Daily Mystic for Wednesday 5 April

Mercury Retrograde is upcoming and you can read my earlier D.M with the need-to-know dates etc here

It’s important not to get overwrought re this astro-phenom but rather, to see it as a useful tactical tool.

Strategically, the two factors to remember are:

(1) Many Mercury Retrogrades result in this planet being in one specific zodiac sign for a significant amount of time. As Mercury usually flits through the zodiac, spending two to three weeks max in any one sign, these phases when it’s in a single sign for months can amplify one particular voice or seem as if there is a new way of thinking and that’s it.

You, however, won’t be fooled and when Mercury finally changes sign, you’ll be already “wearing” the new vibe. It may sound slight but not investing in the ‘definitive new thing’ when Mercury is mid-way through a months-long single-sign stay can save time/money.

(2) A classic Mercury Retrograde will involve a triple repeat of a particular aspect as Mercury goes forward, back and forward again. Things get weird when they’re gnarly aspects and outer planets are involved but the Mercury Retro in Taurus has just one triple-repeater and it’s benevolent: Mercury sextile Saturn.

The trick is to seed something with the first aspect or notice what seems to be sparking up or being ‘born’ around about the time Mercury and the other planet first interact.

Then, for the 2nd one – which occurs with Mercury Retrograde – be super-suave about reversals, back-offs or even cancellations, whatever applies. Don’t chase or push a thing.

Because…the situation resolves or kicks up again when Mercury makes the final alignment of the series. It works! Mercury-sextile-Saturn is a non-flashy, basic business and low-key relationship augmentation.

It also applies to your personal astro, which you’ll see in the Daily Horoscopes – I’m revamping them to make the Retrograde phases more clear  – so you might see Mercury trine your Venus (for example) three times in a row. The same ‘rules’ would apply – things seed or you spark them around the first alignment, you let them die down over the retrograde and are super-chill with any delays.

Then when the finale-aspect occurs, you can swoop into to conquer or confidently expect resolution.

The Mercury-Saturn sextile dates are:

(1) April 5-7  (The intiating first alignment.)
(2) May 10-13 (Mercury will be Retrograde so this is your pull-back)
(3) May 18-20 (Mercury is now Direct and the promise of April 5-7 is ready to develop/appear.)

It may seem complex but once you get into the rhythm of this, it becomes natural.


Image: Shigeo Okamoto

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