Daily Mystic for Wednesday 1 May

Pluto is turning Retrograde* and while this is an annual occurrence – Pluto spends just over five months of every year Retro – the preceding days can be a bit gnarly. Think ‘psychological colonic’ or ‘acute existential realizations.’

Pluto is also performing this stunt in alignment with Venus and Mars, creating the perfect platform for relationship churn + catharsis. If you’re wincing or rolling your eyes at this point, I get it. Who hasn’t got some form of change-fatigue at this point?

However, the sextile Pluto makes to Mars newly in Aries is particularly productive and it favors snappy, decisive action with a plutonic subtone. Eg: getting therapy, the realization that a substance or habit is truly not worth the merde it generates, a breakthrough dialogue with a lover or an empowering plan.

If you sit too long in The Seethe, your insights could congeal. But the fact is that solutions and practically magical insights are more available to you between now and the weekend. And the chances are that would not have discovered them without an existential crisis or two.


*Pluto turns Retrograde on May 2 at 17:46 Universal Time.

Image: Fiona Rae – Star Monkey

2 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Wednesday 1 May”

  1. Ah, Pluto is turning retrograde, that’s the deep change vibe I’m feeling… It is very Plutonic (ie under the surface but very present) and the fixedness of Aquarius makes it even more turned inwards… I regret that it will be returning to Capricorn in September, have never felt a stronger sense of ‘been there, done that’

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