Daily Mystic for Tuesday March 14

Venus is about to be in Taurus* – one of her two ‘home’ constellations –Β  for 25 days. This Earth-element Venusian influence helps romance and creativity become less in-your-head, more grounded.Β 

Pheromones, the politics of pleasure and gut-instincts play a more prominent role and the off-the-scale sensuality is a counterpoint to the super-cognitive Mars in Gemini.

Physicality and appetites are back, along with (possibly) the sort of tranquil, easy style of attraction scenario you thought had gone out of business this decade.

Venus in Taurus will also be brilliant for restarting or deepening a yoga or weights practice, feeling back in your body, styling, art, beauty therapy and reaffirming commitments to important people in your life.

Venus near the Moon’s Node from March 21 to 23 is an opportune time to meet future V.I.P.s for your love or money realms.

And Venus conjunct Uranus from March 30 to April 1 is excellent for re-wilding a staid relationship, health and fitness breakthroughs or unexpected pleasures.

No matter where you’re at with all the rest of the world’s changes, this is a substantial, beneficial Venusian Vibe.


*Venus is in Taurus from March 16/17 until April 10/11.

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