Daily Mystic for Tuesday 9 April

Must we really endure a Mars-Saturn conjunction straight after the Solar Eclipse New Moon?

Evidently, yes. It’s not problematic in and of itself but the line-up in Aries is buzzy and big-picture, very much ‘the details will come later…

Mars-Saturn adds gravity, a weighty realization or too and perhaps some irksome mundane crap to deal with. It’s also ultra-profound for people born in the mid-60s and mid-70s, inspiring vast-context perspective.

Mars-Saturn has two facets:

(1) The buzz-kill of a tedious ‘we interrupt this transmission to bring you your overdue power bill‘ sort of scenario.

(2) Legit wisdom and leadership, evoking your inner sage and being able to direct the New Moon Eclipse oomph into something substantial and enduring.

If you do need to deal with something mundane this Tuesday, choose to greet it with maximal metaphysical you. Because seriously, why should it deflate you? Why does it even deserve to?

The New Moon Eclipse impetus is real and not to be dampened by a little big of business or an uppity Vibe Vampire.


Image: Nur Rydberg

6 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Tuesday 9 April”

  1. Thank you Mystic, I had not noticed the Mars Saturn conjunction coming up, all my attention was focused on the eclipse. Very useful info and thank you!

  2. Penelope Darling

    We interrupt this transmission with the news that our roof was apparently built out of cardboard, sticky tape and hope and will need to be replaced.


  3. Bang on! Before I checked this, I was listening to something on the radio about a poor woman getting a huge power bill shock. This prompted me to check my app so see my energy co appear to be extending my bill period out to 6 months so I sent an email on the spot.

    On second thoughts I decided to check the energy made easy site to find my provider has a plan which is cheaper by abut $300 per annum, so needless to say I followed up my prior email with another somewhat indigant missive.

    If I don’t have any joy, I’ll refer to the Ombudsman. I find that tends to get energy suppliers attention.

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