Cinematic Karmic Aversion Syndrome

Cinematic Karmic Aversion Syndrome (CKAS) is for real.  Let’s just broadly agree that there is no reason why souls would not transmogrify through time, across lives. That reincarnation makes just as much sense as Scientology’s aliens or God with a grey beard presiding over patriarchal heaven with clouds.

And that why wouldn’t we sometimes remember snatches of other times or have some limbic-brain imprint? In astrology, this is the domain of the South Node.  And at times when that energy is strong – like the last week – you are more prone to strange recalls or karmic echoes.

CKAS is when you irrationally don’t like seeing vivid depictions (and cinema tends to be the most immersive and intense of depictions) of a particular era, probably because your existence in that era was particularly stressful.

Personally, i have CKAS about ANYTHING Victorian Era. It doesn’t matter who is in it or how brilliant the script, anything set in the Victorian era actually gives me jaw-ache so intense it shoots up my occipitals.  Even a maidenhair fern or a bit of filigree lace and someone with a fan or a tight bun does it. Gaslights, cobblestones, any of it. Even as a child, Black Beauty nearly gave me a nervous breakdown.

Whereas I will happily sit through even the most D-listed movie set in Ancient Rome or Restoration era. Maybe i reigned then. Maybe I somehow made it work.

What about you? Do you have CKAS with any particular era?

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  1. As a child, I had a terror of being in deep water as I thought I was going to be chomped on by sharks. Years later in a past life therapy session, a lifetime as a pirate came up and I discovered I had been abandoned at sea in some form of pirate justice. My aversion to deep water stopped and I do embrace pirate day every year now
    But I still hate hearing about shark attacks and obsess over stories of people being left behind by accident like the tourists on the day trip to the Great Barrier Reef. I also get major anxiety from any Middle Ages shows or movies – not a great time to live through. And not that many souls were alive then, so not many of us lived through the ugliness haha!

  2. My aversion to anything to do with the WWII (ESPECIALLY the documentaries) may have come from the fact that Grandma survived it as a kid in Eastern Europe and would tell me terrifying stories since I was 3 yrs old, but there are other indications that I might have died a brutal death in that war as a soldier: insanely vivid dreams of bombings and war that I have from time to time, strange attraction to theoretical books and lectures on military strategy, almost PTSD level phobia of fireworks and unexpectedly low-flying noisy airplanes, love for stylised military details in fashion etc. No, I didn’t watch “Dunkirk” and “Attonement” upset me something fierce, for the longest time (even though Keira Knightley is one of my favourite actresses).

  3. Year of the Phoenix

    I have Sun/Pluto/South Node conjunct and had a short reading by MM who said this placement allows you to access your past life and it’s like “globs of it “ just pop up and she could not have been more right

    The Pluto conj can mean hardcore times

    I and my twin had other names for ourselves and it wasn’t till my first trip to Vietnam and meeting my first local who had the same (to me up until then unlikely) name – Can

    Dream data had told me I was a man child around 10 , living near mountains and rice paddies and I believe I was killed in conflict, one minute I was running through rice paddies the next it seems I was in the Southside of Brisbane daughter of a Warrent Officer and descendants of a Rat of Tobrook on my mother’s side and an Uncle who didn’t come back from the Kokoda Track

    I was in Vietnam with my then husband, also in the ADF wtf

    This lifetime I realise I am the wounded warrior (Chiron in Aries 7th House) and love has really been a battlefield in the most literal and horrible way

    I am only now at nearly 50 realising this, my Virgo heavy chart has been attracting and aiding and abetting the emotionally wounded but it’s me who needs the care

  4. You know those famous Lascaux cave paintings? Whenever I would see a photograph of one in school I would slam the book shut or avert my eyes. I absolutely LOVE horses and animals so it made so sense why these images gave me the heebie jeebies. Some of the other kids caught onto my strange fear and would grab the history book and open the pages up in front of my face when I wasn’t expecting it lol.

    Guess being a caveperson sucked for me. 😀

  5. interesting. I’ve binge watched Black Sails and feel it to be entirely me. I mean ok it’s annoying that the swashbuckling protagonists are men, but you know Colonial era and what not. Max the French speaking lesbian uber Madam is so gorgeous. I’d kill to wear her outfits today. But then I’d want to swap it for Anne Bonny. Sailing the high seas, an astute killer and don’t mess with her and her swords.

