Dream Diva Tips

“The dream is a little hidden door in the innermost and most secret recesses of the psyche.”

Carl Jung

Those of you whom have been hanging around here for a while will know that I think dreaming is vital for psychic health.  Dreams are the easiest way to do so-called past life regression, free therapy and a brilliant way to tap into the infinite wisdom of something else out there.

And with the Full Moon Eclipse in Pisces + Shamanic Neptune newly out from under the scrutiny of Saturn, NOW is a fantastic time to start upping your dream practice. But how? If you’ve lost touch with your subliminal channels of late, here are some quick dream diva tips to refresh your vibe.

*Try not to read your phone in bed before you go to sleep and definitely don’t dip into a turgid tabloid story or hypochondriac check-list freak out. You want your consciousness clear ahead of sleep, not infused with cognitive clutter or worries.

Additionally, my naturopath says that the blue light from the phone fuqs with your melatonin – the hormone of darkness – big-time. It makes your body think it is morning time and it starts pumping out the ‘seize the day‘ type-A style of neurotransmitters.

*Weird tip for sleeping in general. If you wake up in the middle of the night and realize you are mouth breathing, consider getting some of those little “breathe right” strips to gently encourage nose breathing. Or see a professional obviously. Nose breathing all night is one of the most super rejuvenating things you can do – it apparently prompts your body to manufacture a magical antioxidant created no other way.

*YES keep the damn dream diary already. It can be a scrappy little notebook from your local convenience store or the fanciest stationery fetish item you can lay your gleaming claws on. It doesn’t matter. The point is that as soon as you start writing down even the basic themes of your dreams, it’s like the dreams themselves know you are taking note and become more pointed.

It also means that as you read back over the dream journal, you start to understand the language of your own subconscious and its different terrains. While there are broad symbol meanings out there, only YOU can truly interpret your own dreams properly and this simply takes practice.

*Consider Reishi, Chamomile, Skullcap or Holy Basil tea* about an hour before bed. You are supposed to make your pre-bed vibe as mellow and cave-like as possible, again for optimal rejuvenation and hormones.  You can also consider essential oils to enhance dreaming but be careful with these! I love lavender as it is classic, relaxing and a Mercury plant- Mercury is the Magician and the dreamworld is part of his beat. But obviously experiment to find what works with you.

If you’re a real dream-tripper and experimental, you can try Mugwort tea* but i tried this ONCE and found it way too powerful. I had a dream SO lucid that I swear it was another dimension.

Poor digestion or trying to assimilate shitty foods/alcohol while you sleep can not only give you nightmares, it gives you off-mission dreams. Like, have you ever had a dream that felt like it was not for you? Or of you?

Over time you start to know your dream landscapes and will recognize when something is off – it may be a digestive problem or a surfeit of sugar but could also indicate that someone has too much influence in your life at the moment.

Metaphysically, it may be a good idea to space-clear the room you sleep in if you’re experiencing repeated un-you dreams or nightmares.

*With the exception of mugwort, these are all quite commonly used pre-sleep ’tisanes’ but please talk to your doctor, naturopath or a herbal remedies expert for expert advice that will also take your unique health picture into account.

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  1. I had a dream on full moon eclipse night, about coming across a nest full of pale blue robins’ eggs.

    I used to have a house robin when I lived in the country, it came in to clear up all the crumbs on the floor of the kitchen. Bold as brass. There is one in the garden at work too, I had a conversation with it the other day, I scritched up all the piles of rotting leaves for it with my foot, and said “For you, brother”.

    Thank you for the egg dream, robin friend.

    New beginnings for real!

  2. Had a whole bunch of dreams last night. But the last dream I dreamt that I was abusing my former abuser. Considering I feel zero need to do as such I found it interesting my subconscious would do so 12 years later

  3. I find massaging temples and 3rd eye with lavender & rosemary essential oils useful for working out problems during sleep/dream state – as it relaxes one yet sharpens & clears the mind; Rose essential oil on heart sends me to the galaxy of lurve & spiritual realms – v soothing; while chamomile tea i use for peaceful sleep. Mugwort sends me a bit barmy with over-dreaming & i wake up confuzed & heavy.

    I’ve conducted experiments with rocks & crystals and i’ve found that black tourmaline & selenite are powerful helpers in creating a good sleep & dream environment. Since gridding our bedroom (& house) with black tourmaline & putting a selenite tower by the bedside, my partner no longer has stressful or terrifying dreams. He still has intricate dreams of strangeness & sometimes aliens – but not at all frightening. He has no idea about the rocks – didn’t want to influence him to see if they worked.
    Same in the guest room – when we have people sleep over, they’re always surprised at how well they’ve slept & always wake up refreshed even if they’d been jet lagged & on a different time zone.

