Daily Mystic for Wednesday 5 July

The Moon is about to be in Aquarius and Mercury aligns with Uranus (the Aquarian ruling planet) until Saturday.

Other than the primal bass pulse of Pluto and the Nodes, this is pretty much all that’s going on today – astrologically, at least.

It’s time to space in, enjoy the lucid objectivity that is always the gift of this Moon and regenerate your genius.

Stop scrolling though material that adds to the mundanity load on your mind – the thrill from confirmation bias is short-lived – and take advantage of this ingenuity-supporting astro.

This Moon, Mercury-Uranus combo has very little bandwidth for conventional metrics and most of them are anachronisms anyway – they just don’t know it yet so are still self-important.

It’s the sort of astro when you can turn things around in a one-nanosecond eureka flash or do sensational D.I.Y. experiments that conjure up cool, beneficial energy.

No matter what your current situation is or where you’re at, this Aquarius Moon has potential for that morph moment.


PS: This story about the latest revelations regarding so-called ‘ghost particles’ is fantastic. Evidently generated by collisions between cosmic rays, they pass through Earth, well, all the time.

Image: Fei Alexeli – Queen of Space

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