  6. Is it possible to have an aversion to post-modern film? Where the main characters affluent, depressed and super whiny? Montone dialogue.
    I call it the case of affluenza. No real hardships except the ennui of a banal self-created existence.
    It’s hard to feel sympathy when others have real tragedies and struggles in life.

      1. yes. I understand many people suffer depression, ennui, and mid-life crises but I like to escape reality when I watch a film.
        Need a break from bleak reality sometimes.

  7. i am trying so hard to think of something i have an aversion to. not sure. but i feel mad nostalgia for centuries-ago british isles as well as the victorian era. victorian especially. sometimes painfully drawn to. i really want to learn about my past lives because it’s never been anything that has come to me in an obvious fashion, via dreams or actual regression. though most days i will have at least one moment where i randomly “remember” something and it feels like i’m in a different moment and i sometimes don’t know whether it was a dream-moment i just relived or an actual memory or what. sometimes it is a dream memory but i have no idea what triggered it.

    1. Me too – centuries ago British Isles + Victorian era. <3 both. Not sure why, though my ancestors are all from that area of the world so it just resonates. Feels like a home I left behind.

      1. i don’t even have ancestors from there! so if there is any connection it’s got to be past life-related. sometimes i get such a blast of nostalgia that it makes me cry.

  8. I’ve always had a connection with Druid and Viking era. Oh not sure where in time it actually is but when there were knights.

  9. See, I eat up Victorian era stuff, but Europe before that? Elizabethan/Medieval/viking-ish/game of thrones-y stuff? NO. If I see King Henry VIII or a Shakespeare biopic on screen, I will run away SO fast.

  10. I never thought about it this way! Only what I was attracted to I figured was shades of a past life. This is interesting.

    I have this with war movies. Trench style warfare especially. I am changing the channel or leaving the room. I can’t stand WW1 or 2 movies. Same with Middle Ages European stuff – the ‘muddy streets’ someone mentioned above. Makes me shudder.

    When I was a kid I was crazy about Holocaust books. I read everything my school had. Anne Frank, Number the Stars. I loved them. Now I can’t stand it. Maybe I died young in that life.

    I’ve always been attracted to Victorian/Regency era. I think I had a very happy life in Victorian England especially.

    1. Muddy streets!!! Yes I’m also traumatised
      Medieval yes, definitely
      Also I think the Wild West – I get irrationally scared sick feelings.

  11. Hmmm, can’t think of any specific time in the past but I do have a major aversion to certain sci-fi depictions of the future.

    1. Crystallised future

      Ever seen the movie interstellar? For me it was so resonant I could barely watch it at the same time it was so familiar I was in awe for hours afterward. The patterns of ‘the other side’ were perfect and scary

      1. I always think about the team or the person who comes up with the ideas.. like imagine writing the screenplay or being the DOP or art director(?) for Arrival.

        1. Haven’t seen interstellar yet because of said aversion. I heard arrival was amazing and actually my friend was talking about it this weekend and from what she said it sounded like something I would want to watch!

          1. it’s amazing. Denis Villeneuve is the director. I’m starting to realise/ learn that he has a very sensitive style. He’s directed another one of my favourite films except not ‘favourite’, because it’s utterly brutal, (set in the 1980s war in Lebanon), but ergh it’s compelling… harrowing is the word. It’s called Incendies.

          2. i totally hijacked my own comment. Yes. It’s a very un-sci-fi feeling thing. there;s hardly any of the usual tedious acreage of instrument banks, mothership dashboard lights blinking mutely on orange alert, aggressive extraterrestrials, aggressive men (well actually), dystopias etc

      2. ok wow amazing thank you moved on and babysinclair
        I was looking up some clips about arrival and found a totally relevant and lovely discussion about the screenplay and more. It’s full of spoilers so I won’t paste it here but just want to say THANKS!

  12. Weirrrrrrd because this just started happening super recently. The eclipses have been happening on my 12H South Node Leo / 6H Aquarius North Node.

    I used to have an odd attachment/love to everything Renaissance, medieval, etc. And definitely felt a strong past life pull. Ever since the recent activity on Leo/Aqua, as well as a lot of Pluto transformations AND my Saturn return now in process, I’ve felt almost a nausea to having been so attached to it all those years. Even my past love of dressing up for Ren Faires and reading fiction relating to that era, kinda drains me now.

