Daily Mystic for Wednesday 17 May

Jupiter in Taurus is here! And unlike recent Jupiter visits to signs, old Optimus Maximus* will stay put in Taurus for just over a year – no in/out, back/forth antics.

Jupiter swings around on a 12-year cycle and was last at Zero Taurus in 2011, on June 4. It remained in Taurus until June 12 2012.

Broadly, this beneficial influence represents the main chance, the point where you can safely entertain a higher risk profile and expand intellectually, financially, spiritually.

It particularly favours Taurean people and themes – agriculture, beauty/fashion, ecology, money but the old-school style of commerce – think makers & fixers – botanists, body-workers and furniture designers. I could go on – these are just a few examples.

Additionally, Jupiter accentuates and aids the sector of your birth chart where you have Taurus. If you don’t have a birth chart handy or you want my thoughts on it, the best method is via the Year Ahead (now two years lol) Transit Report – the Jupiter House description will be the life realm where you can really go all out.

And while it won’t be an exact echo, your goals and dream schemes du jour are likely to align with or build off those of 2011/2012.

This time around, however, Jupiter is allied with Uranus in Taurus. So while the times are wildly different from the early 2010s, Uranus will enhance Jupiter even before the fantastic Jupiter-Uranus conjunction of April 2024.

In play from April 15 – 27 of 2024, this will be a magnificent launchpad for revamps, innovative projects and ambitious hook-ups or weddings. So if you have a bold mission in mind and the other timing fits, consider April.

Jupiter’s initial move will be a bit over-the-top, as Thursday’s Daily Mystic will detail, so take time to deliberate and restrategize before blasting forth. That’s a totally Taurean tactic anyway!


*Ancient Roman term for this most lavish of influences.

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