      1. Thanks hon. xx
        I should actually add that if one is going to work with essential oils, to get the purest you can get – preferably wild or organic – energetically superior. You should also test for skin allergy/irritability before applying (esp on face).
        A lot of therapists would not recommend neat oils on the skin. Though i do use neat drops on certain acupressure points. I’ve worked with essential oils for 30 yrs so am a bit blasé with my self-healing and experimentation. So just be careful, people.

        1. 30 plus years as well Skarab and no problem with neat oil on skin.
          Interesting healing fact is that until a couple of weeks ago have never had a cold or flu in all that time.

        2. After buying Perfect Potion none of the other brands I bought stand up. The Bergamot is heads and shoulders above ALL others…

    1. I massage my breasts, chest and stomach daily with jojoba and essential oils. Due to a cold I had been using Rosemary oil.

      I have Selenite tealights on each bedside table as well as a Twinflame lamp on my alter. Black Tourmaline is a wonderful crystal – I have a nice big chunk I keep on the altar in the hall. First time I picked it up I had a 20 minute heartgasm, hairs on end and a dizzy spell 🙂

  4. I often dream of inventing things. It’s usually so ‘OMG’ this is amazing! Then upon waking I can’t remember the invention but only the excitement lol. I also have dreams of ppl who have passed on, I sometimes ask questions like ‘is this a visitation?’ And they usually say ‘yes’!

  5. THE MOON if FULL. Shining brilliantly through the bighuge Queensland Maple outside my door.
    Took Daisy Bell (AmStaf) and the Maven who runs with the Pitbulls (me) for a run though the backstreets.
    She just KNEW i needed to see that moon.
    Yes it was a Clarissa moment 🙂

    1. Beautiful. Yes, dogs know & love to run in a full moon night too. Clarissa moment indeed. I’m up at the mountain shack & I had me an Ayla (she of the Cave Bear Clan) moment last night. I didn’t bring my cousin’s hound like i normally do coz he went awol for a while, so am on my own listening to wolfs howling & owls hooting. Then i hear this scratching at the door & a loud whine – for a heart beat i thought it was a wolf – but it was he – the hound.
      This moon was shining so hard, i almost had to put on my sunnies. No sleep till dawn.

  6. Are any other Pisceans feeling really great about this full moon or is it just me? I went and stood outside under the waxing gibbous tonight. The moon was in full view and the light from it was reflecting off the water and I felt SO emotionally comfortable and just….damn good. I don’t usually feel this way around full moons..I think. Although I honestly have probably not paid much attention to notice…..I guess because it’s in Pisces it makes a real difference. I’m going to start paying more attention to how I feel when it’s in other positions.

      1. This is just a theory and I could be COMPLETELY wrong here but I just had a thought : my moon is in virgo and I’m usually hyper critical of myself emotionally. I think maybe this full moon in pisces/eclipse business is flipping my emotional switch so to speak and I’m much more able to go with the flow. Kinda loving the vibe. Can’t wait for the full moon tomorrow.

    1. the vibe was incredibly beautiful and lush. overwhelming compulsion to head to the beach, i couldn’t get there for mundane (sigh) reasons but saw the lush fat moon low in the sunset sky later, blissed out.

    1. You mean there was a BOY in it?
      Yes have been having a few of those cliched umm Dream LOvers, dare i say.
      Cue harps violins or dirty bass.

  7. Dreamt a couple of nights ago i was in a dark wooden cafe, speaking with Nick Cave about how (in real life) a book called The Lone Twin had helped my Dads surviving twin feel not so alone .. it was a still, quiet, filed with compassion and care moment.

    I have been tossing up between emailing Susie Bick in real life with a link…or sending a copy to for her surviving twin c/- her. Think i might post a real copy…with a little note.