    I think I have to let that all go. Which is super bittersweet, but the fast forward excites me more. My modus operandi now, more than ever, has been to cut off all past anchors and start fresh, anew, blaze new territory like a wide-eyed pioneer. From my habits to my thought patterns, Aquarian and Uranian through and through have been my heart’s desire as of late. And I have Saturn on my side, helping me build new, long-lasting, and stable foundations.

  13. Anything to do with British Colonialism. There’s always an overwhelming vibe of awwww those poor Brit Imperialists just looking for trade and spices aww and as an actual Indian person with family that died during the freedom struggle it fills me with absolute rage. But there’s nothing supernatural/past life about it. I don’t know any Indian who can watch things set during the British Raj.

  14. LOL I love LOVE the Gothic Victorian era, love the dresses, the up-dos for the hair, the steampunk thing, the freaky nature of it all. I am drawn to it like a magnet. I also am drawn irresistibly to anything Celtic/pagan set in Ireland/Scotland/England/Wales/northern France, basically in any time period. My kids are always giving me a hard time for this, lol. I DETEST biblical-era anything, from any region, but especially desert/Middle Eastern stuff. The only thing I like about the Roman era is the Vestal Virgins, which if I could be anything from that time it would be one of them. Everything else Roman seems repulsive and vulgar to me. Greek era seems beautiful and refined to me though – Atlantis vibe.

    1. Yeah… I know. And somehow that is the only thing even remotely interesting – not to be buried alive I mean, but I think the idea of the VVs being the priestesses/keepers of the holy flame – because overall the Roman era is, to me, brutish and ugly.

  15. Any pagan, pictish, Stonehenge stuff. However I love the word “druid” and the idea of being one.

    On the other hand I kind of love the Victorian times and their fascination for the occult. Would love to have been conducting seances in the parlour rooms, reading Bram Stoker and heading to the Grand Guignol theatre at midnight.

    1. Yes to the Victorian occult fetish! Love it. I, however, also love the pagan/Stonehenge/druid stuff. That’s my jam. I think the overall thing, though, is a deep love for Ireland/Wales/England/Scotland/northern France. Deep home/belonging vibe for me.

  16. Any war films, knights- brrr- prairie stuff.

    My two sisters-in-law had meet ups with long lost family members this weekend- South Node tribal reunions? One is Aqua one Toro.

    Toro-Aries was meeting blood brother and family – mum’s side. Very poignant as her mum passed 20 years ago.

    Aqua and her partner met his grown daughter- and grand daughter. What are the odds!? Here’s to meeting our clans- blood related or chosen.

  17. I have an aversion to television and movies so I guess all of the human condition disturbs me. Maybe I’m really an alien with my Uranus ascendant square my Leo sun.

  18. I have always loved 1940s stuff (or anything 1910-1963 but 1940s is super resonant). Movies, fashion, music….even as a little kid. It kind of weirded out my parents, I think. London is my favorite city. When I went there, I felt distinctly as if I fad been there before.

    I gravitate towards cinema set in the 1940s…but anything that shows the London Blitz or 1940s bombing/air fights. I start feeling panicky, like I can’t breathe, have to get out….as if Im actually experiencing it.

    I’ve never done past life regression, but I’d be surprised if there wasn’t some WWII stuff stored in there.

    1. I always felt drawn to London. When I arrived I felt I had lived there my whole life. Strange attachment to the UK. The other city was Prague.

  19. The only time I experienced something like that was when I head the piano version of Drunken Sailor. I head it over interactive at the museum and it seemed to throw me back 100+ years. Very bizarre feeling. Strangely enough the version of the song with lyrics does not get any reaction. But piano…makes me want to jump out of the window.

  20. American civil war and Vietnam war. Anything Pre-columbian South American. Aversion city.
    I was born in 1965 so Vietnam might be about my biological family or father.

    I can handle or tolerate any other era…I love history. Eras i respond well too…well, anything else, but 1870 to the present in particular, Tudor England, hate Cromwell England, love classical Roman, ancient Greece, ancient empires of Persia, Mycenea. Ambivalent toward asian eras but can tolerate them.

  21. I have a general aversion to films so it’s hard to say which eras in particular. Definitely anything depicted as cold, dark and desolate (Viking/future dystopia as has been mentioned above), but does anyone feel comfortable there? I know where I’m drawn to and always have been: 1980s New York. Also happy in a Regency drawing room.

