The Golden Feathered Dinosaurs

Feathered dinosaurs? I’m not surprised. But scientists are apparently “blown away” by the discovery of a 99 million years old “golden feathered dinosaur tail.”

So many cultures feature “feathered serpent Gods and Goddesses.” For example, Quetzalcoatl of the Aztecs & Mayans or the ancient Chinese Dragons. There are many parallels between the serpent deities of various mythologies. But what if they were more memory than a myth?

What if there were vast, complex and amazing civilizations these unfathomable 99 millions of years ago? And they lived alongside dragons or “feathered serpents,” phoenix birds and unicorns?

And even eons after they vanished from this earth, their memory lived on in our ancestral or collective DNA?  They were divine creatures. Even Isis, the Egyptian Goddess, has “feathered serpent” as one of her many guises. Interestingly, Quetzalcoatl is associated with Wind, Rain, Wisdom and the planet Venus.

They were also reviled, as in the Christian biblical dragons (Revelations) and snakes (Genesis) who show up to cause the proverbial trouble in paradise.

Science is exploring the most magical shit imaginable (Quantum Matter that makes up MOST of our existence) but does not throw concepts like “prana” into that discussion. Do they also keep the dinosaur information as non-magical as they can?

There is an axiom that dragons hold all the secrets in the world.  I think that 99 million years ago there were dragons everywhere and that we knew magic.

What are your thoughts on the golden feathered dinosaurs?

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  1. Yes… (what if) there were… it just IS to me. Evidence, hints and clues still abound on the fringe of our world reality.

    I don’t think they’ve gone. I just think they’re next door now, in some parallel reality that our world can’t access due to the dilution and dissolution of magic and making it all myth and fable.

  2. I’m a Unicorn and don’t believe in humans. For while I was willing to go along with the idea but I don’t believe there is intelligent life in two legged form anymore. Thumbs are totally overrated and since artists now have self publish their own books of photographs because no publishing house will back up a woman who uses photography to poke fun at the democratically elected leader of the free world, it isn’t just capitalist gangsters making an example of anyone who says things we don’t like by making sure they can’t survive making art. It isn’t just the lack of recognition or social rejection that had Vincent on his knees in a wheat field ganged up on by his own seratonin levels, you know the stuff that should have flooded his entire body had he known kids paint the starry night by numbers today.
    Charlie, Allison, dragons, unicorns and artists, wonderful myths from a bygone era. You don’t have to be crazy to make art, believe in magic or have hope, but boy does it help?

  3. The cycle of the yugas (from Hinduism), and that we are in Kali yuga now. That’s the first thing I thought of in trying to understand why there is seemingly no place for magic or intersection of mystery and science, and there being a rigid disconnect between different ways of coming to know things, like shamanism vs. scientific methodology.

    There are four yugas, which means ‘era’, or time periods of consciousness, ranging from a period of enlightenment to a period of extreme ignorance, which is what we are in now.

    Directly from wikipedia regarding the yugas:
    “According to the Laws of Manu, one of the earliest known texts describing the yugas, the lengths are 4800 years + 3600 years + 2400 years + 1200 years, for a total of 12,000 years for one arc, or 24,000 years to complete the cycle, which is approximately one precession of the equinox.”

    ….Interesting that measuring these eras matches up with the precession of the equinoxes.

    1. …..and the dino feathered tail is just so cool!!!!! Absolutely fascinating! It’s like a piece of the puzzle, and we keep finding pieces all over the world and it’s like sphinx said above, we are a species with amnesia, and I think findings like this help us to remember and put the fragmented parts of our collective consciousness back together.

  4. As a lover of astrology but otherwise a bit of a skeptic by habit and nature, I have been really shaken up by so many weird experiences over the last year, premonitions of future events, weird synchrony and seemingly telepathic links with people around me. Once I would have been all yeah but No at the word magic, but now I’m not so certain. Or I could be stark raving mad I guess. Certainly when I’ve tried to talk about some of these really unsettling coincidences with friends they’ve signalled that I should please just stop already, so I no longer tell people IRL.

