Daily Mystic For Weds July 27

The current Dark Moon and the impending New Moon are influenced by a super-potent Mercury-Uranus square.

It’s great for genius in that you sort of marinate over the Dark Moon and then spring forth with some wild ideas/liberating decisions after the New Moon.

However, do be more careful than usual with appliances, especially electricity and politically, anticipate full-spectrum wyrd. Most of all, enjoy the advantage of seeing what sort of impulse messaging others are inspired to zap out.

Most people will default to either flamboyant expression of something they’ve been in stealth mode on or control-tripping in an attempt to signal ‘in charge’ energy. For success, listen up/in and remain inscrutable until Friday.


*Granular Astro-Geeky Note: The super-potency is because it’s parallel as well as being square. That is, Mercury and Uranus are at the same declination.

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