  22. Ah..not CKAS…i get something more like CK’PLS’ – CK ‘Past Life Syndrome’….neither aversion/revulsion, more like recognition and an accompanying sense of enui about it..been there done that vibe. After all one one has lived through enough time and space you could chalk it up to having gotten around to most things at least once! Ah…though for me anything that has swords, horses and battle…. and bang….i am right back in the thick of it….and sometimes i swear it has a smell attrached to being transported into that what i can only presume is a ‘memory’ for the want of a better word…the horses, the men and the blood and other bits not worth mentioning. Not sure why or how the sense of smell thing happens but that I could definately develop an aversion to and live without that! Problem is it is not consistent….only rarely happens….so on the whole I am mainly like …meh!

  23. Vietnam made me feel so melancholy and anxious when I visited. I struggle with Vietnam war films.

    Past life in the wild west gold rush California came through in regression. But I’ve always felt that part of the world forms a hemisphere of my spiritual home.

    Not sure what else but I’m sure I will discover some geohistorical resonance on future travels.

  24. Me too ! Cannot stand the Victorian era . Makes me feel claustrophobic.

    The double standards and the poverty and all that taffeta.

  25. I like all the ladies in bonnets and I detest Gothic, and Italian/French renaissance stuff. I am repulsed by all things Egyptian. I dislike movies that look cold and barren with industrial estates or ghettos. I love pirate movies/old ships but not underwater movies. I have had a past life memory of drowning in very deep water. WW11 Germany upsets me. And although I have no actual memory of anything to do with this, (Perhaps it is my father’s obsession with WW11) have often times thought of places to hide in this lifetime. Interestingly, one of my birth date sabian symbols is ‘A squirrel hiding from Hunters’.

    1. Same.
      Can’t do Holocaust WWII stuff.
      Freak out over the witch trial stuff and inquisition.

      Love 30s. Am obsessed with 1936?!
      And Revolutionary times in France and America. Plus Roman, Celtic and Egyptian times.

  26. Medieval to 1600: the church inquisition in the first and then the witches persecution in 1600.
    Anything with strong christian orthodox behaviour or policy, expecially against women.
    I get scared like it’s about to happen something bad to me.

    1. me too! yuk on any of that stuff, gives me the baulk. But I also cannot abide the Chinese Empress era. All that early Chinese history of dynasty and brutal brutal barbarism. I did manage to read my way through The Last Empress but it really did me in and I felt sick most of the way. Just revolting times amongst so much radical history.

  27. I can’t think of adverse reactions to anything…As a kid read Madeline L’engles book when twin boys get transported back to Noah times with archangels and nephilim etc. It was strangely a familiar landscape.
    Then last year my friend brought me to some healer post a disastrous male drama situ. After reiki she advised I was an angel in past. Eyebrows firmly raised at the woowoo of it all but there’s something there too

  28. I’m allergic to anything Celtic, Scottish, or Viking-ish.

    Return the book, change the channel, block it out of my mind.

    Just no.

    1. Same! As a Scot I feel like I should have more of a connection and reverence for the Celts. I see people doing pagan celebrations and I want to boak! Must have been an unhappy celt, or a disdainful Roman.

      1. Ooooh, a disdainful Roman – that’s so apt! Like, everyone is going woowoo over druids and Celtic goddesses and all I can think is, “lame.” Not even a loathing, just bye Felicia.

  29. I don’t have any aversions to particular era’s in film, I’m quite happy to watch anything depicting the past. I have far more aversion to anything set in times from this life time. Anything set after the late 70s-early 80s bores me to death unless there is a sci-fi or fantasy element.

    I’m also madly drawn to some films because of their landscapes. Cornwall, the desert parts of South America, the Pacific Northwest and New England in North America, the Mediterranean, esp.Turkey and Italy. Love westerns for their landscapes more than for their storylines. Very much dislike films set in jungles.

    And oddly, a lot of sci-fi/fantasy landscapes I see in films are places I recognize I’ve been to in dreams. I was obsessed with Luke Skywalker’s house on Tatooine as a child, the beach in Contact I have been dreaming about for since childhood (I was an adult when the film came out), everything about Logan’s Run was familiar, and more recently, The Last Jedi, the planet with the casino scene – the water fall, the beach, the tall, grass-covered cliffs the racing creatures were escaping into, everything except the casino city, I have been to that place before.