    1. On a brighter side, I have seen two beautiful, massive fireball-type meteorites in the last couple of weeks, great time of year for star gazing with meteor showers in Gemini, and Taurus atm.

    2. That’s a shame none of your friends are comfortable with your abilities. Getting into healing type circles was so good for me, I felt skeptical as hell for ages due to my upbringing, receiving aggression at the suggestion of otherworldly stuff projected at me from some family.
      When you find some really pragmatic, sensible people with psychic ability and spiritual connection it all falls into place that it is ok and possible!

      1. So something like this happened to you too sphinx? I guess to be fair I am really uncomfortable with it too and so have always chosen skeptical people to be around, so it’s not surprising that they think Ive just gone kooky. I remember when I was very small, reading some of my dad’s books, he was always into paranormal stuff, and thinking I just couldn’t handle it and literally praying that I would never experience any psychic phenomena. I really do wish I could meet some people like you describe. I’m freaking myself out and doubting my own sanity atm!

        1. Maybe you can google places near you where psychics/mediums gather and pass on their knowledge. For instance, in London there is the College of Psychic Studies. Their lectures and workshops with renowned mediums/psychics/ scientist/healers are wonderful places of learning and meeting interesting people. It may even help you to explore and expand your own unique abilities as well. Good luck on your journey.

          1. Thanks lostinspace. There are a couple of big conventions a year that are in my region. I might have to get over a bit of prejudice, my experiences with psychics have all been of the gerbera/pterodactyl variety.

      2. I recommend doing some courses and meeting people that way. I met some incredible people like this. I also mentioned some of the most manipulative vampire types, but the good thing about doing intuitive work is that people reveal themselves in the courses for what they are, it’s unavoidable really.

        It’s hard to open your heart around skeptics, even ethical well meaning ones. Surround yourself with people who inspire you to level up. You won’t feel comfortable in your own skin till you do!

    3. I think both options are possible in the same mind, and that’s ok. There is absolutely nothing wrong with a spot of critical thinking, just as there is nothing ‘wrong’ with one’s psychic faculties and related experiences. I’m confused by people who dismiss such things out of hand especially if it is the personal experience of someone close to us. Having your experiences invalidated by friends must feel kind of destabilizing? Trusting ourselves and acknowledging the perceptual slip-n-slide between the ‘touch and see’ world, and the everything-else that comes from the density shifts of invisible information all around us.

      1. I agree, I’ve always juggled the two, not exactly comfortably because my interest in astrology is at odds with the rest of my life, but so that I was ok with both sides and I’ve always been open to the idea that others may have psychic experiences but didn’t think to have to deal with it myself, in fact I thought my skepticky side was a bit of an innoculation against it. Destabilizing is exactly the word. And I also don’t like being dishonest with others by keeping this side a secret from my IRL friends, but a couple of bad experiences makes me lary of trying again.

        I do think of it, ,much as you describe, as using available information, just because we might not be able to point to some kind of objective physical source of that information doesn’t mean it isn’t there, kind of like the way birds and insects can navigate using magnetic fields, we must be able to sense all kinds of phenomena but have lost the ability to detect the signal and interpret it.

        1. Yes that’s it! It’s all a lot more practical than woo woo. Making it woo woo encouraged laziness and sloppiness; and to be disciplined spiritually and psychically is very important for health and safety.

          1. Cheers for the advice sphinx, I might see if I can find some kind of course, choices are fairly limited because I’m in an area of low population but you are right about not feeling comfortable in my own skin, so I need to do something.

  5. Yes! Full on ancient aliens, dragons, magic civilizations and big foot believer here. My dearest friend is even writing two films about these topics at the moment.

  6. Crystallised future

    Absolutely dragons and dinosaurs being one and the same. I’ve thought that for decades, along with magic being taken away from us. It’s the reason why that’s always puzzled me.