  8. I experience prophetic dreams on occasion. Started in frequently during my early 20’s. It would take quite a long time for ‘said’ dream to eventuate into reality (6 months to a year).Now in my late 30’s they are more common and unravel in waking life much sooner (2 weeks to 2 months, sometimes sooner). I cannot differentiate between a regular dream and one with prophetic qualities upon waking. It must come to fruition in reality first. Best way to describe when I recognize a ‘direct dream to reality’ moment is like an extended sense of de ja vu. Faces and places are very clear! It’s odd but kinda cool. Bit off topic but often when I have friends stay over or I stay at theirs they tell me they experienced vivid dreams that night – usually non dreamers and so they are somewhat surprised & want to share. Is my dream state contagious? Ha

  9. I dream (or am aware that I’ve dreamed) once every couple of months at the very most. The dreams I do have are huge, pretty lucid, and while not quite nightmares, super heavy and never fun. Astrologically, I should be a champion dreamer, and I’ve always wondered why this is not the case. I’ve had a dream diary for ages and have made like 3 entries in it. Reishi is great but no dreams. Mugwort is great but no dreams. I almost never drink anymore, but still no dreams. Haven’t been smoking — no dreams. Lavender oil on my pillow, mugwort in it, tulsi, nose-breathing, nada. I sleep like the dead.
    I think it was here that somebody mentioned Chiron on their moon and heavy, exhausting dreams, which was the best clue yet. Maybe, being natal Chiron-Moon, I don’t dream for self-protection. Maybe I shouldn’t be jealous of dreamers! I am tho, hella.
    I occasionally get something right before falling asleep that used to think was sleep paralysis. It feels like my head is floating away (two balloons! 🙂 ) and simultaneously shrinking and heavy and dense as lead. It’s the conscious physical equivalent of my dreams, and it’s legit scary.

    1. You sound like how I vibe on dreaming. Those two words dense and scary are the clues to why you don’t dream more I think. I tend to think we closed the door out of fear. I need to work on this!

      1. Really, Sphinx, you?!? This makes me feel better and maybe makes sense too. Fear, perhaps, yes. Also, protection. I’m a wide open doorway, and monitoring/controlling what comes through is challenging enough when awake! It’s taken me 39 years to learn to deal with the Neptunian realm that is my waking life. It’s why I can’t watch movies, wear all black, wish I still smoked in a way, etc. It’s all a dream within a dream within a dream anyway… ?

        1. Haha, yes me too! I have good ability with making energies denser so I can perceive them clearly. This also has the other effect of making weird energies quite material when I don’t always want that. I am quite aware that there are times I won’t have the ability to control those manifestations and that I need to be careful with this. Also as you say, when you are an open door and dealing with a lot of information, unless you are really on it, it can be quite draining. We both have kids, so protecting is a full time job as it is.

  10. Does anyone remember Quentin Watts on JJJ aeons ago? I still have her well thumbed books. They are great and encourage you to make your own assimilation’s to your own reality. Some of the on-line dream dictionaries have scary interpretations!
    Does anyone else have SPECTACULAR dreams whilst wearing a nicotine patch???

    1. Yep, still have my copy, travelled round Europe with me, now in 2 pieces .. Buckle above mentioned a women called Jane Teresa Anderson, and her podcast is The Dream Show.
      She looks the buisness ! Have just signed up for her newsletter, and going to get someof her podcasts.

  11. Dreams signify really powerful turning points in my life. I had a dream before I left to move overseas for the first time when I was 18/19 that a giant hand (the hand of the Divine) came down through the clouds and gave me a gift.

    I’ve had dreams of being kissed where I literally wake up with a heartgasm.

    Last September Eclipse had me dreaming a part of my lower nature that I never really TOOK ON. That dream prompted the MEGA SHIFT.

    When I have a lover, or want someone to be a lover, I literally dream their past and have visions.

    On occasion I go back to bed in the morning for another few hours because my brain has something it wants to relate to me. No need to record it – I just “do the work” and assimiliate.

    So yes to dreaming. Going through a quiet phase right now but we’ll see what this Eclipse has to say via the mind over the next few weeks 🙂 <3

      1. I like it – it lives in my 10th house. With a 12 house Stellium I can count the Pisces I do NOT get along with in my lifetime on one hand. I vibe with the fish folk really well…

        Uranus in Scorpio in my 6th House ruled by Scorpio to boot. You can imagine the energies I bring to my work. I am told I am “crazy” but hey, at least I’m interesting ;P

        1. you’re probably doing the right job for your skills 😀

          i hav uranus in scorp, but 5th house. quite like uranus / scorp. shock value. hehe

  12. Excited to see thi’s post. I’ve been doing Integrative Dreamwork for the last 9 years and it’s transformative stuff – real individuaton. The natal chart is very helpful for discerning between things that appear ‘bad’ in a dream but are actually important archetypal energies coming forward, and viceversa – the apparent ‘good’ that is actually some old family or past life crud that is blocking the dreamer. (Trained in a Rudhyarian approach initially). Also long and short arcs of process work can be seen in current transits – all grounded in the felt work with dreams. Occasionally I (or a client) have a dream that gives a long view of what’s being transformed in the psyche (To help give that extra dose of self-compassion and patience!) Invariably it’s reflected in the stars. Never ceases to amaze.