    I must’ve spent good lives near cliffside beaches and desert dwellings, they make me feel deeply happy.

      1. I’ll have to put those on my travel list. I definitely have some kind of limbic resonance with sand and adobe type structures as well as the idea of gathering in canyons or temple like structures around celebratory bonfires in arid places.

        But as far as Skywalker’s house, it’s the combination of adobe hut and 70s era interpretation of futuristic interior design. <3

  30. As well as being averse to the Victorian stuff I’m really strongly drawn to the Caucasus region( not that there are many English movies set in that area, but I’m willing to sit through Turkish telenovelas just to see it). Im pretty sure I had a past life there. I remember being held up to a mirror as a baby and freaking the fuq out. I was expecting a dark, thin, worn, face not the white chubby thing looking back at me! My whole life I felt uncomfortable about my looks and like I should be somewhere else until last year over a cup of tea a witchy friend looked at me and said “wtf?? You’ve got those gun belt things with the bullets slung over your shoulder…and really baggy pants on!” ( That kind of pronouncement is normal with her so I wasn’t too surprised lol) After that an image came to me of a camp on a steep rocky slope at duskand I knew it was in Armenia.( Never been there). I was distraught over the murder of my father and what was going to happen to my two young daughters and leaving them motherless. I don’t know if there were women partisans fighting the Turks but I suppose it would have happened. My friend did her woowoo thing and told me I’d been caught and executed by the army but that other than the last couple of years it had been a really happy life. She cleared it and I’ve felt a lot more settled since.
    I suppose if it was a happy life despite the ending that would explain the constant feeling of wanting to go “back” to it and the fascination for any books,movies or documentaries set in the area.
    Sorry that was a bit long!

        1. Doesn’t caucasian apply to all European s? My back ground is Mediterranean and as far as I know I’m caucasian…

      1. This is no longer valid. More and more they are finding out through DNA testing and Deep History research, the more they are finding out that all those classifications are wrong and that our heritage is far more complex and incorporates other strands which are now extinct. Lots of misconceptions about Celts too and who they were and came from, especially the Celts from the British isles.

        1. There’s no such thing as race. It’s a social construction. Sorry to burst y’alls bubble but whiteness is genetic mutation. As the finding of cheddar man can attest,all humans were black originally. Whiteness or white skin is a very recent phenomenon.

    1. Have you read any orhan pamuk? A Turkish dude but he did get in trouble with the govt for acknowledging the Armenian massacre…one of my all time fav authors

  31. I have a lot of stuff about Native American stuff. Not so much aversion as resonance. I had a meditation once where I saw a native ancestor, female. About a year later I was looking for something (love zombie-ing, I think) in an old email address and I came across an email from my now deceased uncle, a geneticist and genealogist about a Choctaw woman who married into our family, leaving her people, in the 1800s.

    So that’s my explanation for that one. I call on her a lot.

    Totes believe in past lives, though. Pretty sure I was murdered by a mob including a lot of people I thought were friends. Oh! And I was told my daughter and I spent a bunch of past lives in cross cultural exchanges among tribes in the Arctic, around the Bering Sea. So… sure, maybe. That resonates. (I mean, I try not to get too hung up on any particular story – I’ll remember it all when or if I need to, in this life or after. But as long as the stories feel useful, I’ll use them.)

    But when I think about movies, other than an early resonance with everything featuring indigenous North American culture I’m mostly like “ugh, period movies are all so bad.” Just too Virgo to power through anachronisms. I mean, sometimes I’ll do it, but I don’t have to like it, lol.

  32. Also, I second you Mystic – Victorian Era gives me the heebs – a psychic once told me I had an abusive “other life” relationship with a man who killed me and left my two children without a mother once. Needless to say, our relationship in this life was shit ALSO

  33. Oh yes – never wanted to go to Germany due to WWII “other life” recollection. I don’t use the “past life” jargin due to my belief in non-linear time so this is my terminology. Of course Ancient Egypt EVERYTHING all the time since I was a wee tot, however.

  34. I have strong dislike of Victorian era also, conversely feel strong affinity for feudal Japan, and anything French, especially Versailles-ish… when i was aged 3 I drew lots of ladies in big pannier skirts.

