Daily Mystic For Tuesday 22 Feb


(1) Mercury is legit – officially – out of the shadow-zone of the most recent Retrograde. Calls are returned. Insights drop. Long, semi-tedious existential musings suddenly snap into something scintillating. Yes, everything is still weird but it feels more like your weirdness and you may just have discovered a vital clue/talent/workaround that will serve you brilliantly now and in the Pluto in Aquarius years.

(2) Yes, today’s numbers game is fascinating, even if you don’t follow numerology. Of course, the calendar that we use is just one of many, even if it is the most popular. It’s already 2772 in the Nabonassarian Era calendar, for example. Still, all these twos are kind of snazzy: numerologically Two is usually conflated with the Moon, High Priestess of Tarot, or Gaia, the original Earth deity.

All the Twos add up to 12 – one of the Jupiterian numbers so whatever this is, it’s lucky. In synchrony, Neptune is at 22° and is part of a planetary convergence that runs from Capricorn to Pisces. So if you feel like it might be time to turn back on to magic or a more galactic consciousness – absolutely.

Notice repeating numbers, symbols, motifs, and so on. And if you’re been waiting for a ‘a break’ in the traffic to re-feel yourself, this could be that too.


3 thoughts on “Daily Mystic For Tuesday 22 Feb”

  1. Comment number 2. So 12 is a lucky number as opposed to the number of the martyr. Honestly, it is enough to drive one nuts sometimes. Maybe the martyr description is related to the 12 apostles. Who knows? What I do know is that this 12 day birthday girl is now going to consider it lucky. Thank you very much Mystic! On a side note, a male spiritual teacher of mine who looked very much like a blond Jesus said if you study the gospels closely enough, you will be able to count 21 apostles. The missing 9- women of course- and, apparently, they stayed to pray for Jesus at the crucifixion. Wouldn’t surprise me.

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