Daily Mystic for Tuesday 3 October

Venus AND Mars are aligned with the Moon’s Nodes until the weekend, just as Venus emerges from the shadowzone of her recent retrograde. 

The Mars component can be aggravating – old scars itch and the rage or self-recrimination over a historic regret, injustice or mis-step can sting as if it were fresh.

As you can imagine, this could be juicy material for a full-on mid-October Eclipse BUT Venus helps to transmute it into love and promise for the future.

Many relationships (including estrangements) are at a vital point – while it may not be out in the open yet, people are deciding whether they want to surge into the future or hang back, carefully keeping old grudges or assumptions alive.

In terms of future love or attraction scenarios of the moment, Venus sends bold signals over the next few days – for style and creative ventures also. You’ll only miss them if you let yourself be compelled to over-address the past.


Image: Josef Liesler – The Dreamlike One

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