Daily Mystic for Wednesday 29 March

As I write, we have just swung into a magnificent Cancerian Moon and while you can check the Moon Calendar for the exact end-date in your timezone, it runs for 60 hours. 

Why is it so extra? It’s right out there on the edge of the Ecliptic like Mars, accentuating all manner of magic and deep time perception. This entire Moon favors intuition turned to Mars-like ends – increasing courage, goal-setting acumen and confidence.

It’s also vice-versa – it’s easier than usual to deploy Mars stamina for greater faith in your instinctive powers. It’s the kind of Moon vibe that calls back friends, familiars and family – you’re wise enough to discern genuine desire to see you from random neediness.

And, Venus is both conjunct and parallel Uranus until Saturday – it’s at peak strength on Thursday night Universal Time but in effect till Saturday no matter what timezone you’re in. While not great for keeping a lid on unruly emotions or complex power plays, it’s perfect for rad dating initiatives and daring aesthetic shifts.

If you’re pondering a D.I.Y. or bold new hair statement, the Leo Moon will be Everything. It’s waxing  – ie: not waning – and will run alongside this fabulous Venusian Vibe. Likewise, Weds to Saturday backs out-there romance moves.

Ideally, wait till after the Cancerian Moon as you may not want to merge this potent magic with an experimental mating move…


Image: Catherine Losing

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