Daily Mystic for Wednesday 15 May

It’s nearly Virgo Moon time again and the one starting on Wednesday night Universal Time is 60 hours worth of uppity vim.

This is the perfect portal to sweep back into worldly form, tick off a record-number of to-dos and thus fend off characters/paradigms that really are not on your bandwidth.

Check the time in your zone on the Moon Calendar and be ready to go.

This Virgo Moon is enhanced by a more subtle but absolutely brilliant factor. Already in play, Neptune is trine Pallas-Athene until the end of the week.

This supports wafting into citadels of authority, the belly of the bank or a bureaucratic scenario in a purple haze of protective Neptunian magic (heavy shades or mirrored sunglasses indoors optional) and obtaining whatever is required.

Attitude is key with this sort of thing: dread or aspirant-anarchist glowering won’t work but bring the magic in with you. It can also help if you see the obligation or task as a mission you’re on to make more room for magic, not as something that counteracts it.  Neptune/Pallas-Athene is helpful if you have anything of this nature to accomplish.


Image: Nikolaja Lutohina

2 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Wednesday 15 May”

  1. I have to have a difficult but very loving conversation with my sister’s son – the Neptune Pallas alignment sounds great as I’ll need to ‘bring the magic in’. This situation is making me dig deep into unconditional love.

  2. Absolutely bang on pointe. Bring on the purple haze of Neptune and shield of Pallas Athene with the wonderful face of Medusa on it to protect and as needed, terrify lesser mortals.

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