Daily Mystic For Wednesday 20 July

The astro continues to be super-vexing for many people -see yesterday’s Daily Mystic – but with lightning bolts of genius zapping through the task-wrangling or Vibe Vampire management.

It’s nearly done and by Thursday – no matter what you are on the planet – the heavy-Pluto vibe will abate. You will then be more able to pick up on the Uranus-North Node frequency. Running from mid-July until mid-Aug, it’s a once every 167/168 year only alignment.

So Taureans could be ultra-tuned in and turned on to the cosmos, particularly if they’re born May 7 to 12.

And for everyone, this phenom is predominantly an opportunity or the impetus to build/invent something uniquely you. The Uranian twist is that you’re probably highly aware that the 2022 version of ‘uniquely you’ is not what you thought it would be.

If you can riff off this new knowing to see things and yourself as they/you are AND retain your metaphysical or magic acumen, this astro-passage will be super-rewarding.

Really, if you’re concerned at disarray or uncertainty now, remember that you’re reinventing.


Image: Aigana Gali – Gateway (Check out this artist and be awed)

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  1. Looking forward to a shift in the atmosphere on Thursday. Thank you for letting us know about AIGANA GALI – this artist is astounding

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