Daily Mystic for Tuesday 31 October

As there is barely any Air element in this astro-scape, the Gemini Moon will feel remarkably breezier.  Anticipate fresh options and/or dialogue along with a smoother inspiration flow.

And, while Mars opposite Uranus from Nov 10 to 12 will represent another flashpoint or an eclipse after-zap, the further we get away from October’s Eclipse Season, the better.

Hekate, Lilith and Juno are now all aligned in early Virgo, making this week a good time for word-witchery and devising the practical components of your newly hatched resolution.

It’s been a difficult Eclipse Season and the chances are that you’re under-estimating where you’re at and/or the regard in which you’re held. Fifty-five hours of Gemini Moon wit & connecting may be the charm you need! It’s also a good cue to reach out to others – you’ll intuitively hit on the right tone and apt words.


Image: Tim White

1 thought on “Daily Mystic for Tuesday 31 October”

  1. I ended up having covid for the first time whilst moving house last week. Don’t need any further eclipse gifts, thank-you! #enoughalready

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