 years before. Moving can be so hard. In the recent post about hoarding vs minimalism, one of the posters had stuff, but enough only to be free to be able to move in 24 hours. I look around here, and wonder how long it would take to move out. More than 24 hrs I’d say!

  30. My Katakan/Scorpio Moon bestie moves into her new home today!, so your timing is immaculate Mystic! I have her and her families soup here on the stove, artisan bread, and new soup bowls as house warming pressue from Kikki.k one of her fav stores.(thank you Myst, for all you have taught me over the years! I feel like I know the way to her heart now!)..will drop over before sunset. She’s closer now too.
    She has been through so much heart wrenching loss since the first Gemini eclipse over a year ago. She is amazing, indestructible and I love her to death.

  31. This post is so me… Imagine having moon and uranus in the 4th people- the emotions which are already intense on there own- in the intensly feeling sign of scorpio -in the 4th no less, Leeme tell ya it doesnt take a mathmatician to see this set up aint easy.

    Moon is deeply rooted fixed and tramatized in scorpio, sitting in its natural placement giving more apprication for things to not change…sitting in the same house as, me (mr unpredictable)- uranus. the fact that ive managed to stay somewhere for 14 years is a hardwon fight… My childhood was filled with home after home school after school. Shock after shock.

    But thanks to astrology i can live free, and with so much assurance that this wacky configuration was set up by none other than me.. My past self thought this be the best evolution. And so i thank the universe for my first experince of staying in one place, knowing neighbors friends my community and my community knowing me.

    1. this is me responding to myself. πŸ™‚

      Dang jason that must have been really tough.
      scorpio probably means stuff like sexuality, and uranus I think means wierd ass child hood. Big ups man to surving that stuff.

      1. Yea Thanks man how did you know that. Crazy man, we must have similar charts or something.

      2. my other half.

        I have a hunch we probably do. well pluto is god of the underworld and he rules stuff like violence and abuse… Uranus is like shocking or being shocked u know shocking childhood to other people moon rules the mother and the home,,Interesting how astrology works no?

      3. Yes quite thanks for taking the time to go further than your own chart, I really commend the effort. No offense but we should probably end it here or else people will start to think were Geminis or something.

      4. Nothing like a Gem joke to make me laugh. Thanks Twin-aqualeoscoprmn I needed the giggle. What sort of Uranus in particular are you talking about?

      5. I was writing this way for some newbies so they can learn sum lingo. I wish i could touch u on the soulder with my finger and all astrology could download to u instant. But this is the best we can do. Leariing something takes patience and devotion. But just you going over the lingo- keep it up. Your subconcious is processing it. And your concious mind will catch up to the definitions soon enough. S.

      6. Thanks aqaleoscorpmn, both of u! I have an acquaintance who has that Moon/Uranus combo in Scorpio, and I’ve always been curious about it. She does have some unconventional stories, like owning combat boots in every color of the rainbow, but that’s all I can detect on the surface, and it aint’ much. She seems rather slavishly devoted to her family, eating daily meals with them even though she’s a professional woman in her 40s, living in a separate house. Somehow that seems at odds with a Moon/uranus placement? Anyway, any time you can shed more light on this, I welcome it

      7. Hey anon yea i remeber feeling a really wierd attachemnt to my mom but based on these placements its safe to say she does not tell u all that went on. As i usually dont to people i know personally…

        if she even thinks for one sec u might judge her for it. She really never will either. All the fixidity and taboo in the most innocent areas of life lead to people claming up with this placement…

  32. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

    Literally moving out at the end of the month…

    But beyond that yes…home…nostalgia for a place you have yet to find here that only exists in side of you, so far…

    Had some huge epiphanies today and found a reason to believe in and take care of myself again. Realized that home is habit, doing the work, ritual, how you carry yourself because everything is just a reflection of that. And if that is straightened out within then home is everywhere and family is everyone.

    1. Yes Rache, we can make a home anywhere, feel welcome in a humble shack or lonely in a penthouse. Ritual, work and making myself at home. Love the passage above and it’s making me long to pack a bag and lock the door and just go somewhere new!

      1. Raché (Aqua/Tauri)

        maybe we could think of it like crabshells! to keep with the cancer theme. :p like you can leave and trust that you will find a new one when you need it, and just drift for awhile in between.

        i miss traveling too…saturn time first for me…

      2. Yes! The only things I need are friends, books, good food, fun, and of course bars/parties. So I can pretty much be at home anywhere. Love the internets, an online friend said recently about moving to another country ‘luckily most of my friends live in my computer so I can take you with me’!

      3. Just spotted a mustard yellow poncho, full crochet brilliance. I’d bet her Nanna made it for her.

  33. leo-scorp grrrl

    So, as I read this post it is it late onthe west coast of the USA. I am distracting myself from my thoughts. Maybe I should go feel them. I just got a call that my 90+ grandma fell/was taken ill this evening. She is now in the ER. It was t be the first night in her “new” apartment – in an assisted living facility because she is not safe on her own anymore. It was the day she left her home (built by her late husband and where she raised her family) of over 60 years and never wanted to leave. Coinicdence?

    Maybe there will be no good bye to the previous self for her. Maybe she will continue in my heart as she always has been to me.

    1. leo-scorp grrrl

      Grandma had an unfortuate childhood and always said that her life began when she met my grandpa. (my Mom’s parents) I feel to my core that she wanted to never leave and just not wake up in that house one day. Bless Grandma’s transition, whichever she decides to make.

      My father the Scorpio has a saying “There are things wose than dying”

      He means living too long, unable to care for yourself, becoming not who you “are”.. .Interesting how much of who we are can be tied to our home. Who we are – to ourselves and not status of address, etc. The life lived, the memories.

      I did love the words, from Mystic, above. Moving is more emotional than we ever give thought. It is beginnings and endings at the same time.

  34. Wow, this hit home hard – yes very true. I remember looking at my front door to my apartment in North America for the last time, as I got into a taxi headed for the airport to fly home to Australia.

    4 years in that apartment and I knew I was saying goodbye to a long-time lover, a life, a career, pets, amazing friends and also a whole heap of baggage. It now seems like a distant dream but one I can look back on fondly.

    The best way I’ve found to make a break is put everybody you love in a room and get stupidly drunk, hug everyone, feel the love, feel the goodbyes. Act like its your last night on the planet, because for many of your friends it may be the last time they ever see you in person, which in itself is an extremely sad, but beautiful thing.

  35. And *there’s* the “aha!” processing for the next period. Letting the vestiges of the me living where I currently am go, accepting that phase of lifestyle and then moving on in about August/September.

    Perfect πŸ™‚

  36. Gosh Mystic vibe my way much?
    Just said the words “Goodbye” to a building, I don’t wish to ever be in again.
    I may not know the technical astrological alignment language but I am intuned with the current Astro at play. Grok the depth while you can; because when you swim, you got to kick something along the way.

    1. “Grok the depth while you can; because when you swim, you got to kick something along the way.” Beautiful analogy – thank you S.

      1. Thank you n. I was worried about my punctuation, because the thought and sentiment were singing for me. Kinda like catching the colour before it fades moment.

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