Daily Mystic for Tuesday 7 May

The New Moon in Taurus* is legit brilliant.

You see, it’s not only conjunct Jupiter, Uranus and – loosely – Venus, it’s in a super-tight parallel aspect with all three as well.

A parallel is when the Sun, Moon or a planet is not along alongside another point on the Ecliptic but directly above or below as well. It means that the alignment is much more applied and potent – undesirable in something provocative or tedious, brilliant for a New Moon line-up like this.

Note also that Venus is splendid in Taurus and that this New Moon energizes ingenuity as well as faith, love and sensuality. If you’ve been zooming along on a Jupiter-Uranus creativity or enterprise high but the Dark Moon phase has been doing your head in, anticipate resurgent ‘gorm’ with this New Moon exact.

Between now and the New Moon is – as always – superb for decluttering but how hard is that with all this Taurean energy? Don’t see it as a move toward sparseness – just apply stringent Taurus style and reassess.

Metaphysically, you can summon up power via yodeling (I don’t know how but you might), omming, humming, whistling & – yes- disco.


*It’s on Tuesday or Wednesday, depending on where you live.

4 thoughts on “Daily Mystic for Tuesday 7 May”

  1. It’s been full on with family & work!
    Handyman bailed on the full moon with kitchen half done,
    Aunty got covid for her 93rd birthday,
    I’ve been painting so kitchen doors that close before son & partner go on holiday & their puppy comes to stay
    New moon in my 4th is op my moon so looking forward to the lighten up, yes I sing …
    Thank you Mystic

    1. Penelope Darling

      BTW Mystic, calling “CoooooEEEE” like you’re supposed to when you’re lost in the bush is a yodel… you’ve moving quickly between chest voice and head voice.

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