Daily Mystic for Wednesday 10 April

And now – after all that – the Moon is new and established in verdant green earthy Taurus, a good time to consolidate.

From Weds 19:00 – 23:00 Universal Time, this Moon is aligned with Jupiter and Uranus: Keep your personal tempo as sedate or sensual as is reasonable for extra ingenuity/a glimpse of the upcoming Jupiter-Uranus conjunction benefits.

DIY concepts or weird solutions to problems could hint as so much more.

The Sun is also near Mercury Retrograde until Saturday, representing the most metaphysical, profound part of the retrograde. Sure you may still need to whirl around fixing other people’s mistakes or enjoy your existential insights amid scrambled mixed messages but these will still be a discovery-rich few days.

If someone sub-par attempts re-entry back into your orbit, bear in mind that this is likely to be a tactical move so that the person can acquire something. Assume any motive but sincerity.


Image: Edmund Dulac – CirceĀ 

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