Daily Mystic Update For Thursday 21 April

Broadly, the North Node in Taurus (late December 2021 until July 2023) tends to support substantial, well-defined goals. It’s there for the ambitions that you can plausibly visualize, as opposed to stratospheric flights of imagination.

No, this doesn’t mean you need to downgrade to desires that are easily achievable or completely mundane: just recall that as an Earth sign, Taurus represents tangible commodities.

This July/August, Uranus conjunct the N.N. (17° to 18° Taurus F.Y.I.) quickens this energy, potentially speed-morphing situations you’ve been plodding patiently along with for months.

And whatever you’re most tired of today and Friday is the most likely contender for a quick, miraculous-seeming change. Of course you probably seek a faster fix but if circumstances draw things out, remember that July/August is when Uranus can quicken things.

It will be even more noticable if you’ve already prepared the ground, so to speak.

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