    Had a significant friendship with a re -set person, we met in a public place and were friends absolutely straightaway. That night i dreamt that i knew her before in Lemuria, when she was a winged lion and i was a caduceus (that was how the dream info came, as golden symbols)

  35. Lived, I believe, through Andrew Jackson’s Trail of Tears. Fuck him. And in that same lifetime, was a medicine woman who naievely signed off on a young man who is now my little brother being ready to do a boy-to-man ritual, and he died tragically. It was something it took me very long to forgive myself for, and he didn’t even forgive me until this lifetime. I am both deeply understanding of Native American medicine and the thought process around Great Spirit, and also super eager to soak up 21st century style shamanism aligned with science and super-open to other worldviews, philosophies, magical and religious beliefs, etc. —> I kinda think I was really looking forward to living right now, probably tried to do some kind of mind-link with future lifetime me to glean some cool new-fangled or well researched other culture’s (thanks internet) spiritual methods.

    1. I had a past life reader tell me I lost my husband to a gun fight (he was protecting our land) and then my son to smallpox (they gave us infected blankets) and that I never got over that loss. I don’t remember it, but I can tap into the heartache of it. Most people in my tribe died. Past life reader said the grief was so deep it could swallow her which is why she no longer does in person readings. I try to send love to the broken heart and tell her (as if the “past” life is just an alternate me) that we are ok.

  36. Crystallised future

    I remember watching a UK documentary on the people living in the times the stone henge was built and absolutely incensed that depicted these people as savages dressed in skins. I could not work out why I was outraged however in the same documentary they showed a brass or gold screw of microscopic proportions and I practically yelled at the TV “see!!!! We were way ahead of our current lot idiots occupying earth!!”

    1. I saw that docco. And yes, i get angry too on how they depict people from the past – like dumb, superstitious, uncouth primitive idiots who have no idea bout anything – WHILE at the same time they just happen to have technology so different or advanced from ours that modern scientist can’t even understand.
      such arrogance.

    2. I feel the same way when I watch ancient Egyptian docs. I hate the fettishization of ancient Egypt. Its symptomatic of a perversely lopsided view of our history. We had other advanced civilizations. I don’t even think Egypt was that advanced – they were just greedy and in a good spot to enslave migrants.

      1. Maybe we know more about the Egyptians than concurrent civilisations or cultures because the Poms (or Europeans or Americans generally) spent such a long time tomb-raiding? It’s become part of “official” “history”

        1. I’m sure that is part of it. But also I think it is simply that is Egyptians were really into their artifacts. They made a lot of crap to be “discovered.” They used writing as a means of economic/social control. Other societies evaded artifact/language making for the same reason – they valued freedom and balance. The most advanced civilization wouldn’t leave such a large footprint b cause they would be in tune with their environment and the process of births/death we all go through. Ancient Egyptians tried (and did) pervert that. And we – who have evolved to take language/economic control as a norm cannot or do not imagine why a society would be advanced and not build ridiculous graves full of loot. As if – of course you must leave behind a scar on the landscape to have existed. Whatever. Lol @ me ranting about ancient Egyptians.

            1. I vividly remember a life among what I think were the Sea People. We didn’t even name ourselves. That’s how much we distrusted language. Haha! It was such a rich culture that the fact Egyptians get all the ancient-culture worship nowadays irritates me to no end. Kind of ironic being that Sea People’s didn’t name themselves or strive to be remembered beyond their generation. I suppose it bothers me now because humanity doesn’t even recall having ever had or lived by those values. I need to write the book, but then again. ..I don’t or I would. 🙂

                1. Probably. We were on an island near the Levant. Kind of like a pit stop for pirates. That isn’t quite it, but close. A priest with a purple robe tried to manipulate us. To this day I hate purple.

  37. I get mad at Egyptian-era stuff. There were other societies then. They didn’t write everything down.

    Anything New England creeps me out.

    1. It’s the architecture of the place that gets to me. Grey shingles. Pointy rooftops. Vacationed in Nantucket last summer. Not going back. Some people find it charming and I can understand why but it feels like persecution to me.

      1. Hahaha yes! I went to school out there and spending time in a few of my friends old coastal (aka 300 year historic) homes is always a shade eerie no matter what. You Feel it

  38. Georgian Era, places me right back to my previous life and it’s intolerable suffering. I was 10 years old when I remembered that life. Wuthering Heights I just can’t go there.