    1. Hey! I recognise that beautiful artwork!
      I was just about to mention what a great post this is and how the Dreamwork I have done with you has been so amazing. Even when I have been a little..errrm..stubborn/ reluctant to do my homework!
      It’s profound stuff alright…not dream interpretation but more of getting a helping hand to help see the patterns and the journey that you’re on…Hmm, I have always found it very hard to explain but it’s been my favourite form of couselling ever

  13. I started ranting about my dream life here on blog post. It was about Pauline Hanson telling refugees to return to their country of origin. (Australian parliament). Then I had this massive insight about the dream’s personal meaning, right after I had been going on about it collectively. Shadowy stuff. I deleted it all and went into release mode. Thank you for the therapeutic blog!!

  14. Last week digestion problems

    I dreamt first night I told cliff richard not to worry about aging because he is a Gemini rising

    The next night that Isis stole my laptop

    The next night that I ran away with Justin Bieber because my dad was after me and he (Justin) vibed me for not doing enough exercise ….

    Neptune Saturn merc retro Virgo jetlag hello

  15. Omg, my dreams are intense. You said mystic there would be another man?! Well, my very first love I ran into and he then fb msg me- I didn’t reaping for a month because I just couldn’t handle anything more. Had a fight with current partner, msg him, back and forth about life etc. told me he moved back in with his mum, so I dropped in and we chatted like we hadn’t been apart from each other- this is 17 years mind you. His mother is an artist who then told me she painted a painting of us. She showed me and it was like wow. She said to me’ Iv always liked you’. He is going through really heavy stuff and I as well. Since, I have dreamt of him every night. Last night was I spent a night with him and he had all these other women and I said I just can’t to do it!!! Sign?!!

  16. Totally!

    I’ve been keeping a dream diary for 7 years. It started with a piece of paper then notebooks – a lot of notebooks and now I just use notes on my iphone to write them down. I can have pages and pages of just one dream. Other times it’s just a sentence.

    The more you write them out the easier they come. You’ll notice the nuances in the meaning of your dreams as well as what doesn’t really matter. As a matter of habit I don’t mention names of the people in my dreams but I do note if I recognise them or not. I do this so when I look back on the dream notes I’ve written them with enough detail that the person floats back into the picture easily.

    When I started I would always them down every morning and then after a few years I wrote them down in the evening after mediation, because that’s when they would come back to me. It just helped flex the muscles.

    Something else I’m doing and it’s just for fun is as I’m going to sleep I will think of the dream the night before, like I’m picking up a book and about to start reading where I left off.

    Neptune conjunct MC opp Gemini Sun, Moon, Venus

  17. Recently, I stopped guzzling red wine and smoking …um, herbs…and finally, I can remember my dreams! I just bought a new journal to start writing everything down.

    Although, recently I had something horrendous and strange happen. I think its called sleep paralysis. I was half awake-half asleep and all i could hear is loud static – like radio frequency. I felt buzzing electricity. I could not fully awake and I was stuck in some strange in-between state. This happened to me once before, many years ago.

    1. I’ve had a weird static-like experience too, Tara. It coincided with a few other ghostly (of the etheric nature, not psychological) occurrences. I did a crystal grid and spirit release, and our beautiful little ghosty took off where she needed to be. Haven’t had it again until recently, so I think it might be time for another space clearing for me.

      1. Thats what my mother had thought, that I was being visited by a ghost/spirit/energy etc..

        what was strange, was that I was dreaming that I was on a crashing plane, the static was from the sos call then as i tried to wake myself from the nightmare i got “stuck” in that static state! I was fighting going “deeper” into the state.

        The first time it happened, many years ago, I had visited a psychic that day!

        I definitely saged my house both times after!

        1. I did past life work and that stopped the exact thing you are describing happening. Its really worth doing, it can be because of ancient spells/bad magic

    2. This has happened to me twice and a friend told me the buzzing electricity feeling is the beginning of an out of body experience, your soul leaving the physical to go into the astral? To me, it was scary so i would wake up during it and the buzzing would slowly fade away as I lay in bed. It also coincided with two weird ghost like figures appearing in my dreams. Not my usual mundane dream scenario so it spooked me. I’m intrigued by the mention of Uranus contacts, I hadn’t thought of that before. Maybe Uranus aspect can jolt you into another (nonphysical) dimension.