  7. Dark matter is just a theory to make us feel more comfortable in the fact that scientists can’t find anything that actually has weight or what we call physical matter. This world is but one of many projections ( possibly black holes are the projectors) . So let’s just say dark matter is unresolved light while what we can see is resolved to a degree. Time is not linear, so what we call 99 million years ago is happening now, all things on the time line are happening simultaneously.

    1. Many things are a theory. gravity is a theory. climate change is a theory. relativity is a theory. some theories carry more weight than others due to the weight of scientifically gathered evidence (that is, checked, investigated, measured, re-checked, re-investigated, re-measured) that supports a theory, or in many cases, develops or modifies it. sometimes you get to a causal thing where you can prove it, e.g. the chemical(s) in cigarette smoke that actually mutates DNA to cause lung cancer. Scientists more or less use a process that allows their data and methods to be scrutinised by others. This is why it’s pretty handy to describe and create a lot of things. It’s one thing to go “hey if everything is basically a ball of electromagnetic forces why does everything weigh so bloody much” , to actually working out, you know, why everything weighs so bloody much. There is no one set way to ‘do science’ and any proper scienceperson, as ought any other proper thingperson, generally retains a thoroughly open mind for new info, which is then also subject to the same scrutiny. Other stuff is called anecdotal evidence. Sailing around the world to prove that it was round was a sciency thing to do. Again like the gerberas and other fakery types, “science” is not charlatan-proof and because its processes involves people, is also prone to anything that involves people such as the vicissitudes of ego, greed, etc.
      I was listening to a cool paleontologist dudette on the radio talking about why our feathered dino-friend was so exciting. She was describing this as major because for the first time ever we have a proper, 3-d, perfectly preserved piece of dinosaur (dragon etc). so they can see how our dino friend’s feathers were configured, and whether this indicated the capacity to fly (in this case not really), or what other reasons might the feathers have for being there (warm! the babes love it! etc). The existence of feathers was already a thing, fossils and so on. if it wasn’t for these processes then kids would’t have been playing with rubber diplodocus dino’s, or roaring like a T-rex, or singing “He is the motherfucking pterodactyl” well maybe that’s just the adults, and we know what all of these things are (t-rex, pterodactyl) because a bunch of geeks love going into the middle of the desert and getting covered in dirt and using string and tiny brushes and museums and models and guesswork to clean up and put these fuqers together again.

      1. p.s. I am still totally down with transdimensional unicorns, folk history including recorded in the bible, e.g. the great flood (there are marine type things in inland nothern aust that don’t have much business being there either), part of me was wondering if the 7 tribes of israel were basically the leftovers of ppl who ended up in differnt corners of the world from an earlier disaster,
        and all we really know is the last ..60,000 years of human history on earth? and dino is 100 million years old? i mean we could have smashed and recreated ourselves 1000 times over since the jurassic. give or take an ice age or two. I so completely agree that it’s very narcissistic to assume that we’re the pinnacle of everything that ever happened on earth. those clocks the Greeks (phoenicians?) made, found rusting on the adriatic seafloor. Time as a perceptual layer that causes us to experience three dimensions. dunno. everything – i’m into it.

      2. Yes but dark matter has no scientific evidence at all, none. Its a very scetchy hypothesis about why the universe is expanding. I worked for some years with particle physicists, I’m not making up what I mentioned above. The fact that the components of all ‘matter’ have no weight or mass is a proven fact, not something I came up with.
        Time also is not linear, also accepted as fact by most physicists.
        I’m all for working with proven facts and usually cynical of convenient unproven theories like dark matter that allow us to hold on to old beliefs the wrong and basically waste time. Like going to Mars ? Seriously ? Wtf would we want to go to some dead planet close by at a cost of many billions when that money and resource can be spent in improving this world ?
        ‘Science’ and scientists seem to have forgotten that all they do is try and understand what already is, science never created any of it, and ultimately could become the destroyers of it. To be honest understanding the life of extinct reptiles is maybe interesting work but probably also a waste of time.

