Daily Mystic For Wednesday 8 May

As I write the New Moon is still several hours away – has this been the most interminable Dark Moon or what?

Anecdotally I’m hearing so many people talking about feeling odd – off their usual ‘ailments algorithm’ and animals are also jumpy.

This is not meant to sound scary lol – remember that we are at Solar Maximum so the Sun is super-active and it is also moving in a conjunction with Uranus!

Exact from May 12 to 14, you could also see this as Earth opposite Uranus. It’s amplifying restlessness on multiple levels and the energy is agitated.

So as this New Moon is SO good for re-establishing your most optimal regimes, why not go all out on that? Nourish your nerves, keep electrolytes balanced and enjoy the heightened pleasure + sensuality potential of Venus being so well-placed to feel extra-grounded?


Images: Anne Zamo – Messengers

5 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Wednesday 8 May”

  1. Getsomebalance

    Feeling very busy annd overwhelmed at work and then a migraine from hell hit like lightning yesterday – which forced me to rest in a dark room, adding to the overwhelm – swimming in circles. And whole household seems to be in a bad mood? Bring on the new moon and some lightness of being πŸ™Œ

  2. Yes, feeling odd is a good way to put it. Like super hyped – I have Mars transiting opposite my Sun at the moment to add to the ‘fun’ – and yet in a state of inertia due to a vague feeling of overwhelm, it’s very odd indeed. Woke at 2am for no decent reason. Bring on the new moon!

    1. I can relate – I have been getting up at 3-4 am and sort of enjoying the fallout – re-awakening at 7-8 am after intense dreams.

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