Daily Mystic For Wednesday 6 July

The caption on this photo is evocative: woman taking her time rambling south at 63 mph on the hollywood freeway near the vine street exit on a saturday afternoon,” 1991, chromogenic print

The concept of ‘taking your time’ seems so antiquated now – the multiple timelines don’t allow it – joke!

This Daily Mystic has two quick items of ‘business’ before the astro:

(1) A quick note re the Weekly Horoscopes survey – thank you for those who’ve responded so far, I appreciate it! But I have realized that not everyone knows you can click any of the images for more details: they always go to the person’s website, an informative page on them – eg: their Wiki or a cool article.

Apologies, I should have made that more obvious so I will see what I can do.

(2) I forgot to switch on the member discount option – 50% – for the new iCal offerings so if you already got one, we will add some store credit to that value and otherwise, yes – it’s on now and will automatically be applied if you are logged in.

Now – the Astro: The Libran Moon accentuates the Venusian vibe – namely, Mars in sensual, tactical Taurus and Venus conjunct Witch Queen Hekate in Gemini. Mercury in Cancer, the sign of the Moon, cinches it: the next few days are a softer, less edgy energy that will favor diplomatic moves, relationship arrangements, intimacy and affection plus more peace or chill in your life.

In house-witchery terms, think roses – the flowers, scent, incense or oil – and a softer light. Note also that as the Nodes are increasingly activated, some components of your future may involve elements from your past – beneficially so.


Image: Andrew Bush

2 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Wednesday 6 July”

  1. Penelope Darling

    I purchased rose tea and a new scented candle and just came home and read this. I’m in flow haha

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