    1. I think Love Zombie mode protects us from engaging in the present possibilities.
      It would be nice to be cast in a great love story, provided it was based in reality and no confined to make believe.

      Hmm detached. When love is no longer it is a pain to endure. With Chiron on it’s way I don’t want to be pained by love that failed to materialise. I feel like having my houses line up and be exorcised by Chiron.
      Hope your migraine has lifted PF. Your astro knowledge is impressive.

      1. Migraines are no fun, 66 hours that’s brutal.
        72 hours is my longest. Hospital just told me to take 3 aspalgin.

        True Node is going through my natal Saturn in Leo 6th house. Uncomfortable realisations.

        Yeah Lars, that doesn’t fit.

      2. I hate rom-coms but not sure what historical time period this would be. All of them annoy me.
        Modern Romance?
        depressed hipster films? Maybe,

  39. Absolutely real for me – and I’ve always wondered why certain filmic eras made me want to go jump off a bridge. Industrial era, urban poor in the dank cold UK or US – technically overlapping alot with Victorian, but most of the Victorian era stuff doesn’t bother me nearly as much. I know my lineage goes back to English/Irish immigrants coming to the US in the mid 1500s, so I imagine there’s a bit of genetic memory there too. The American Colonial scenes make me freak out a bit, and I cant even handle the witch hunting stuff.
    What’s so interesting is that I always interpreted these aversions to evidence that I had past lives *elsewhere* – as in, there’s no way that stuff could have been my heritage because it was so uncomfortable. I’m so much more drawn to ancient Egyptian scenes, for instance, or anywhere that looks hot and dry. It makes perfect sense that I was ALSO in those wretched dark factory alleys – stressed out indeed.

    1. Also should note that I am SO relaxed watching kitschy 60s mod movies. But I was almost here in this incarnation by then…..

      1. I’m reading a book called Beyond Past Lives by Mira Kelley, and she posits that we are capable of living over-lapping lives. She did some past life regressions with clients that broke her brain in that regard. Parallel lives! It’s fascinating.

  40. Anything Holocaust. Books, cinema, etc. I nope outta there SUPAH fast.
    In the OMGYassss category: Anything Regency period, Feudal Japan, Elizabethan England/Ireland.

  41. I was watching Outlander and the Father did a blessing on the Claire’s forehead and I almost mimed the Latin phrases along with the audio.
    and my husband knows the forgive us those who trespass…
    I haven’t been christened in a Sunday school, nada, a heathen if you like so I think this applies to me, just yesterday even!

    1. Yeah the timing is amazing ! Today ! Another ‘past’ looped by and I saw it so differently than ever before. I sensed a return to that past place was possible now.

      1. I also do this crazy hand/arm drum pounding movement when I watch water running in a bath or shower from when I was little. Not obsessive just once in a blue moon, I look for it in other cultures or ye olde occupations but its a mystery

  42. My CKAS is around the time of slave shipments to America from Africa. My past life memory revealed under hypnosis was me as an 8 year old African boy. I was with my family and fellow villagers all chained together and being driven through a desert area to a local port. I was so thirsty and distressed I kept falling over. The traders unhooked me from the group. I lay there and I saw one of the men using a hammer to drive my leg chain into the desert floor. They didn’t just leave me dying they made sure I couldn’t move. I watched the group walk off in the distance and I died there. My memory of this moment though goes beyond the moment of death, to those that came and led my soul. I remember standing there looking at my body. The dirty white garment on my body. When I looked down at my self I was wearing the same garment but it was pure glistening white satin. I saw a fence and jumped over and was gone.

    I can not watch any African American slave stories. They make me feel so angry.

    1. I remember you violently insulting a woman on here last year who spoke up against white supremacy. You were so dismissive in regards to black suffering so I don’t believe you care about us black people at all.

  43. Bonnie and Clyde. I’m drawn to/repelled by anything from the late 20s to early 30s. When waiting at a stop light for what seems like an eternity, I’ll feel the need to sink down in my seat – to avoid gunfire.

    I’ve had this “memory” since I was a little girl in the back seat of the 1963 Chevy.

    I couldn’t sit through the whole movie because it felt too familiar.

    1. Interesting. We are watching that tv series Transparent. There is a whole epigenetic undertone. Reaching from LA today back to 20/30s Berlin. My wife is feeling every moment of those memories.
      For her it’s visceral.

