Daily Mystic For Tuesday Feb 15

It’s time to talk about the metaphysical angle and the potential downside of the Leo Full Moon, which is, you know, imminent.

See the Moon Calendar for the exact time in your location, but it is on Wednesday at 16.57 Universal Time.  However, consider it on and amped from now.

First, the downside: This is a provocative Moon, and a certain style of person – or you when it comes to a nemesis issue – will find it difficult to distinguish ego-tripping from logic/decent decision-making.

But to them – or you – it won’t feel like an ego challenge or dramatic posturing. If someone pops up with an unreasonable request, theatrical insult, or dud play that could conceivably affect you, aim to put off discussion until the Virgo Moon or beyond if possible.

It’s not backing down – it would be timing things to your advantage. And there would also be a good chance that the person would evolve their thinking without your input. Whereas if you leap to react, it becomes an existential flashpoint.

The upside: It’s brilliant for music and art but also for questioning irrational inferiority complexes, especially the ones that prevent you from making otherwise fantastic moves. If you’re not caught up in hollow ego-plays, you get to nourish real pride.


7 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Tuesday Feb 15”

  1. I took my usual sunrise walk at the beach on the 14th morning. Walking back to my car, it was broad daylight & a passerby man on the path grabbed me by the arm. I kept up my forward momentum & shook him off, not daring to confront, but only to be very “viking” vibed & retreat. Took photos of said’s vehicle & reported to authorities. It shook me…never had anything like this happen in the many years I’ve lived on this island. I’m sitting the rest of this moon out.

  2. I think all these planets in Capricorn have jammed up the airwaves. My Capricorn friend has.not replied. I will take off my rose-coloured glasses to see this full moon in. 🌝🤩🙃

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