  18. Buckle (Aries Sun; Pisces Asc; Gem Moon.)

    A couple of years ago I really wanted to find a dream analyst who was a qualified psychologist/counsellor as I too am convinced of dreams’ significance for mental health.

    Anyway, after a web search I found an excellent one in Brisbane (I was stunned) and she has been doing a very detailed dream interpretation podcast for years.

    She is Jane Teresa Anderson, and her podcast is The Dream Show. Every month, someone phones in and she takes listeners through very practical steps towards recognising the language of our dreams. Sensational.

    1. Thanks for link Buckle,
      I was a huge fan of Quentin Watts on Triple J back in the day *cough* 80’s…I haven’t found anyone quite like her since. Fascintaing insights.
      Muchly appreciated !
      Your Astro Twin.

      1. She was so lovely!! I listened to her as a young fish. I phoned in once with this amazing dream and the producer was a complete jerk though 🙁 talked down to me and I felt stupid for calling in

  19. This mornings I Ching, my question was very Aries … What’s next !

    ‘The needed rain finally pours down, bringing a well-earned time of rest.
    It is Nature’s time to enrich the crops, so leave it to her.
    To work the fields in the rain and mud would only undo all good effort.
    Do not seek more; the gibbous moon seeks to be full, but once full can do nothing but wane.’

    By the way I’ve noticed a few of you talking about the I Ching. It’s something that has been a constant for me for nearly 40 years. A few years ago I found this guys works. Amazing information and interpretations. He and Carol Anthony are my first references now.
    Hope you don’t mind Myst .. Here is his site.


    1. Thanks for link.
      Do You Ching on a morning basis?.
      i should start. I like the measured and wise tone (soothes moon in Capricorn)

      1. No I don’t do regular readings though I do think early on in the relationship it’s good to learn and understand by more frequent open questioning.
        This develops your relationship with the sage.
        See it as a language you are learning. Once you know the language you and your sage can have more nuanced conversation. This is when it becomes extremely useful for seeing those patterns of nature in your life, moment by moment and applying the wisdom. The sage becomes the voice in your ear without referring to the texts.

        1. He amalgamates all the great teachers and as you can see also aligns the western philosophy to the eastern. His articles are also very interesting. I conversed with him a while back. He is probably in his 80s now. He explained that because he references so many texts it’s not possible to publish.

  20. On the mouth breathing, look up the Buteyko Method – a simple process of correcting breathing habits.

    Habitual mouth breathing acidifies and dehydrates the body, causes stress on organs and receding of the jaw, which in turn is very ageing.

    The technique is also purported to cure respiratory problems such as asthma (although there are microbiome connections there as well).

    Such a simple thing as how you breath has widespread impacts on the body that no amount of supplementation or superfoods can counteract.

  21. Thank you mystic. I’m a chronic late night screen person at the moment. It’s terrible and I have READ the literature about the sleep and well-being impacts etc… Sigh. It’s all very un-me. Neptune approaching Sun mercury 9th house so if there was any time for shamanism and celluloid, it’s starting now.

    1. Use a yellow or amber filter on glasses or put a s
      Yellow film on your device…apps too. It wont stop you from wanting news, but it wont screw up melatonin to look at the device after dark at least!

        1. If you have an iPhone, you can set it to “night shift” which alters the display to the warmer end of the colour spectrum and is supposedly more conducive to good sleep.

          1. That is true, and I do use it, but- sleep experts have said that it’s not really a fix, as it doesn’t cover the right part of the spectrum, or something.

            Nonetheless, it’s better than nothing.

    1. I am a hairbreadth away from starting smoking again I so miss five minutes under the night sky! Mushroom harvesting could be the replacement, 🙂

  22. Such great tips! One way to get nightmares is to check the Daily Mail before shut eye *blick*.
    Trued reishi but I felt unsettled by it.

    Maybe I would feel better if I picked it myself with an obsidian blade under a Full Moon in Cancer after asking the spirit of the plant to guide me. But I am quite busy.

    Totally going to get the dream diary back on! Thx.

    1. It took two full days for reishi to “settle in” for me. There was a feeling of almost-nausea, like butterflies before a first date. After that it was iridescent well-being.

