Daily Mystic for Tuesday 24 October

I have finally got my geopolitical take up online – Zap Zoned. Sorry it took so long – I was trying to get accurate info, check all the astro + be pragmatic yet reinforcing.

Now the Sun is about to go into deep-water Scorpio and will spend the next 48 hours – Tues/Weds where-ever you live – in harmony with Saturn, the Piscean Moon and Vesta.

This represents an opportunity to converge Structural You with your Psychic Self – the dreamer and the planner as one. Subtle or over the top, you’ll recognize the insight or opening when it arrives. The sync to Vesta in Cancer means mutual affinity and/or that you can apply this serendipity to a craft or task you’re immersed in.

This next 48 hours is also a good chance to augment your policy or rebalance ahead of the potentially tumultous Lunar Eclipse over the weekend xx


Image: Gabriel Alix

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