Daily Mystic For Weds 13 July

The Full Moon is imminent.*

Quick recap: In Capricorn, it’s favorably linked with Uranus + the Moon’s Nodes so while it retains the classic Full Moon potential for polarity + tensions, it can also inspire radical ingenuity, particularly in the cause of securing ‘higher’ ground/sanctuary.

But leaving aside zodiac signs and ecliptic angles for a moment, think about the Full Moon as an organic process.

*The Full Moon is always directly opposite the Sun, so much so that Moonrise occurs at Sunset and vice versa.

*Aside from the monthly New to Full cycle, the Moon has another cycle in which it swings between proximity and distance from Earth. It’s currently super-close : The technical term is perigree syzergy – and it is associated with ultra high tides.**

*Metaphysically, the Moon moves Water and the Sun moves Fire – there are a host of studies to show that this is scientifically apt as well.

*Regardless of what constellation or sign the Sun or Moon are in, the Full Moon is esoterically a Fire and Water opposition with additional interplay between Air – atmosphere, wind – and Earth – geomagnetism, gravity. Add aether aka quintessence or dark matter for 5th element chic and voila: Magic.

*All the elements assert themselves more powerfully at moments like this – we sense the drama with instincts we technically don’t have.

*Consciously tuning into this scenario is enormously rewarding. Think magically: if you were a creature of Fire, Water, Air, Earth and 5th element, what are you rich in, where do they harmonize and which are at war with one another?

Of course you can tote up elements in your birth chart and attack this logically but Full Moons are not when logic reigns, they’re instinct. Meditate or muse upon the elemental make-up within your psyche and around you or simply wait for this Full Moon phase to show you.


*Exact at 18:37 Universal Time on Wednesday – see the Moon Calendar for the time in your zone.

**Every 18.6 years there is a peak moment – a major climax – in this monthly cycle. Astronomers use a pendulum metaphor to describe it: the pendulum swings more widely as we approach the peak. I will write more on this when I have the time but fyi the last “major lunar standstill” started in December 2004 and was in effect for two years. The next is in 2023/2024, although by some definitions it is 2024/2025.

2 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Weds 13 July”

  1. Love it – look forward to reading.

    The fire water thing may explain strong full moon vibes where there hasn’t been any major aspects for me. Steam.
    This one conjunct my Moon.

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