Daily Mystic For Wednesday 24 August

The Virgo Sun, Dark Moon in Leo and sharp, slightly alien objectivity of Uranus turning Retrograde can generate performance anxiety. Or an insecurity surge…whatever your poison, it’s more potent at a time like this because of –

(1) The backdrop – broad cultural malaise, post-Covid everything, geopolitical turbulence.

(2) Virgo Vibe expectations – zooming on your list of perceived failures and polishing it up a tad.

(3) Dark Moon in Leo ‘where is the fabulosity?’ ennui.

(4) Uranus turning Retrograde inspiring utterly detached takes on your current scenario.

In case any of these apply to you, here are my comments on each point:

(1) This means you’re aware and intelligent. You could become less well-informed and sensitive or take up a ‘hobby’ that would render you merrily oblivious but that would put you at a tactical disadvantage.

(2) It’s easier to zoom in on deficits than it is assets so either divert this mindset into a Dark Moon decluttering project OR do a proper SWOT plan: It doesn’t need an app – just a piece of paper or a spreadsheet divided into four sections – Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats. Note that each square is equal size!

(3) Fabulosity will be back but currently, the Saturn-Uranus square is reforming, amping Saturn factors (time, money and security concerns) AND Uranus factors – genius, reinventions, fresh, reinvigorated relationships.

(4) This level of lucidity is excellent for ingenuity so why limit that by sinking into a nebulous, unproductive self-guilting exercise?


Image: Maikel Martinez

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