Daily Mystic for Tuesday 30 April

With Mars about to zap into Aries until June 9, we will have several weeks where the two premier relationship planets are gracing the sign that they rule!  

Mars hasn’t been in action-Aries since mid-2022 so this is a fantastic amp-up and helpful to any of you wanting to accelerate – everything moves faster when Mars is here. The first few days of Mars here could also provide clues toward next year’s arrival of Neptune in Aries.

Note artistic, spiritual, decadent & supernatural trends in particular.

When both of these planets are this potent, relationships and more broadly, sexual politics are also likely to morph at high velocity. Culturally and at a personal level, this is stimulus.

Relationships aside, Mars in Aries suits a strut, a full-on bathroom mirror affirmations practice and the shrugging off of old insecurities because, seriously, who has the time?


Image: Artist Unknown – but if you know, please let me know

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