        1. Geez i will not bang on (TOO much) but i think the waste of time is spent proving Research Bias (see the lovely Victorians and the fuqed measuring of different “races” head measurements (i.e dolichocephalic) ) . There is little coherence among the branches of science compared to the funding and publicity given to the strands of science. When we get them to work together, IF we ever do, (i’m Australian and despair at what i believed was BASIC science and nature studies of our unique spot here) then we will make best use of our understanding of electro-magnetics (sound/water/earth/heart/brain waves) with our electronics (sonic/digital/electronic/acoustic) waves. That’s just in my crude sense of putting it. Animals have already been found to respond to all of these in disruptive and deleterious ways, but also to being adaptive in others. Over xmas i’ll be able to put it again to one of my long suffering Virgo peeps about how it works. It’s my lifelong regret not to be a Scientist, and just some organo-feeling data-less ignorant shit.

          1. But we are all organo-feeling ignorant data-less shits really. Maybe we take out the “ignorant” and “shits” part tho 😉 Maybe that’s why we dream of android existences and the matrix, all that perfect information delivered to our minds in an instant.. One thing that bugs me about the modern situ is the way that we are made to feel smaller for not knowing stuff. Is that how what I wrote sounded? Argh (I was waving the flag for people who are passionate about understanding the physical world in a certain way and who share that knowledge.) Ok I’m getting off the internet now I think mercury is starting to square my MC hahaha aarrgh xxxx

              1. this is a thing tho, and i am skating past all the potential wierdness that i may have initiated up there ^^^, and this is massively O/T (I am super into the idea of phoenixes existing though and Mystic’s second para nails it) but I am actually going through a massive strawberry phase. Not just the fruit, but if I can find the proper real strawberries then my summer is made, but scented hand cream, confectionery, aromatics, cakes, bubble gum. Bright shiny red soft squishy luxurious divine ahmahzing strawberries. I think I was wierdly influenced by a pink-obsessed cancerian who I am fairly sure has some contacts with my draconic chart, i can’t explain. Anyway sorry for the massive tangent mystic

      1. I’m just going to say neutrino
        Vast amounts of neutrinos bathe us continually We live in a neutrino ocean. But I have to stop there as my brain explodes, literally explodes when I start thinking particle physics !

    2. I saw an old doco with Carl Sagan recently and in it, he said that the Universe is most likely within a black hole. That tripped me out to the nth degree, lol… kind of like this whole thread discussion!

  8. Totally yes!
    Graham Hancock has been saying for a very long time in Fingerprints of the Gods that we are a ‘species with amnesia’. Vastly older than we are educated to believe.
    Hancock says that Plato was very accurate in dating the cataclysm that destroyed Atlantis. Plato says the Egyptians talked with his ancestor Solon about their ancient ancestral roots and how they brought knowledge and writing with them from a land in the West.

    In most cultures is the story of the great flood that destroyed the world. This is supposed to be something we can date at about 12,000 years ago.

    Hancock and others say there was asteroid that hit the planet (that in thirty years we will be passing into that belt of asteroids again, eep) around north america. This asteroid was huge and caused glaciers to melt etc resulting in the floods. Hancock cites a lot of geological evidence to this and his scientist friends theories are becoming increasingly but QUIETLY accepted by scientists.
    I am not into geology but damn if the idea of the kind of destruction they describe isn’t fascinating and clear why there is almost nothing left of that time given what is gouged into the landscape.
    Here with Joe Rogan is fun:

    The fabulous discovery of Gobekli Tepe near Mt Ararat and the fact that all agriculture comes from this area, means in his view that our ancestors passed on their information to the locals, not that we suddenly created it.

    Since I was 12 I have always known that the current story was wrong. How does an intelligent species stay in a static state of learning over hundreds of thousands of years, then suddenly invent agriculture and cities? How does Egyptian history start at a peak level engineering capability and downgrade over the centuries? Makes no sense. Makes a lot more sense that we have lost our past, lost our knowledge.

