Daily Mystic for Wednesday 15 November

I hope your Sagittarius Moon is going well. Remember: whatever you’re up to, sitting still or sitting at all is difficult with this Moon. It feels physically and mentally frustrating: Ease and clarity come with buzzing about the place, even if it is not technically productive. If you can hold meetings on the move, do!

Also, Saturn turned Direct on November 4 but is now picking up pace. Hence: Saturn Neck in which your neck seems more prone to tightness, regardless of logical causes and you’re more mentally bugged by it. See also Saturn Knees in which out-of-the blue knee rigidity seems to coincide with heightened-obstacle-awareness, Status Anxiety Dreams and a heightened consciousness of teeth!

Solution: Pragmatic moves this Moon in Capricorn! They don’t need to be gigantic or even time-consuming. It’s the action that matters – distinctly address one factor of a bugbear: make an appointment, edit your contacts, weed the garden, call the bank, start stretching again…It’s the shift in attitude that counts.


Image: Saya Woolfalk – Birthing A New Sky

5 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Wednesday 15 November”

  1. Yesterday (Im in the US) I chipped the corner of my right front tooth on a Frito. I’m not kidding. I spent from 8 am to 10 am in the dentist’s chair fixing it. Dentist loves my teeth and discouraged — insisted — that I not screw up a perfectly good set of ivory gems with veneers. Done and done.

    This morning before waking I dreamed that Taylor Swift was my roommate and I became friends with Travis Kielce because – well, he’s always around. I was happy with my situation but felt a little left out that she gets all the attention.

    Thank you Mystic. You are the funniest smartest most deep-diving astrologer on the internet.

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