Daily Mystic For Tuesday 28 June

We have a nine hour Void Moon in Gemini ahead of the New Moon!

Void Moons – see definition below – are often inconsequential to all but the most avid astro-fiends. Some of them last for only a few seconds besides. But when they’re this long and in a mutable sign on the verge of a New Moon, they’re relevant!

This one goes from 2.38 AM to 11.54 Universal Time on Tuesday (so it will begin late on Monday night for USA people) – please check the Moon Calendar for the time in your zone.

See it as a time that probably won’t reward doggedly thrashing away at something task-oriented or pushing yourself to try and charm a rigid character but which can break a creative block or surprise with crazy, fortunate synchronicity. Be extra open to signs, symbolism and the sort of strange mercurial guidance that comes via spelling errors and odd glitches.

People of interest could send messages “by accident” or inadvertently reveal where they’re really at. Social media and the news flow is likely to be unusually high in accusations and counter-accusations, propaganda and libel so stay out of it if you don’t want to be pulled into a void Moon vortex!

That this is in Mutable Gemini raises the prospects for eloquent, speedy change and insights. Additionally, when a Void Moon of this length is prior to a New Moon, it means the ideas or fresh vibe are more likely to be potent and enduring!


Void Moon Definition: The Moon is considered “Void of Course” when it has completed the last major aspect in one sign and is yet to move into the next. While some astrologers denounce it as being like an even peskier version of Mercury Retrograde, others see it as serendipitous – the harbinger of unexpected but delightful plot twists.

There is even an old folk saying that Void Moons are when you’re more likely to encounter soulmates.  Personally, I think the weird vexation factor AND the magical vibes can both occur and often concurrently. 

Image: Margaret Nazon – The Blue Glass Bead

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