Daily Mystic for Wednesday 4 October

Greetings! Prepare for a Vibe Shift!  Wednesday is Mercury’s Day, the Moon is in mercurial Gemini and Mercury itself is moving into Air Libra after nearly nine weeks in Virgo.

Now it’s been great, really. I guarantee that you’re now way more across something useful than you were before. What’s more, you would have gotten there via hyper-focus, pure gritty persistence and a degree of granularity that you can scarcely believe.

Now with Mercury favoring a rebalance and Venus illuminating values/desires, think less gravity – more levity.

If you have a tricky negotiation or need to calm turbulence, Mercury in Libra will help but note that Mars on the South Node revs susceptible people up into recriminations and silly vendettas – you’re not obliged to lurk around blowing all your intellectual and psychic capital on pointless discussions.

This is especially the case when this Gemini Moon is so marvellous for writers/talkers/thinkers/coders and Venus is moving toward a point of potentially passionate realization over the weekend.


Image: Monty Montgomery – Pegasus

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