    Puma Punku, the pyramids, so many engineering feats we are not capable of today and yet scientists have the arrogance to insist on this childish, feeble fable of our origins. TedTalks tried to ban Hancock’s talks. This signifies how much of a threat our lost history poses to the establishment.

    Even the zodiac of Egypt is from the earliest of times, and it is said the knowledge of the skies was ‘enormous and exact’ by standards today.
    The step pyramid of Zoser is the oldest in Egypt and is covered in stars and knowledge. The pyramids are themselves star maps grounded on earth.

    Barbara Hand Clow mentions that the asteroid that hit us caused the tilt of the planet, creating the seasons and instigating our great interest in how to measure time and seek the stars to help us understand when another cataclysm might hit.

    As to unicorns and dragons, I do believe it is possible the existed, but just as possible is that they exist today in alternative time line, or in another world that we regularly incarnate in. How can we know when even gravity could change over time, perhaps this is how dragon’s could fly?

    Doing past life regressions so many client’s see other worlds, other times, Atlantis and lives as animals, insects and aliens. Nothing surprises me anymore.

        1. Sorry, my love, someone or something just made it past the periphery of my apartment building. I thought it was a person and went right down to check. Later some people turned up to warn my neighbours. Tried to chase them down for what i didn’t hear but i think they are the Gem Moon Biz that i felt earlier. Bold!

          I was going to say the neighbourhood birds will not allow me to “pet”them with food or anything, but have come by on days there must have been nothing to eat. One of those days, i had the whole flock almost touch me, which freaked me out (christ i am at least a little uranian in that sense, i’ll be there but don’t touch me, we’re really different energies, and i can taint yours as much as you taint mine). Still, they leave feathers in the exact same spot, which is not where they gathered to feed but in front of my garage..

          Some of my (now deceased) fam kept birds but uncaged within the house, which definitely freaked me out as they came to nest in my hair, every fqn time, I didn’t mind playing with the birds during their learned games, but that whirr of wings and the feel of the claws in my scalp was just hideous, when i first walked in.

          It hasn’t put me off birds, in fact even my weirdest encounters…well, one of my scientist buddies called me the Bird Shaman. It’s just i have no desire to pet them. I think they are beautiful. But of a different physical ilk which may be compromised by human touch, and i find them oily/greasy/reptilian. You know, in my human form. But birds are dragons in the Modern, i think, and we have to listen closely i think.

          I must say, when i fly in dreams since a little girl, it is an effort and i feel different muscle sets working. When i currently travel as spirit in dreams i glide, also with muscular effort, so i just credit birds with teaching me what i do not know yet. Psychopomps, i think. But real little animals, who must be respected (am Australian, so those others who are will get their energies, from the wagtail to the kookaburra to the owl. None of the species are shy if they want you. But the individual birds will be quite hilarious and eerie, or kind of confused, as well.)

          Please note, i am an urban dweller. Dragons are only what the birds taught me.

          1. I love the way you write Mille!! Haha they are very dragon like birds. I never thought much of them but as I have learned of the incredible intelligence of birds I have warmed to them. Grey Parrots have more words than an ape and use them correctly. Quite incredible. But I know what you mean about them being off putting in that oily sense. I really don’t care for chicken much as a food either – though eggs are a gift.
            But kookaburras are so smart and can very gentle for all their prehistoric gravitas. I get tingles imagining flying as they do. I think I want to set a dreaming goal for he next year, your flying dreams inspire me.

    1. I concur with how fascinating “Fingerprints” is when I read it many years ago. There’s another fellow who talks about the Great Forgetting that dovetails nicely into Hancock’s work.

      We have such a narrow tunnel of thinking as Industrialized human beings.

      I send strength to the Indigenous people who can help all of us broaden our horizons.

      I’d like it if my children and grandchildren and great grandchildren had a planet as beautiful and nourishing as possible.