  44. I’m similar mystic with the aversion to pre-modern Britain, or anything folksy. Strong desire to Run Very Far Away from cloistered bonnet dramas where there are a lot of indoor scenes and “emotional” silences, but I’m not sure if that’s a past life thing as my south node is in Aries?
    Likewise victorian gothic. I get that it’s permanently fashionable, but I just can’t.

    Also now that I think about it: american frontier-era films.

    1. Things with a strongly colonial vibe. I’ve given thought in the past to my 8th house mars aqua square Jupiter in the 11th, and Pluto and Eris on my midheaven- ic. With south node and Chiron Venus in my 10th, it kind of feels “downfall” ish, but I’d be interested in a less dramastic interpretation if anyone’s up for it.

      (Yes I wrote dramastic ironically)

      1. Hi Pi, just out of curiosity, could you break down for us how all those elements would depict an allergy to colonialism? I still trying to get my head around how certain combinations of planets and placements suggest certain interpretation s and I’m not very good at it

        1. hi SPF, ok i had to think a bit
          this is going to be stream of consciousness ok x

          I think that my comment was basically two ideas but mushed into the one paragraph – 1, colonial anything (even the houses come to think of it) – on further thought it might just be my aries current-life stuff (or one too many school excursions into boring old stupid musty houses in this colonial city when we could have been learning about something far more worthwhile and interesting – our indigenous communities and places, ) desiring more than creaky floors and being housebound while husband is off swashbucking away somwhere, or contracting diphtheria in the jungle or something, lost or starving in a strange land, no one comes to help
          (whoa, ok that IS bit south node aries, hmm)

          don’t think aversion to colonialist themes relates to the astro I mentioned. I’m not sure ….

          there is also Mars, Jupiter, Eris, Pluto form a kite with exact angles, with the pointy end (pluto) going straight to my IC. then there’s the saturn/Leo
          and the south node Aries 10th
          Like,they are some intense and personal squares and oppositions
          like i am being sent back to the end of the queue, to learn about what it means to be the boss of something… and of myself

          north node in the 4th house in libra is like, basic, and friendly, and cooperative, and socially chilled, and oriented towards personal security
          (or ok, an art hoarder – I mean, collector ;D )
          there are actual astrologers here who could figure it out, i get a bit lost when I consider it.
          I did a semi-guided meditation a while ago to examine past lifey stuff.
          Surprised to get a pretty strong tropical jungle vibe, and that i was a man, and maybe not the kindest person out there
          It’s like , ok think about the most bombastic leader you can think of – self absorbed, violent / aggressive, greedy, overtaken by a sense of my own power, complacent about leading from the heart, etc

          I read something somewhere that mars in the 8th house can also sometimes refer to a violent past life energy.

          that’s all i have just now! will need to reread this and muse… thanks for the Q, SPF x

    2. Same!! Detest anything featuring bonnets. Can not watch anything in those eras in UK or Usa but strangely ok if it’s eastern Europe/ Russia..

    3. I’m the opposite, obsessed with anything set in Britain 1700’s to WWII. Except Dickens. To be fair I’m pretty obsessed with anything set in Britain in any era. Pre-roman to present. But give me a woman in a regency era dress and a broody man in breeches and I’m there.

        1. tbh it’s actually my capricorn moon to a t. So proper and awkward, but roiling with tension hahaha! which squares venus and south node sooooo yeah

    4. I thought I was bothered but American frontier too but I realized it’s more the muddy-street era of anything – I am so glad I don’t live in the time when our streets were mud. Lol. I am such a Virgo.

      1. lol! I was thinking that last night when I was watching Young Guns (muddy dirt roads) and Babylon Berlin. The lack of bathing, AC, it must have stunk!
        But the jazz music was GOOD then.

  45. Omg the 50’s and 60’s . When I see it I always think it’s the way women are treated especially in the 50’s. And everyone smoking lol. But despite what everyone said I could not cope with Mad Men for example.

    But I just can’t enjoy anything from that period.

    1. Violent Viking dramas or anything depicting barren earth and devastation in a future time, give me the absolute horrors and I cannot watch

    2. I have the opposite feeling of the 50’s.
      I feel I ruled with an iron fist in a velvet glove.
      I love the fashion of the 40’s and 50’s and have a strong feeling I lived it. Very vivid dreams, I even use slang from that era without knowing why.

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