Daily Mystic for Wednesday 21 June

Fantastic news people! A snazzy Fire element synergy is in effect until Sunday. Tap into this for additional vigor + confidence.

Even if you’re tired of the current weirding or feeling as if you’ve been pushing the proverbial merde uphill for however many eons, this astro is gold: push aside self-doubt and postpone your latest nuanced analysis. Cancel self-guilting exercises indefinitely.

Mars in Leo is conjunct Lilith and trine Chiron till Sunday – Mercury in Gemini supports the config. Think fresh Air element in the form of ideas or a more receptive audience, hype people, the right climate for a renegade play, creative risk and/or pure raw oomph. What you don’t have in time or money, you can make up for with flair.

Others want to be revved up or dazzled, so this is one time when you need not fear that you’re being ‘pushy’ or too much. And, it’s a Leo Moon – 60 hours from 22:04 Universal Time Tuesday till Friday 10:35 AM Universal Time.

Subtlety may need to wait. For additional Fire snazz, wear red, yellow/gold or orange etc and – in general – raise the volume!


Image: Frederic Duquette

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