      1. That’s interesting! I will try some tonight. I am a little cautious about ingesting plants as I like to understand the status of my untouched energetic fabric and work with that, but I’ll give it crack and report back, 😉

      2. i took reishi a while – at least a year – ago and remember feeling like that. i can’t recall if/how it made me feel the awesome eventually. would try again.

    2. In regards to Reishi how did you have it?
      I’ve had a lot of stomach issues and have been FODMAPPING it for the last 12 months for a good time…it helps a bit but not a lot…anyway, I bought some Reishi powder and mixed a tsp in water which was kind of revolting. And I don’t think my stomach liked it, but honestly, I don’t think my stomach likes anything except bananas so…
      But curious for all you Reishi consumers- how do you do it?!

      1. I take it in capsule form. Make sure whichever you get that it is reishi EXTRACT, not just dried and ground-up. The extraction process is what draws out all the polysacchyrides (sp) or whatever goodies are in them. Also make sure there’s fruiting body in them, and not just the mycellium.

        I’ve done tons of research and Mushroom Science is the brand I prefer.

  23. Would it be OK if I mentioned a possible note of caution re: the herbs recommended in this post? Purely in the interests of giving a head’s up just so nobody uses them if/when potentially contraindicated, you understand.

  24. Having Merc-Neptune trine means I’m blessed with dreams and their cryptic messages, whether I like it or not. I find it weird that there are people who “never” dream because there are nights I wish I didn’t. Or mornings I wish the dreams wouldn’t stop.

    I have had dreams that didn’t feel like they were mine, like they leaked outta someone’s head and landed on mine. Or weirder yet, dreams of my alternate lives. Maybe it’s when I give in and eat some fancy cheeses? (I can’t fully give up dairy because vegan cheeses, even when good, just are NOT as great.)

    I’m expecting a juicy epic dream this full moon. Especially re my Aqua-Crab ex.

  25. I like lavender tea, personally…sometimes I combine it w/ chamomile, sometimes I’ll drink it straight. I don’t drink it for the dreams specifically as I’ve always had an insanely active dream life anyway & wouldn’t know the difference, but this known for being a sleep herb, too.

      1. I buy the dried herbs in bulk from the health food store, then just stick ’em in a tea ball or those unbleached disposable tea bags you fill yourself. 1/2 tsp each, usually, depending upon how big the mug and whether I’m using both or just 1.

  26. Having Neptune very very close to my Moon midheaven seems to give me amazing night movies, so much so i just love going to bed at night.
    Last night i was taken by a friend to a 6 star resort called Disporia.
    The bar and pool were magnificent BUT when i went to the powder room i saw i had my hair in rollers…cringe. Luckily the image in the mirror didn’t look like me coz i had short dark spiky hair 🙂

  27. Oh, wow, thank you Mystic xx
    I’ve been having very lucid and fabulous dreams lately, especially when I’m sleeping with a new lover. I know it sounds strange but, when he’s holding me, I just doze off and float on a sea of fabulosity – often including him (i.e. he appears in the dream or is somehow ‘there’ in my ‘(in)consciousness’). I’ve also had those really vivid and surreal dreams while ‘awake’ – where you are actually quite ‘conscious’ that you are dreaming. I’m at a loss to explain all this…. Why here? Why now? I’m just going with it, but it’s intriguing…

    1. Oh I woke up today after very deep sleep, dreaming of a white tiled house, apparently tranquil and spacious and yet cold, empty…we all lived in this, with our child, who was happily playing…but most disconcerting of all was our bathroom was a 50 metre swimming pool…horribly deep. I can remember thinking who is going to clean that?…that it was also dangerous…

      Yet is was immaculate, almost sterile, but I was very disturbed about the maintenance and size of it.Then I also recall in the dream the water was beautifully green, but opaque…and the thought of being immersed in it frightening…We would possibly drown if we entered into this pool as it appeared bottomless. I was trying to empty this “bath” to clean it while my husband attended to other matters…

      The bed in another sparse white room was so large it seemed to be for someone else, yet it was a lovely erotic dream, but really sad; a sensation of “drowning” again. I felt as all through the house, rooms and burden of this were endless…

    2. I had been attempting to get over a man who shared my same birthday for the longest time and recently had a dream of him telling me he really liked my mix tape while I was adamantly blowing past him in a grocery store. It seemed that all types of people were just in my way so much so that I ended up lifting my shopping cart above their heads just to get past them. This was so powerful for me because I really just wanted to get past the chaos and into healthier terrain and be nourished properly. Dreams are amazing!!

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