    2. The webbots,, are predicting some sort of race to discover something about or in Antarctica that ties together or makes clear the hidden history of the planet, some sort of undeniable evidence.

  9. Possible proof of an ancient Quetzalcoatl – a twin god of learning and the wind – under the Gemini Full Moon?!


    Love, love, love the perfection of the synchronicity! There were lots of feathers around this lunation indeed, as it was less than 1 minute of arc away from Fixed Star Phact in The Dove constellation. This constellation as a whole is supposed to be a messenger of (good) news and Ebertin said this star gives a love of science, so paleontologists geeking out over word of this feathered find sure does fit!

    Personally, I’ve had dove symbolism all up in my face over the last week or so but may be somewhat predisposed as Wazn (also in this constellation) is active in my chart. This energy & I go way back…as a kid I spontaneously figured out how to do a dove call, and to this day when I see them I still greet them in their own language. I also cared for an injured pigeon (of the genus Columba as well) for a time, so pretty well-attuned to Dove Medicine overall…perhaps this is why in yoga Pigeon Pose has always been a snap for me.

  10. Makes sense to me… As we get more separated from the magical not-really-otherworld as individuals growing from baby to kid and onward, it makes sense that humankind has done that on a meta level.

  11. Lux Interior Is My Co-Pilot

    I honestly can’t blame the scientists for wanting to keep it as non-magical as possible.

    What with all the nutbag gerberas and pterodactlys around who would quickly claim to be “giant feathered serpent queens in a past life” and can tell you if you were one for $200 bucks. Awesome magical folk abound, but sadly so so do unadulterated scam-bags. I had a woman try and sell me a crystal that would “cure cancer” and was “used heavily in Atlantis”. Bish, please.

    Not to mention the scientists who suffered at the hands of superstitious religious folk in the past (see Giordano Bruno, Gallieo etc)…I think some of that mistrust lingers in their DNA and they’re scared as soon as they utter words like “magic” and “awe” they’ll be locked in the tower of something.

    1. mate i was just about to debut my “i was a giant feathered serpent queen” theory and associated range of feathers/crystals…

      But yes seriously, i get this side of it. I was in tears researching the life of Giordano for the post i did on him & the penalties for scientists during the inquisition were SO vile and the religious bias so nutty, i can see why scientists hold this “objectivity” so sacred.

      I was amazed enough to see the article from NASA mentioning the Ancient Greek theory of the 5th element Quintessence in relation to Dark Matter.

      1. No doubt. The NASA writers are wordsmiths who are clearly in love with what they do. And their Instagram is breathtaking sometimes and fun always.

    2. “they’ll be locked in the tower of something.” or worse!
      Many in the past suffered imprisonment or death.
      We are heading towards a new Dark Ages in America, where science is subject to distrust.

  12. One scientist said somewhere that ‘truth was driven to extinction’. That our perceptions of an ‘out there’ world, of a common and shared reality, is really just the workings of one version of human consciousness. The one that survived evolution. Whatever happened to the other versions is now the subject of quantum science. I guess if they go there, they’ll find a lot more between heaven and earth than even we have ever dreamt of,,,

    1. Crystallised future

      I blame universities and the process of having ‘new theories’ published as articles. Genuine new information is rarely allowed past the gatekeeper reviewers ensuring all ‘new’ research doesn’t clash with their own or established theory already published.

  13. In absolute agreeance with you here. We’ve barely scraped the bottoms of our oceans, we’ve still barely touched corners of this world (thank goodness for that, leave it untouched as possible please climate-deniers) and there is so much wisdom and magic that was discarded the moment we became egotistic and ‘hard science’ became our religion for lack of a better word. Ancient techniques, systems and beliefs don’t just carry on without there being very good reasons behind it, scientific/metaphysic or otherwise. So much that we have lost is being discovered again. Yay!! I’m half-surprised Quantum Physicists aren’t all walking around in monks robes yets and aligning their Chakras, considering so much ‘mystic’ stuff is now being verified in the great halls of science.

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