Daily Mystic for Weds 19 July

While there is nearly always a melange of various astro-atmospherics in play, the next 48 hours will juxtapose golden Leo Venusian vibe* and an entrancing (perhaps literally!) Sun-Neptune synergy with one of the most prickly, potentially vexing Saturn alignments possible – the Mars-Saturn opposition.

So it’s important to remember that yes love-energy, renewed faith, inspiration or elation are not undone by a parallel stress factor. Some Saturn alignments can generate a sense of pervasive gloom or futility and it can spill over into the fantastically promising scenarios.

But keep mundanity in it’s place – you may need to work harder for longer than you wanted or once again need to attire in battle armor to swagger back into an arena you swore you’d never enter again. Snippy confrontations and unsettling self-doubts come with Mars-Saturn oppositions.

But they’re transient and you can transform them with (yes) work. In contrast, Venus trine the North Node for the rest of the month has a timeless feeling to it. If you give it till after the Mars-Saturn opposition is exact (Friday, to be safe) the romantic, artistic, enterprise and spiritual prospects are fabulous.


*Enhanced by the Moon, Mercury, Hekate and Lilith also in Leo.

Image: Joseph Cornell – How To Make A Rainbow

14 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Weds 19 July”

  1. New moon for me was right on my kataka Uranus opp Chiron sq Neptune & t Eris, so my current long term cross, painful & transformative 😊

    the dark before was intense & the new now feels very light & enlightening, along with my Leo sun feeling
    shadowed for so long now feeling bright & generous

    Thank you Mystic for being such a wonderful light profound & generous Muse xx

  2. Born with Mars-Saturn opposition so this should hopefully be no bother to navigate for battle-weary me. It is a weird time and totally feeling the transition between Pluto eras. Having said that, I do feel equipped (touch wood) to deal with it.

    1. Today feels like I am trying to balance out two polarising forces – forward momentum vs backwards thrust.
      Looking forward to a more gentle ‘timeless feeling’ for the rest of the month!

      1. I love this explanation of polarizing forces Maia! Pluto back in retro, well all the outer planet big hitters are doing a litness check on exactly what we have learned during these journeys through the houses and if we are still reactive to the old themes they seem to stir. The way it was explained to me is that these frequencies will never stop, as energy never dies but we move to higher ground/frequencies and we are no longer triggered anymore to their presence. Well that’s if we have reached high enough ground otherwise………..

        1. Thanks for your explanation Cecemesee as you have so accurately described what has occurred for me over the past few days.
          An old theme was beginning to stir itself up again, causing some recurring angst and I was looking to find a new way to transmutate the heaviness around it, and to therefore not be stuck in the past.
          With the arrival of the new moon in Cancer & the moon’s north node entering Aries I felt compelled to approach it in a new way, with more nurturing (of myself & others), more acceptance, and to be honest – less fear.
          I put the work in, the situation seemed to become quite charmed with lightness, definitely a more loving vibe, and so is resolved.
          Onwards and upwards it is.

          1. Perfect! Making the conscious decision to release the past is the pathway to freedom. We can’t evolve and level up without acknowledging where we’ve come from, otherwise we’re bound to repeat the same pattern. Hopefully the incoming Venus Rx vibe brings more self love & acceptance 💛

  3. So we get 2 Daily Mystic now? And the writing ‘square’ changes shape as you write. Rather disconcerting. The new layout seems unusual & comments don’t show unless another click…..many clicks whereas one would show all comments and replies.
    Is this the reason for lack of comments or people hibernating or sweltering.

    1. Two Daily Mystics? The writing square shouldn’t change as you type – can you please email me with the browser/device/computer type you are using?

      And I’m in two minds with the extra click to comment option – it makes the page load faster BUT I can see it would be annoying also.

      There is only one daily mystic though!

      1. Hi Mystic, the most important downside to the extra click to comment system in my opinion is that you cannot see at a glance anymore where new comments have been added. This way you lose track of conversations which you are having with fellow members and that in turn makes me less motivated to return to the site.
        I personally have never had trouble with pages loading slowly, by the way, so for me there are mostly downsides to the new system…

        1. Ah, I see – i was thinking that people would look at the latest comments widget but I also just realized that’s not particularly prominent for mobile phone viewing. I will change it back! Pls let me know if you notice any difference with page load though?!

          1. Yes, I will let you know, Mystic!
            I just realized though, that I live in a place with very good and fast internet. This may not be the case for other members, so I hope they will let you know if they encounter problems with pages loading slower 🙂

          2. While you are at it, is there a way to also enable notifications, if some responds to our comment? Thank you for all you do, Mystic.

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