Daily Mystic For Wednesday 10 August

The pressure is real: Fixed sign square energy like this is difficult to work with and practically everyone is unyielding or pushed to the edge. Venus opposite Pluto isn’t even in the fixed sign party but it comes with it’s own unique features: a propensity for relationship flashpoints – even when said relationship is over already.

This is where knowing some astro is ultra-helpful because you can (1) anticipate some of your more intransigent characters will subside a bit over the weekend and (2) avoid sinking straight into your version of being obdurate or repellent.

Tune into the astro-frequency that’s most auspicious and harmonious to help moderate the tensions. It’s Mars sextile Neptune, a good energy for meditation, shamanic work and psychic insights. It may sound too foo-foo if you’re on heavy deadlines/negotiating with dinosaurs or troll-wrangling but it’s so potent, you don’t need much.

Make room for a tiny increment of magical focus for outsize results: these times are difficult for a number of well-documented reasons but as you may have noticed, Magic is still here and quietly becoming stronger.


Image: Tallmadge DoyleCelestial Mapping & Celestial Proportions

2 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Wednesday 10 August”

  1. This mountain goat would love to put on her rucksack, leave everything and go hiking in the Alps to reconnect. Probably lucky I am a Capricorn, or the gypsy in me would start roaming again. The nomadic life bekons. Maybe day’s outing is in order.

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