Daily Mystic for Wednesday 12 July

Today’s Taurean Moon is fantastic for a little bit of forward-logistics planning – especially now that Mars is in Virgo.

The Mission: To cruise through next week’s astrological Zap Zone without havoc or undoing hard-won accomplishments.

The Astro-Factors: Mercury square Jupiter, Mars opposite Saturn and the Sun opposite Pluto – any of these on their own would be relatively simple to manage but combined? This is officially gnarly astro and the Zap Zone goes from Sunday 16 till Sunday 22.

The Tactics: Assume that any known trouble-factors/volatile people could escalate their merde and mitigate it early – the “benefit of the doubt” is an asset in decline this week. Triage troublesome admin or bureaucratic concerns and consider dropping any miniscule fights so that you can focus your efforts toward the meta-picture. Pull your facts together and stay self-composed in any confrontations with ‘the system’ or authority.

The Positive Astro Onside: The New Moon on Mon/Tues aligns with Neptune and favors visionary new beginnings and the Dark Moon over the weekend is brilliant for a meaningful declutter/house-witching. Venus is in beautiful form all week – know and honor your allies and true confidantes, augment the good affinities. Metaphysically, wearing gold/yellow, Sun emblems, Venusian talismans, saffron, sunflower, copper etc is protective. See the Solar Moodboard for the vibe.


Image: Peter Saville – Avalon

10 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Wednesday 12 July”

  1. The urge to go on a solo hiking and camping trip just surged. I am not experienced. I guess its a no under this astro?

  2. Uhhh I am hosting a conference next week. I have worked on the program for weeks, and it’s focused on a series of 1:1 interviews followed by “town hall”-style discussions with the audience.

    Seems like I might plan for some of those talks to go off the rails? And maybe for people to be agitated with each other?

    I guess I can plan to wear yellow and power up my aura with reiki and some essential oils, but I hope the astro doesn’t make this event a bust. It’s my first time working with this client and I want the vibes to be good (and encourage future projects!).

    1. Hi there AG! You don’t need to plan for any type of bust but I definitely would set some intentions (utilize the action energy of Mars in Virgo for planning) eg. Visualize the successful interaction with your audience/beneficial partnership for all parties & create that slide/picture exactly on the outcome you want! Too often we lean into the worst case scenario instead of setting positive intentions. The universe atm is supporting the forward momentum we want, SO do the intentions setting, wear some Citrine on the day for confidence & positive charging of your Solar plexus. And if any questions lean into the “I am triggered by the Sun opposite Pluto, Mercury & Mars mashup” flip it into using that vibe for transformation NOT destruction. Reframing is an easy way to stay in control of discussions without drowning in someone else’s negativity tainted pool……

      1. Thanks so much for your thoughtful response Cece. Good points on visualizing and trying to infuse things with positive energy beforehand.

  3. The Lion & The Centaur

    I’ve understood that the health symptoms are slow to manifest but the rash is common and should likely be present by now. Many of my friends have had Lyme disease because they work as biologists in a tic-infested archipelago. Some even say that they had no symptoms minus the rash.

    I live in Europe and I’m dealing with persistent throat ache now (7 days, got worse on Monday and my throat was actually bleeding) so it might also be one of the new mutated bugs that seem to be running around post-plague. I hope you’ll be okay 🙏

  4. The Lion & The Centaur

    Oh no. We spend next week sailing with The New Sagittarian Lover. And Sun-Pluto action always whips my ass…

    I shall buy saffron bikinis. And maybe a bouquet of sunflowers for the boat?

    1. Hi Lion, saffron bikini’s sound very lovely, best of luck on your sailing trip!
      By the way, I asked Mystic to remove my Lyme question (before you responded to it). But thank you for your reaction.

  5. Jeez! I have natal Sun sq Mars as prime signature. I am the shoulder upon which so many have fired their guns at the system, the management, The Man. It will be a tough grown up adulting, if I pass this astro unscathed. I will resort to wearing Mustard yellow and dab rose water on my skin at every oppprtunity.

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