Daily Mystic for Weds 17 April

One of the weirdest things about this Mercury Retrograde is that it appears to be stacked with crypto-aggressions. Yes, they’re micro but they’re also logically inexplicable. This is anecdotally but reported by many. It’s not ultra-surprising, given the Mars rulership of Aries and the vexatious crap is at least thought-provoking, right?

Whether or not you’re experiencing this annoying angle of Merc-Retro, you’re about to enjoy a reprieve. Mercury is about to cross the path of Venus in Aries and, unlike many Mercury Retrograde alignments, it occurs just once.

Exact on Friday but most potent during the build-up, from now, it has added zing because Venus is also aligned with the Moon’s Nodes.

This is not only an opportunity for more harmonious interactions and people to sidle back into your good graces again. It carries a theme of primal Venusian vibe pushing for independence from ye-olde-relationship + relating patterns.

People – perhaps even you – are going to be perfectly nice about it but they’re breaking free of obligatory roles and forging their own path ahead. It’s a potent time for encountering people from your soul pod and fantastic for relationships where each person gives the other space and high-level support.

If the premise is not deluded in the first place, the next few days can be excellent for relationships of all varieties.


Image: Gernot Bubenik

4 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Weds 17 April”

  1. You are the best. Confirmation for everything happening in my little bubble in this time period and pertinent advice about being nice. Yet forging ahead. You always pick up and share the message on the breeze. Bless your fine mystical acumen.

  2. Are the crypto-aggressions from the universe itself? Because I felt like I was really being messed with yesterday.

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